SIP Trunks

Replace ISDN and Significantly reduce your Call Spend with Hostcomm Sip Trunks

Hostcomm uses multi-carrier load balancing and is a BT wholesale partner, enabling us to ensure your calls are always connected and are crystal clear.

We offer UK-based unlimited telephone support, TLS Encryption and prices starting from just £2 per month.

Hostcomm SIP Features

Call Quality and Resilience

Hostcomm has its own UK-based network, it is a BT wholesale partner with a direct IP connection to BT, and it also uses multiple other carrier networks to give your call traffic access to a greater allocation of call slots at any one time. Your calls are routed and connected faster, voice quality is exceptional, and your staff productivity and conversations are maximised.

Dialler Friendly

Outbound campaign, short duration traffic can suffer lower connect rates. Our use of multiple carrier networks and blending with higher duration traffic ensures your sales campaigns run at the optimum pace for your business.

TLS Encryption

All calls can be encrypted while travelling over Hostcomm’s network, protecting your sensitive information, and adding a layer of extra security unavailable from many network providers.

Fraud Monitoring

Hostcomm helps protect your business from PBX fraud and the resultant high call spend through our own tools to monitor call type and cap spending.

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Ofcom Caller ID Compliant

Since October 2019, it has been necessary to present caller ID in all calls. Our network is configured to abide by Ofcom Caller ID regulations.

Easy Account Management

Your account can easily be managed through our online portal with access to billing information, call detail records, balance, prepaid automatic top ups 24x7 and low balance alerts.

SIP Trunk Benefits

SIP Trunks connect your existing PBX to the PSTN using an IP connection. Besides lower calling costs, they offer greater number geographic flexibility, increased resilience, quicker installation and provisioning and exceptional business continuity.

Huge Savings

Huge Savings

SIP offers savings of up to 50% on line rentals and 25% or more on call costs compared to ISDN.

Location Flexibility

Location Flexibility

Move premises with ease – even to another geographical area – keep your existing numbers and have them working again in minutes at the new location.

Emergency Protection

Emergency Protection

SIP trunks are a virtual, IP based solution. In the extreme event one of your offices has to close it is possible to quickly re-route calls to an office in another part of the country.

SaaS Pricing

SaaS Pricing

Only pay for the exact number of channels you need, compared to ISDN which requires you to buy a block of 23, no matter how many staff you have.



Easily add and then scale back lines to deal with seasonal capacity or marketing campaign needs. Hostcomm won’t lock you into long term contracts.

Legacy Compatibility

Legacy Compatibility

SIP trunking can be used with existing ISDN connections, allowing you to slow replace them but use SIPs to offer connectivity to mobile workers.

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