Agent Assisted Payments

Significantly reduce your PCI-DSS compliant, agent assisted payment costs

Our unique integrated contact centre and payment IVR solution also helps to improve the closure ratio of IVR payments and simplifies implementation.

Certified to the highest level of PCI-DSS compliance, our solution is the first to offer a contact centre and payment IVR in-one.

By integrating these services in one PCI QSA certified solution, we have eliminated many of the costs that standalone payment IVR solutions must occur in order to descope your contact centre.

Hostcomm PCI-DSS Payment Solution Key Features

Making PCI-DSS Compliant Phone Payments Accessible for All

If you are taking credit card payments over the phone, you need to be PCI-DSS compliant and could receive a large fine if you are not. Unfortunately, PCI-DSS regulations are daunting and many of the agent assisted payment IVR solutions that can descope your contact centre are expensive. Our integrated solution delivers cost reductions, improved payment closure rates, while also minimising your commitment of resources and allowing you to start taking secure payments immediately.

Reducing Costs through Integration Innovation

With our solution there is no need for your calls to be routed through a standalone payment IVR provider, meaning you benefit from the telephony pricing we can offer as a specialist hosted dialler provider. Most importantly, because everything is integrated and secure, we can deliver a PCI-DSS compliant, sophisticated agent assisted payment solution without the need for costly DTMF tone suppression.

Understand DTMF Tones

Maximise Payment Closure with Better Agent Assistance

Waiting for an IVR and tapping credit numbers into keypads can be frustrating, resulting in high payment IVR dropout rates. Hostcomm’s solution allows your agents to monitor the progress of a payment, intervene to help finish it, and then post-payment chat again with your customer to reassure them. In addition, it can immediately transfer the customer into the IVR as it is not necessary to call up and wait for a 3rd party standalone IVR provider.

More Secure Customer Data

Data security has become one of the most important issues of recent times, with GDPR setting the bar incredibly high and imposing strong financial penalties to back it up. Our PCI-DSS Level 1, Service Provider certification is for our complete network, not just the payment IVR, meaning your customer data is protected to unmatched standards in this sector.

Grow With Our Scalable Platform

Our dialler and payment IVR solution is part of our omnichannel contact centre customer engagement platform that also includes advanced call recording search, remote agent support, live and AI chat, and SMS. Its modularised setup allows you to choose the functionality that best fits your business size and needs, but then seamlessly scale that functionality as your business grows.

About Chatbots

Easier, Quicker and Cheaper to Source, Setup and Manage

Two solutions will inevitably lead to some customisation work no matter what level of integration you choose, with the problems of managing two solutions that need to be synced. Our solution is ready to use with all management and maintenance of the platform done by us, minimising your commitment of resources and allowing you to start taking secure payments immediately.

Hosted contact centre providers like to provide telephony services. Unfortunately, if you go with a standalone payment IVR provider it is extremely likely you will have to let them provide your telephony in order to descope your dialler. The result will leave you scouring around trying to find a contact centre solution provider who is happy to lose part of his business.

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