We connect millions of people

Hostcomm provides hosted contact centre and unified communications solutions to businesses. Hostcomm's unique differentiators

A Focus on Customer Service

We put you, the customer, first. In our 2018 customer service survey, more than 95% of respondents were 'satisfied' or 'very satisfied' with the response of our Support team. Hostcomm's success is based on creating long-term customer relationships - we'll do everything we can to make sure your service issues are dealt with correctly and efficiently, first time.

Support services

We guarantee to answer your technical support calls within 1 minute and that you will speak to a well trained, full time employee based in our Leicester technical and training centre. Your tickets will be logged on our award winning FreshService ticketing and automatic escalation system and your data will be handled according to PCI DSS security policies and procedures.

Unique expertise

Hostcomm has 14 years experience in the provision of secure hosted contact centre and hosted telephony services in the UK and throughout the world. Our support staff are trained in telecommunications, contact centre technology, networking & servers, compliance, security to PCI DSS standards, chatbot and web site services and software development.

Investment in new technology

Innovation is critical to ours and your future and Hostcomm has invested heavily into new technology in 2018. These investments include a PCI DSS infrastructure, an omni-channel contact centre platform and chatbot technology to meet our clients needs for years ahead.

Security of your data

Personal data security has become one of the most important issues in 2018 and Hostcomm now operates in line with PCI DSS policies and procedures which are the strictest in the industry. Hostcomm will be fully compliant to PCI DSS service provider level shortly and applies this to its GDPR compliance. This means that you can trust Hostcomm with yours and your clients personal data, something that is critical to a successful long term partnership. 


All Hostcomm's services are delivered to you through a multi-service mesh network, giving greater protection against outages. While we prepare for any unexpected outage and its consequences, our service is secure and reliable and outages are rare thanks to the quality of our suppliers and components used such as Cisco Systems, HP and BT Wholesale.