Interaction Analytics

Give your organisation CX-Appeal.

Use AI driven intelligence to shake up your customer service

Analyse all client and employee conversations, unlocking invaluable, hidden business intelligence and customer experience information.


Examine All Of Your Customer Interactions

Interaction Analytics use speech and text analytics to get meaning from every customer conversation, across all of your digital channels. Real time monitoring and sentiment indicators enables you to ensure that insight is acted upon.

Reduce costs, Improve Sales and Customer Experience

Find the root cause of high handles times, FCR rates, and critical success factor that led to a sale. Design and carry out training focused on those skills. Implement Sentiment Indicators and continuous monitoring of all conversations to ensure usage of the key skills and ongoing improvements.

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What are the benefits of Interaction Analytics?

Get Much Deeper Insight

Get Much Deeper Insight

Go beyond the metrics to analyse the actual content of conversations and discover the root cause of issues like low calling handling rates, customer satisfaction and FCR.

More Informed Decisions

More Informed Decisions

Only a small number respond to surveys and the cost of manually listening to calls means sampling is necessary.

Reduce Feedback   Costs

Reduce Feedback Costs

With conversations happening on so many channels the cost of manually getting and making sense of feedback is becoming an increasing burden.

Accurate and Less Intrusive

Accurate and Less Intrusive

Eliminate human error and get more standardized analysis. Collect in the background, reducing the need to keep asking customer for feedback.

Take Immediate Action

Take Immediate Action

Real time monitoring of every call and sentiment indicators, mean you can react to brand criticism, staff communication and training and compliance deviations instantly.

Continuous Up-to-Date Insight

Continuous Up-to-Date Insight

Don’t wait for the annual employee survey or customer questionnaires to be returned. Get continuously updated, real-time insight.

More Successful Employees

More Successful Employees

Better train your employees and then use sentiment indicators to assist them to close out a sale or better pacify a customer.

Efficient, Motivated Employees

Efficient, Motivated Employees

Understand things your employees are doing, and customers asking, repetitively and automate them with BPA and self-service.

Why Hostcomm?

One Complete Source

Hostcomm combines best-in-class speech and text analytics to enable the analysis of interactions across all your engagement channels using a single application with unified dashboards and reports.

Real Time Indicators

Hostcomm uses AI and dataset modelling to create sophisticated, highly accurate, indicators with scored tiers that can be tracked in real time, ensuring timely intervention and your KPIs are met. They enable you to identify sentiments such as annoyance, intent to purchase, track compliance and script adherence, as well as create any custom metric.

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Our open APIs mean that we can integrate with any single or, if you are using several tools for different channels, combination of software programs.

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