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Hostcomm Hosted Predictive Dialler
Boost performance by 300%

Hosted Predictive Dialler

Simplify your outbound calling today to raise your contact and conversion rates. 

Automate Outbound Calls For Better Results

Choose Predictive Dialler technology and increase Agent Productivity

Our automated dialler software allows you to control the dialler speed.  You can set it up to "click to dial" or in more advanced progressive or predictive modes.

Improve your performance with Monitoring and Reporting 

We have a range of off-the-shelf Real Time monitoring and custom reporting options to help you manage your campaigns more effectively. And if you need a bespoke report, our developers can prepare one for you. 

Record and search your calls quickly and easily

With Call Recording provided as standard and with a sophisticate call search facility, you can be assured that you have the call data you need at your fingertips. 

Effective Scripting and Surveys.

Collect customer information accurately and develop your own user scripts to ensure that your customer has a consistent and professional experience.

Compliant call dialling using TPS Checking

We can provide TPS checking which is runs each number against the TPS list. So you can be confident that none of your calls will be received by recipients that don't want to them.

PCI DSS Compliant IVR Payments 

We are currently in advanced stages of the process to become PCI DSS acredited.  This will enable you to be able to accept payment from your customers using a full compliant system.

It's the Complete Contact Centre Solution

With the option for blended calling as well as the ability to schedule Callbacks and inbound call routing you have a contact centre solution that will meet your needs.

To discuss your needs further:

Talk To Our Sales Team

Learn more about our Hosted Dialler can help your outbound call centre become more productive download our Hosted Dialler Product Sheet.

Our clear and simple dialler dashboard enables you to set up and operate an advanced campaign quickly and start to become more productive. 

Or if you would like to learn more about how Hosted diallers work and the business benefits that they offer why not read What is a hosted dialler?

Hosted Dialler Product Sheet

Benefits of an Outbound Dialler

  • It automates the process of making large volumes of calls.
  • It allows you to control the pace of dialling
  • Predictive dialling mode, uses statistical algorithms to ensure the pace of dialling matches the agent's availability to respond. 
  • It’s a flexible service that's provided as a monthly subscription. 
  • As hosted service it can be up and ready to go in 24 hours.
  • And because it is flexible and can be easily expanded or scaled back, you can respond to changing demands and deliver better service. 
  • In addition to a high quality service you will receive the highest standard of Technical Support.

Outbound Dialler Modes

Agents can achieve higher talk time – up to 50 minutes in the hour

If your company makes outbound calls, you can benefit from a predictive dialler for the most efficient way to call contacts and maximise agent productivity. However, the specific benefits you’ll achieve will depend on how you use your dialler,

You can learn more about dialling modes in our eBook, The Truth About Diallers.

  • Agents ‘click to dial
  • Agents set the pace of calling. 
  • Agents click an on-screen button to dial. 

Preview or manual mode is ideal for focused calling on small, high-quality lists. High call volumes are less important. 

  • The manager can set the "pace" of dialling.
  • Pace can be adjusted to optimise productivity.
  • Agents only spend their time on connected calls.
  • Busy tones or disconnected numbers filtered by the dialler.

Progressive mode is ideal for smaller call centres, where peaks and troughs need to be actively managed.

  • Intelligently predicts when agents will become available.
  • Makes outbound calls in preparation.
  • Only active recipients routed to agents.
  • Higher talk time of up to 50 minutes in the hour.

This is ideal for deep list penetration and can improve results for poor or stale lists.

Telephone Preference Service (TPS) Screening


The Telephone Preference Service is a free government backed service that enable to people to indicate that they don't want to receive unsolicited  or marketing calls.  It is therefore essential that you ensure that you only contact recipients you are willing to receive your call. Both residential and mobile numbers can be added to the TPS register and this service has also been extended to corporate bodies.

Hostcomm is an official TPS licensee and offers a TPS service which will screen your list of telephone numbers to check whether it is on the TPS database. If it is, that number will be blocked from being called, ensuring that it will not be contacted again.

Wallboard - Real Time Monitoring

With our Wallboard, you can monitor performance, report on progress and make any changes required for further improvements.

  • Installed free of charge
  • Real-time data on the progress of your campaign. 
  • Access the wallboard from anywhere - whether you're in the contact centre or working remotely.
  • Log-in and control the sales and campaign performance  

Learn more about our advanced Add Ons and Integrations.

Advanced Wallboard

Wallboard Overview

The Advanced Agent Activity Wallboard provides a range of views so you can look at the overall performance in different levels of detail. 

Agents can be grouped by campaign or split into teams, while team members can be selected and deselected from the wallboard as necessary. Reporting on the performance of the entire sales team or an individual agent has never been easier. 

Learn more about how our Advanced wallboards overview.

Agent Activity Dashboard

Fully customisable, the Agent Activity Dashboard gives real impact to your monitoring. The bold tile design makes it easy for the whole team to see your call centre achievements.  Once you have chosen the metrics you want to measure, you can customise the names and colours with our easy to use design interface.

