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Six Ways WebRTC Transforms Contact Centre Performance

Today’s contact centre environments face huge pressure to improve performance. From hitting the targets of outbound campaigns to meeting Key Performance Indicators around inbound call handling, we’re all trying to do more without dramatically increasing our costs or management burden.

WebRTC can be a valuable asset in improving performance, bringing various forms of communications together in a single browser-based interface. It’s a simple-yet-sophisticated new technology that impacts the areas of performance that matter most, from increasing your efficiency to improving the customer experience.

Read on to learn about six ways WebRTC can improve the overall performance of your inbound, outbound or blended contact centre.

1. Consolidating your multi-channel communications

The WebRTC plugin brings all your communication channels together in a simple browser-based interface. VoIP services, emails, video calls, and live chat sit together in the same place, with one point of control.

As a result, management tasks like provisioning new users become quick and efficient, with no need to configure accounts on multiple platforms. Meanwhile, agent training is greatly streamlined.

Together, these things help you increase productivity across both management and agents and, in turn, improve contact centre performance. Learn more about Communify Hostcomm's Multichannel Contact Centre option. 

2. Increasing your agents’ flexibility

The productivity of your agents is a vital part of contact centre performance and campaign success. With the WebRTC plugin, you can give your agents a consistent browser-based experience that’s available from anywhere and even compatible with smartphones.

At the same time, your ability to support the workforce and their growing demand for flexible working and remote access can have positive impact on motivation.

3. Maximising your visibility and control

As a single plugin that handles all your forms of communication, WebRTC can play an important role as a central point of control and governance. However people choose to communicate with your agents, event tracking can capture and record every single interaction.

This can be very useful for agent training and retraining, investigating complaints, or resolving customer issues.

Meanwhile, the web-based nature of WebRTC opens up new opportunities to capture valuable insight. By drawing on web browser session details including how website visitors found your business, you can increase your knowledge of your customers and their journeys - and identify new opportunities to improve performance.

4. Making routine processes faster and more efficient

The faster your repetitive administrative processes can become, the more time people can spend achieving the level of performance you require. Even something as simple as dialling an outbound number can take away from contact centre performance.

One example of how WebRTC could help is true one-click-dial, with the WebRTC plugin bridging the gap between your VoIP service and your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. The integration options are endless, allowing you to bring faster, more convenient calls, live chat and video chat into all your day-to-day applications.

5. Promoting collaboration

Working individually, your agents have a considerable impact on business-wide performance. However, working together, they can deliver performance that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

With technology like WebRTC, you can encourage new ways to collaborate and share data, without the expense or frustration of managing individual cloud services. WebRTC includes desktop and application sharing in web browsers and, as a peer-to-peer technology, is highly safe and secure.

6. Bringing people together with conferencing

In addition to providing the tools required to handle data collaboratively, WebRTC can give people the ability to discuss their work together.

From a simple web interface, it’s possible to set up ad-hoc conferences in seconds, making it easy for people to jump into instant audio or video calls. Alternatively, you can schedule future conferences from the portal, with all participants automatically emailed the relevant details to join.

Remote conferencing is an essential part of modern business and, with a solution like WebRTC, it’s available out-of-the-box at no extra cost.

See how WebRTC could help your contact centre perform at its peak.
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