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Are you struggling with an inflexible contact centre? Maybe it's time for a change.

Our cloud contact centre has everything you need - Omni-Inbound, Dialler, PCI DSS, AI Analytics, AI Agents, UK Support, AWS technology

Seamlessly blend traditional and AI-driven communications at unbeatable costs.

Solve your most important problems:

  • Queues and backlogs: Reduce them without over-staffing, with an AI customer service agent that can respond to chats, emails and phone calls 24 hours a day.
  • Customer Experience Consistency: Provide a seamless and high-quality customer experience across all of your channels for customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Data Security and Compliance: Ensure the protection of your sensitive customer information and adherence to legal obligations like UK GDPR, Ofcom, ICO and PCI DSS.
  • Keeping Up with Technological Advances: Staying current with technology trends such as AI to maintain competitiveness and efficiency.
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An AI customer service agent will assist 24/7 and reduce your costs by 80%

  • Performance in all departments: 24/7 service in sales, customer service, finance, support and employee assistance.
  • Handle busy periods and growth with ease: Efficiently handle high volumes of enquiries, reducing wait times and preventing backlog, especially during peak periods.
  • Consistent and high quality responses : Deliver consistent and accurate information across interactions, reducing human error and ensuring quality and reliability in customer service.
  • Real-time view of your customer service: See your interactions real time and be alerted for priority issues.

Automate your QA with live call streaming and AI analytics

  • Accurately analyse agent behaviour: Set behaviour objectives and then automatically monitor them real time and alert on noteworthy events.
  • Fulfil QA obligations on every call: Automate your QA process by streaming live calls into our AI analytics engine, reducing costs, increasing scope and adding speed.
  • Ensure compliance: By live streaming calls into the AI analytics engine and setting alerts you can react while a call in in progress.
All in one solution

All in one solution

Cloud predictive dialler, Inbound, AI agents, PCI DSS, telecoms, Interaction Analytics & IVRs all in a single easy to use web interface.

AI customer service agents

AI customer service agents

Scale, broaden support and reduce costs with an AI email, chat or voice agent customised on your knowledge and branding.

Dedicated, secure system

Dedicated, secure system

Your own dedicated server, deployed through AWS in any global region, allowing customised firewall policies and dedicated resources..

AI-powered insights

AI-powered insights

Call recording, analytics, AI natural language processing, metrics and dashboards allow you to continually understand and improve performance.

Improve data ROI

Improve data ROI

Built in features to segment, score, recycle, create scripts and lists enable you to manage caller lists more efficiently from prospect to customer.

UK based telephone support

UK based telephone support

Cloud contact centres are mission critical so you can call us from 08:00 - 20:00 and speak to a UK based technical support agent.

15 years experience

15 years experience

You are in safe hands with Hostcomm, regardless of your size we welcome clients from anywhere in the world that need UK experience.

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Boost your sales with a predictive dialer

Everything you need for high volume automated outbound dialling in a single system:

  • Multiple dialling modes such as manual, ratio, predictive dialler and blended calling can be set on multiple campaigns simultaneously giving you the flexibility you need to manage different types of data.
  • Outbound, Inbound & blended modes enable your agents to work in any type of calling campaign using the same interface, reducing confusion and training requirements.
  • Comprehensive data management and reporting gives you real time insights into how your data is performing and keeps you PCI DSS, OFCOM and GDPR compliant.
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Maximise your data ROI and agent success with AI-powered interaction analytics.

  • Extract important insights using AI such as agent upselling, sentiment, compliance statement delivery, CX analytics, consumer duty, empathy and agent ratings.
  • AI Quality Assurance can be applied to all of your calls, cost effectively, using the latest language models such as GPT4 so that you can stay on top of your objectives in real time.
  • Automated agent management features extract and compile performance metrics which can be used for agent monitoring and management which massively reduces administration.
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Worry-free campaigns with comprehensive compliance capabilities:

  • PCI DSS compliance allows you to de-scope your contact centre from the large cost of achieving compliance and ensures that your payment providers do not suspend their services due to a breach.
  • GDPR compliance is guaranteed due to the location of the hosting service which in the UK's case is in a suitable AWS availability zone, all staff are based in the UK
  • TPS & Ofcom automated TPS filtering is a feature and your campaigns can be configured to never breach Ofcom regulations. Hostcomm's team can also assist with the configuration and general advice.
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Cloud Contact Centre Interactive Tour

Check out the main Predictive Dialler and Inbound Contact Centre components in this 10 minute Interactive Tour.

