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View real-time CX Analytics on your Emails, Call recordings and Chat messages.

Grow your revenue by elevating your customer experience.

Focus on the important issues with AI-powered CX Analytics.

  • Identify customer pain points: Address the limitations of traditional feedback and QA methods by analysing all interactions, to offer a more complete and actionable understanding of the customer journey.
  • Personalising customer interactions: Overcome the issue of generic customer treatment by utilising data-driven segmentation to enable personalised interactions, thereby enhancing customer experience and loyalty.
  • Measuring and Enhancing customer experience: CX Analytics offers tools for measuring key performance indicators, aiding businesses in assessing customer satisfaction and refining their strategies through data-driven insights.
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Solve your CX Problems from a single user interface.

Accurate CX Analytics & QA on ALL interactions. Better staff training using real time data. Unlock data from call recordings. Train your new AI agent with your interactions.

Elevate Team Productivity with Tailored Agent Coaching.

Harness the power of our integrated AI chat module to gain insights and recommendations on customer and employee interactions across calls, emails, and texts. Instantly pinpoint concerns with CX Analytics alerts, turning feedback into proactive training to prevent future issues.

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What are the benefits of CXCortex AI-powered CX Analytics?

Increase Revenue

Increase Revenue

Happier customers stay loyal and spend an average of 20% more with you and can become advocates, convincing new clients to sign up with you.

Quickly improve your service

Quickly improve your service

Don’t wait for the annual employee survey or customer questionnaires to be returned. Get continuously updated, real-time insight.

Increase team productivity

Increase team productivity

Delve deeper than mere metrics to scrutinise the substance of dialogues, unveiling the effectiveness of your customer service staff and customer satisfaction.

More Informed Decisions

More Informed Decisions

To make informed decisions about modifications to your customer service product, it's crucial to obtain precise insights and feedback from a substantial segment or all of your clientele. CXCortex facilitates this, making it a key player in shaping your service strategies.

Reduce cost with automated responses

Reduce cost with automated responses

Create an accurate knowledge base which self-updates and can be used to provide automatic client responses and coaching tips for staff.

Identify issues before they escalate

Identify issues before they escalate

The rising costs of manually collecting and deciphering feedback are becoming a significant challenge due to the multitude of communication channels being utilised and the sheer volume of data produced.

Trend Alerts

Trend Alerts

Real time monitoring of every interaction and sentiment indicators, mean you can react to brand criticism, staff communication and training and compliance deviations instantly. CXCortex can also respond automatically to enquiries or suggest a response.

Efficient, Motivated Employees

Efficient, Motivated Employees

Understand things your employees are doing, and customers asking, repetitively and automate them with BPA and self-service.

Hassle-free evaluation and implementation.

CXCortex gives you a pay-as-you-go path for AI service transition without you having to replace or overhaul your existing communications systems.

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CXCortex will transition you to CX Analytics and AI contact centre technology in 3 easy steps; data preparation, LLM analysis and knowledge base production. You can read the details in our latest blog article.

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The AI Advantage: How to Demonstrate Consumer Duty Compliance at Scale with CX Analytics

FCA regulated firms will need to demonstrate how they comply with and meet the Consumer Duty principles. While the regulation does not specify how firms should achieve this, using artificial intelligence and analytics to monitor customer interactions can help provide assurance and evidence of good practice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

CXCortex collects call recordings from AWS S3/MS Azure and messages using secure APIs. It then processes them into the correct format, redacts PII data and a large language model (LLM) is then used to extract the required information.

CXCortex AI can extract valuable information from audio/video recordings and chat, including: Speech-to-Text Transcription, Sentiment Analysis, Speech Patterns and Language, Keyword and Topic Extraction, Call Duration and Talk-to-Listen Ratio, Compliance Monitoring, Customer Intent and Behaviour & Performance Metrics.

You can connect your Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure storage to CXCortex using our web API.

We are currently working on an auto-responder, powered by the best LLM available, which will be able to respond to messages based on previous responses. It will work in two modes; agent-supervised and fully automatic.

Yes, CXCortex can process any media file such as an mp3, wav, txt, mime. It can work with local systems however it is much easier if your files are stored in the cloud.

CXCortex leverages the power of artificial intelligence, specifically large language models, to profoundly analyse and interpret dialogues. It generates valuable insights and formulates advisory suggestions designed to enhance both customer service and agent performance. Going beyond conventional analytics, this system not only scrutinises data but also assists in managing extensive teams with its understanding of all conversations.

The CXCortext platform can use PII redaction to remove personal data prior to large language model processing but there are now several options for private/corporate processing such as Azure AI, Open AI Enterprise & self-hosted LLMs which satisfy local data privacy regulations. In the majority of CX analysis use cases personal data is not necessary.

The service cost from £0.02 - £0.04 per minute and a LLM token cost. If the set up with your contact centre is complicated or requires software coding there may be a set up fee.

Our service uses two of the most accurate transcription services for good reason, call centre voice calls are often poor quality and accuracy is very important. We offer a free trial so you are welcome to see for yourself!

Yes we offer a free trial, please contact [email protected] to arrange this or call 0808 168 4400.

Yes you have the ability to perform prompt engineering from the user interface to suit your team objectives.

CX (Customer Experience) analytics is the process of capturing and analysing customer interactions and feedback to gain insights into their experiences with a brand, allowing businesses to improve and optimise their products, services, and overall customer satisfaction.

CXCortex integrates with Gmail and Outlook, you can fully synchronise Inboxes, Calenders and Contacts.

Any information we obtain from Google APIs, which includes Gmail, Dialogflow, Google Speech and Large Language Models is strictly managed in accordance with the Google API Services User Data Policy. This includes stringent adherence to the Limited Use requirements. If we ever transfer this data to another application, the same rigorous standards and policies will apply.

Our privacy policy is detailed on this link:

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