The Agent Activity Dashboard

Dashboard showing design interface

Custom Reporting

There's also a wide range of standard reporting options available and you can also create your own customised reports. In addition to a large number of metrics that we set up as standard, we can also customise the data view to suit your specific reporting needs. These can be emailed to you or made available as real-time reports accessible from any browser, so you have access to your campaign's performance, wherever you are.

Scripting & Surveys

With intelligent-agent scripting, you can keep your agents on-topic while they feel knowledgeable and confident. This makes it easier to sell or to deliver great customer service on every call and collect the data you need. It also works seamlessly with the hosted Contact Centre service.

Watch our Video to learn more about Intelligent Scripting for a Campaign.


Our intelligent scripting has a number of powerful features, making it both effective and easy to set up and use.

  • Ready to go with no IT involvement required
  • Easy to administer - just point and click
  • Screen Pop Survey questions for agents
  • Data capture in MySQL format for easy export
  • Responsive design for mobile, desktop and tablet
  • Comprehensive online training manual

Payment IVR System

If your contact centre handles credit and debit card payments, you have a duty to protect your customers from fraud.  When you utilise an Payment IVR (Interactive Voice Response) service, it’s the best way to ensure any customer credit card information is securely safeguarded.

PayMatic-PCI is a hosted payment IVR application that works with Hostcomm's Predictive Dialler and Contact Centre solution. 

Key benefits of a Payment IVR

  • Cost-effective - use on a Pay As You Go basis
  • No additional hardware or software costs
  • High performance - manage multiple card payments at the same time 
  • Easy to use and agents can be trained quickly
  • Works with most payment gateways using secure API
  • Call recording security
  • Dedicated firewalled server eradicating server breaches
  • Unlimited support and training included in the monthly service fee

Call Recording

Call recording is a valuable feature used by many businesses. It allows higher quality training to take place and helps increase the effectiveness of call agents. 

Hosted call recording is an effective way to avoid the expense of having your call recording system in-house. Plus, contact centres can rely on a central base, even when their agents are geographically dispersed.

Our services are provided as a monthly subscription. And, because it’s hosted, it can be up and running in just 24 hours, without the need for IT support. All you pay is a fixed 'per user, per month' cost, allowing you to scale up or down with your business. As well as our standard call recording we have additional advanced call recording options within our Add Ons.

Key benefits of call recording

Call recording includes a number of features and benefits. Here are some of the most important ones. 

PCI Compliant Payments in Calls

If your agents take payment card information, PCI DSS compliance demands that none of this data is recorded. Our call recording system can automatically remove card data from your call recordings, or pass customers to an automated PCI payment system, helping you stay compliant and within the law.

Single Interface for all call recordings

Our call recording system lets you record calls from multiple locations, reviewing them under a single, centralised interface. This helps your agents who work in different locations, and helps you deal with the complexity of capturing, managing, and auditing your calls.

Crystal Clear Recordings

With a crystal-clear recording of every call made, you’ll gain valuable insight into your customers. You can hear their attitude, their agent experience, and quickly resolve any issues by returning to the calls themselves.

Call recordings for training

Call recording is the best way to train your agents and develop their skills. It’s also a useful way to spot any bad habits that can be fed back to your teams on a regular basis. You’ll get the information you need to reward your best agents, and save their calls for training others.

Keep evidence of your calls

Accountability is an essential part of handling your calls. Our call recording system provides you with complete evidence of every call made. You can check calls quickly if disputes or disagreements arise, and always make sure your agents are following your procedures. 

Fully searchable call recording

Call recording is useless if it’s not easy to search, collate and retrieve them when you need to. While we provide a full call reporting service as part of hosted dialler plans, our call recording interface lets you search for call recordings by a specific agent, or on a specific day - all from any web browser.

Secure data servers

Your calls may contain sensitive information or confidential data. We understand how important it is to keep this secure, so your records will be stored within our privately operated infrastructure, behind a robust firewall. Access is only available to you and the people you nominate. Call encryption is also available.

Dedicated Server Data for storage

The demands of compliance mean staying secure and keeping data stored for long periods of time. Our call recording system provides you with a dedicated server that isolates your calls from other customers, as well as giving you substantial storage for future data.

Inbound Call Routing

For call centre agents, intelligent call routing ensures they know who they’re about to speak before they’ve picked up the call. Preparation for the conversation they’re about to have is key and will ensure it ends with a satisfactory and positive outcome.

Intelligent call routing transforms the customer experience. Going from one which involves waiting on hold or being passed from one department to another, to one in which they get through to the right person, first time. 

One of the advanced features of the Hostcomm predictive Dialler, is its ability to handle both outbound and inbound call traffic. With Hostcomm intelligent call routing, calls can be easily routed according to criteria, including agent skills, campaigns, call priorities or geographic origin. We can help you discover the best call routing options for your call centre and set it up.

Queue Call Backs

Your customers don’t like waiting in queues. And your agents don’t like dealing with customers who have been kept waiting.

A dialler can help smooth peaks in call volumes and reduce the length of time customers are required to wait in a queue. This is achieved using queue callback technology. 

Customers in the queue to request a callback. When an agent becomes available, the callback is automatically dialled and passed to the agent when it is connected.

Learn more about our call back technology in our Predictive Dialler here

Queue Call Backs Explained

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