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Customer Service

Hostcomm always puts you, the customer, first. Our complete customer satisfaction policy aims for the highest quality of service, giving you the support, advice and guidance from our expert customer service team, whenever you need it.

In our 2017 customer service survey, more than 95% of respondents were 'satisfied' or 'very satisfied' with the response of our Support team. Hostcomm's success is based on creating long-term customer relationships - we'll do everything we can to make sure your service issues are dealt with correctly and efficiently, first time.

Technical Support

Hostcomm provides a one-stop shop for all your support, including the telephone service, network infrastructure and connectivity. These and other network components require very little third party technical support, therefore we're able to react quickly to client's demands.

Our support services also reflect this with a thorough problem resolution and escalation system for larger, unresolved issues. These are handled by your account manager who works with the technical support manager and if required, a director, to ensure that the problem is addressed fast and efficiently.


Hostcomm has over 12 years experience in delivering comprehensive Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technologies for hosted telephony and contact centre services over IP networks.

Our expertise in IP communications, security and networking allows businesses to reduce costs and increase efficiency with services including:

  • Predictive Dialler
  • Hosted Contact Centre 
  • Hosted Telephony
  • WebRTC for business

Marketing-leading Technology

Through developing market-leading VoIP telephony, predictive dialler and inbound contact centre technologies, Hostcomm services improve the efficiency of your customer communications.

Our technology is constantly upgraded and updated to ensure we continue to meet the needs of your customers changing requirements. In addition to operating a first-rate reliable VoIP service, we're able to offer bespoke add-ons and integrations designed to improve business effectiveness through our hosted services.

Our understanding of different industries has made Hostcomm the partner of choice for our clients.

Key Services

Hostcomm delivers reliable and secure telephony services that boost efficiency, growth and cost reduction by using our experience in the following areas:

  • Security and fraud prevention
  • Local & Wide area networks
  • Asterisk PBX servers
  • Class 4/5 soft switches
  • Linux and Windows servers
  • Business process automation
  • PCI compliant payment solutions
  • VPN technology
  • CRM database integration
  • Inbound and outbound call centres
  • SIP telephones and softphones
  • SQL databases
  • PHP programming
  • Global carrier origination and termination
  • Call centre offshoring

Network Infrastructure

All Hostcomm's services are delivered to you through a multi-service mesh network, giving greater protection against outages. While we prepare for any unexpected outage and its consequences, our service is secure and reliable and outages are rare thanks to the quality of our suppliers and components used.

We own around 300 high spec servers spread across 5 data centres in the UK, Europe and the USA. Using our network monitoring applications, downtime is minimised as our network infrastructure and client-dedicated servers are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

By retaining control of our network, we avoid relying on single suppliers by having four data centres in the UK and route calls through five large UK carriers. We've also invested substantially in two new soft switches to give us a higher degree of fault tolerance.