Hosted cloud dialler Frequently asked questions

We provide you with a dedicated AWS server system which takes around 1 hour to set up. You will probably also need training which is 1-2 hours.

Data can be easily uploaded using the API or the web interface. It accepts .csv and tab delimited formatted. The uploader also provides de-duping.

Yes we provide a 14 day free trial which excludes call charges.

Your data will be stored on an Amazon server or server cluster in the UK availability zone or nearest zone to your region. Backups are saved in AWS or Azure buckets.

Your cloud dialler will be hosted in an AWS availability zone suitable to your geographic region. Over the last 15 years Hostcomm has found AWS to be the most reliable partner.

Diallers automate dialling, identify voicemail, terminate unanswered calls, manage call outcomes, schedule callbacks and other tasks, increasing agent 'talk time'.

The cost depends on the number of agents using the cloud dialler. The range is between £12 and £25 per agent per month. Call charges are metered and cost around £0.035 for mobiles and £0.01 for UK national calls. We also provide bundled packages for a fixed cost.

Yes Hostcomm has retained PCI DSS Level 1 compliance for the last 4 years which means you can de-scope your contact centre without having to purchase 3rd party software or services.

Hostcomm provides email and telephone technical support which uses our automated ticketing system. You can call us from 08:00 until 20:00 on weekdays and we also provide out of hours support.

Yes it can automatically filter against the TPS register which Hostcomm subscribes to.

Call recordings are stored on the AWS server until it reaches its limit, then the calls can be archived into secondary storage at £0.12 per Gigabyte per month.

Yes it integrates with many of the top CRM systems and popular web applications such as FLG, Salesforce, Dynamics, Hubspot.

Hostcomm's Inbound Contact Centre

Powered by AWS technology our platform is reliable, scalable, secure and comprehensive giving you peace of mind and the ultimate flexibility.

Hostcomm's inbound contact centre includes everything you need for low to very high enquiry volumes. It includes multi-channel servicing, video calling, remote visual assistance, comprehensive reporting, queue call-backs, call recording, a powerful dialler, no-fuss browser phones and unlimited, fixed cost queues and IVRs. Hosted in Amazon AWS, it is very reliable and secured to PCI DSS Level 1 standards.

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Worried about getting locked into a dead end platform and escalating costs?

Our low cost Cloud Contact Centre can be tailored to your specific needs using our dashboard with modular features which can be enabled on a PAYG basis. If you want to reduce costs further you can simply disable unnecessary modules any time.

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Reduce Inbound Burden

Your inbuilt dialler can be used to automate and schedule notifications to your client list and reduce the likelihood of your customers needing to call you. To make these notifications you can utilise live or virtual agents, SMS, or any one of the other communication channels in our omnichannel platform suite.

Empower Employees

Our Cloud Contact Centre is extremely intuitive providing call centre agents with easy access to up-to-date information about any prospect and workflows so they can better organise their time. Your agents will be able to work quicker, smarter and more effectively.

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Analytics into Revenue

Our dialler's Advanced Agent Activity Wallboard provides a range of views so you can look at your call centre overall performance in different levels of detail. There are over 50 standard reports and we can create custom reports too.

Ensuring Call Centre Compliance and Call Quality

Our call recording functionality combines with natural language analytics making it possible to get faster and more accurate insights to train your agents and make sure they are complying with legislation. We offer multi-site recording stored and accessible through one interface, a fully searchable database, and PCI-DSS level security for your recording.

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