Remote Visual Assistance

More job completions, less travelling, less cost.

Remote visual assistance will reduce your service delivery costs, increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

Simple to use, works on any smartphone and requires no app install.

Reduce the pressure on your field team and provide instant customer support with remote visual assistance

Impress your customers with speed and innovation.

Remote Visual Assistance is an innovative method of customer support that uses instant video from any browser. This approach allows for immediate technical support without the need for a technician to be physically present on-site. It is particularly useful in scenarios where quick problem-solving or technical guidance is needed. The main advantages of RVX are the reduced need to travel to site, the immediacy of support, the organised data capture and reduced costs.

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Walk your customer through an issue quickly, without you having to be there.

Put a stop to frustrating customer service calls that result in avoidable call outs. With Remote Visual Assistance, take advantage of an extra layer of communication and maximise your customer satisfaction.

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Leading Scottish property services firm James Frew Ltd adopts RVX

"RVX is predominantly used for initial assessments of maintenance issues and to expedite resolution of customer queries. We anticipate saving approximately £50,000 in the first year, with expectations of reaching £100,000 in savings as our team fully embraces RVX, mainly owing to the decrease in travel requirements.” Gordon Mack - Operations Manager

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Clever Energy Saves £140K per year using remote visual assistance.

“Hostcomm’s RVX service allows us to replace around 120 site visits each month with a remote visual survey, each visit was costing around £100 each” Daniel Atkins from the Technical Survey team said.

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Success For Grove Community Housing Association in the All-Ireland Housing Awards

After utilising Hostcomm's Remote Visual Assistance solution, the Grove Community Housing Association were able to improve tenant welfare during the pandemic. On the back of the successful implementation, Grove Community Housing were able to come out on top in the Excellence in Housing Innovation category. Read about the challenges and key results in full in our recent case study.

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Benefits for Your Business

Improve Safety

Improve Safety

Remote work allows inspectors, field techs, and other employees to stay safe by avoiding contact with customers and dangerous worksites.

Empower Field Service

Empower Field Service

Enable technicians in the field to contact an expert back in the office, get guidance and resolve issues faster, first time.

Motivate Employees

Motivate Employees

Proven to enhance KPIs and provide an interesting and fun way for your contact centre agents to do their job better.

Reduce Field Service Costs

Reduce Field Service Costs

More accurately assess issues, cut petrol, vehicle costs and journey times, enabling inspectors and field techs to serve more customers.

Enhance CX, Customer Satisfaction

Enhance CX, Customer Satisfaction

Customers love having their problems resolved faster and avoiding the inconvenience of having to wait at home for technicians to come.

Additional Analytical Data

Additional Analytical Data

Get visual product and customer interaction data to add to your voice and text data and get even greater insight into your customer service.

Contact Centre Efficiency

Contact Centre Efficiency

Remote video assistance has been proven to improve FCR times, lower average handle times and decrease escalation rates.

Strengthen Agent Knowledge

Strengthen Agent Knowledge

Use video recordings of complex technical issues from the field to improve agent skills.

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Solutions and Use Cases

Field Service

Help customers fix issues remotely and remove their dependency on waiting for an onsite visit. Enable agents in the field to share video and images of technical issues with colleagues to boost fix rates.

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Remote Inspections

Inspectors can complete inspections or assess claims via a remote video assistance call more quickly, effectively, and efficiently without having to leave the office and spend hours on the road.

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Customer Service

Your agents can help customers with unboxing and installation, resolve ongoing issues, resulting in lower return rates for products and improved customer satisfaction.

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Which Industry Can Benefit from Remote Visual Assistance?

Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance & Repair

Our remote field service solutions help customers to fix issues remotely and remove their dependency on waiting for an onsite visit. On-site workers can collaborate with remote experts with the help of visual support communication using AR glasses.

Housing Associations

Housing Associations

Carry out property inspections safely and remotely and highlight any faults quickly. You can also enable property viewings during a time when face to face visits are difficult, as well as assisting with paperwork using the live pointing and annotation features.

Aviation & Aerospace

Aviation & Aerospace

Reduce aircraft downtime by carrying out consultations and inspections remotely and respond to situations rapidly. Continue to provide services to worldwide despite any travel restrictions.

Integrations and API Connectors

Sync Seamless with Your CRMs and FSMs

Our solution natively integrates with the most popular software providers and apps to improve productivity. Can't find an integration you're looking for? Our REST API integrations are available to get everything sync'd up.

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Remote Visual Assistance FAQs

No, Remote Visual Assistance is download-free for both the Agent and the Guest; the sessions are completed via a web browser.

Yes, all images and other data gathered during the session are saved and can be accessed via our Media Browser. A PDF Inspection Report can be automatically generated from the captured data.

Our solution works well with minimal WiFi speeds, but can also work on 3G, 4G, 5G (mobile data) if needed.

They have a similar display so you can interact during the session and they'll also receive an invite which will ask for access to their camera/microphone.

Yes, our solution has an API and our in-house developers can integrate with third-party applications.

Yes, connect a video session using smart glass of your choice (Realwear, Vuzix, Epson, ODG).

They are very similar however remote visual assistance sessions include elements where live video is not active, such as in annotation mode or in remote survey mode.

Remote Visual Assistance is a technology that enables you to provide real-time help to someone in a different location, using video. It allows you to see what the on-site person sees and guide them through a task or problem-solving process using guidance and data capture tools.

The biggest benefit of remote visual assistance is the reduction in cost and time associate with travelling to the location where the assistance, survey or inspection is required.

Yes, we offer a 14-day free trial, where you can test out the product in full.

Hostcomm's remote visual assistance integrates with Simpro, Open Solar, EWorks and FLG. You can add RVX as an easy browser extension.

Yes, a full recording of all previous sessions can be accessed and downloaded whenever needed.

No, you only need to pay for the solution itself.

We have monthly and annual commitments available, as well as the 14-day free trial.

Yes, you’ll have access to a variety of reporting tools such as Usage Reports, Dashboards, Leaderboards, CSV Extract, and a PDF report builder.

Yes, sessions are encrypted and media is stored via an Amazon S3 bucket. Custom storage options are also available.

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