Interaction Analytics

Analyse, understand and classify every interaction in your organisation automatically, using AI

Automated Transcription, Analytics and Behaviour Measurement

Uncover valuable insights and enhance customer experience by analysing all client and employee conversations to reveal hidden behaviour patterns.

Boosting Revenue by Elevating Customer Satisfaction

Harnessing CX Performance Insights through Transcription Analytics and Language Models

Interaction Analytics methodically processes your audio, visual, and textual communications to forge a robust foundation of business intelligence. This provides a wealth of actionable insights and strategic recommendations aimed at facilitating a better customer experience.

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AI-powered Staff Management, CX Analytics, Quality Assurance in a single UI.

AI-powered Interaction Analytics produces more profound insights and substantially enhances customer experience (CX).

Leverage the power of cutting-edge generative AI technology to automatically produce detailed reports on staff performance and customer experience (CX). This advanced technology can interpret and analyse data at a rate that far surpasses manual efforts, providing insights into staff behavior and performance metrics. Simultaneously, it scrutinises customer interactions, thus gauging the level of customer satisfaction and engagement.

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AI-derived Coaching & Performance Feedback

With Hostcomm Interaction Analytics transcripts of calls and textual interactions are meticulously examined by a sophisticated Large Language Model, offering performance feedback that transcends the capabilities of standard voice analytics. This includes elements such as providing nuanced critiques of sales performance, generating concise summaries, and delivering objective CX scoring.

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The AI Advantage: How to Demonstrate Consumer Duty Compliance at Scale

FCA regulated firms will need to demonstrate how they comply with and meet the Consumer Duty principles. While the regulation does not specify how firms should achieve this, using artificial intelligence and analytics to monitor customer interactions can help provide assurance and evidence of good practice.

Read the full article FCA information

What are the benefits of Interaction Analytics?

Get Much Deeper Insight

Get Much Deeper Insight

Delve deeper than mere metrics to scrutinise the substance of dialogues, unveiling the effectiveness of your customer service staff and customer satisfaction.

More Informed Decisions

More Informed Decisions

To make informed decisions about modifications to your customer service product, it's crucial to obtain precise insights and feedback from a substantial segment of your clientele. Interaction Analytics facilitates this, making it a key player in shaping your service strategies.

Reduce Feedback Costs

Reduce Feedback Costs

The rising costs of manually collecting and deciphering feedback are becoming a significant challenge due to the multitude of communication channels being utilised and the sheer volume of data produced.

Accurate and Less Intrusive

Accurate and Less Intrusive

Eliminate human error and get more standardized analysis. Collect in the background, reducing the need to keep asking customer for feedback.

Take Immediate Action

Take Immediate Action

Real time monitoring of every call and sentiment indicators, mean you can react to brand criticism, staff communication and training and compliance deviations instantly.

Continuous Up-to-Date Insight

Continuous Up-to-Date Insight

Don’t wait for the annual employee survey or customer questionnaires to be returned. Get continuously updated, real-time insight.

More Successful Employees

More Successful Employees

Improve your employee training initiatives by employing language models that mentor and direct your team, utilizing insights gleaned from your historical recorded conversations.

Efficient, Motivated Employees

Efficient, Motivated Employees

Understand things your employees are doing, and customers asking, repetitively and automate them with BPA and self-service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Call recording transcripts, SMS, Email, Social Media and Feedback site messages are automatically processed, classified and arranged into a priority (triaged) order where they can be responded to automatically or by customer service staff. The first stage of improving your customer experience (CX) is understanding how you are performing right now.

Interaction Analytics can extract valuable information from audio/video recordings and test messages, including: Speech-to-Text Transcription, Sentiment Analysis, Speech Patterns and Language, Keyword and Topic Extraction, Call Duration and Talk-to-Listen Ratio, Compliance Monitoring, Customer Intent and Behaviour & Performance Metrics.

Hostcomm uses Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure for its hosting and your data is stored in your required local 'availability zone'.

Yes, it can work with any system. It will be easier and quicker however if you are already using AWS S3 or Azure Blob storage to file your exiting interaction files. If you are not using them we can work with whatever you have or help you organise your data into the aformentioned storage services.

IA leverages the power of artificial intelligence, specifically large language models, to profoundly analyse and interpret dialogues. It generates valuable insights and formulates advisory suggestions designed to enhance both customer service and agent performance. Going beyond conventional analytics, this system not only scrutinises data but also assists in managing extensive teams with its understanding of all conversations.

The service cost from £0.03 - £0.05 per minute and there are no other costs. If the set up with your contact centre is complicated or requires software coding there may be a set up fee.

Our service uses two of the most accurate transcription services for good reason, call centre voice calls are often poor quality and accuracy is very important. We offer a free trial so you are welcome to see for yourself!

Yes we offer a free trial, please contact [email protected] to arrange this or call 0808 168 4400.

Yes you have the ability to perform prompt engineering from the user interface to suit your team objectives.

Hostcomm Interaction Analytics is fully GDPR compliant and your data will not leave the United Kingdom, if this is what you require. Hostcomm is a Level 1 PCI DSS compliant service provider and we treat personal data in the same way as we process credit card data. For organisations outside of the UK, similar configurations are implemented to ensure your data stays in your region. This is possible using our main partners AWS and MS Azure.

The easiest way for us to process your customer and employee interactions is to save the related data into an S3 bucket or Azure Blob service. Emails, SMS and Social Media files can be forwarded to us for processing.

Using a Large Language Model to Understand Phone Conversations - Methodology

Process Step
Data Collection:
Calls are recorded and transcribed, capturing agent-customer conversations, usual with speaker identification Text is now formatted can now be used by AI & language models.
Transcribed text is cleaned, removing information like personal data and background noise, focusing on the interaction. Processing is more efficient and free from personal data (personal data can be kept when using a custom, secure LLM).
Text Analysis
Advanced NLP techniques analyse the text, including tokenisation, part-of-speech tagging, sentiment analysis, and more. Preparation for next step
Behaviour Measurement
AI extracts insights on behaviour, detecting patterns like tone, intent, active listening, upselling attempts, empathy, responsiveness, adherence to compliance, and customer satisfaction. There is no limit to what can be detected. Performance & CX measurement improvement.
Metrics and Scoring
AI generates metrics to measure agent performance, including customer satisfaction ratings, handling time, resolution rates, and compliance adherence. More effective communication to service agents relating to performance.
Feedback and Scoring
Metrics provide feedback to agents and supervisors, highlighting improvement areas and strengths, supporting training and coaching efforts. Faster improvement in competence of customer service agents and hence their ability to deliver a better experience for customers.
Automated improvement
The AI model learns from feedback, enhancing its ability to measure behaviour, adapting to company needs, and keeping up with evolving customer service trends. Ensures that customer service is continually monitored across all touch-points with minimal administrational input.

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One Complete Source

Hostcomm combines best-in-class speech and text analytics to enable the analysis of interactions across all your engagement channels using a single application with unified dashboards and reports.

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