Hosted Predictive Dialler

Optimise agent talk time and accelerate sales immediately .

Get a hosted predictive dialler that minimises agent downtime and offers UK-based customer support and hosting. One month free trial.

Benefit also from PCI-DSS certified security, and virtual outbound agent integration.

Hostcomm’s predictive dialler automates the dialling process with built-in additional intelligence designed to continuously learn, improve and maximise talk-time with the right leads.

Hostcomm Dialler Key Features

Maximise Staff Efficiency and Productivity

Hostcomm’s predictive dialler uses a multitude of powerful algorithms to learn and predict agent availability and adjust the number of calls made. The result is a personalised solution for your call centre that minimises the chance of a call being dropped, while ensuring your agents are spending as much of their time as possible talking to potential customers.

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Optimise Prospect Conversion Rates

Utilise numerous ways to segment, score, recycle and create dialling rules for your automated campaigns, helping your staff to take a lead from prospect to evaluation, nurture and then to conversion. With our dialler you can create scripts, lists, automate progress across lists, and experiment with call scheduling to continually improve conversion rates and exceed targets.

Empower Employees

Our software is extremely intuitive providing agents with easy access to up-to-date information about any prospect and workflows so they can better organise their time. Your agents will be able to work quicker, smarter and more effectively.

Ensuring Compliance and Improving Call Quality

Our call recording functionality combines with natural language analytics making it possible to get faster and more accurate insights to train your staff and make sure they are complying with legislation. We offer multi-site recording stored accessible through one interface, a fully searchable database, and PCI-DSS level security for your recording.

Analytics into Revenue

The Advanced Agent Activity Wallboard provides a range of views so you can look at the overall performance in different levels of detail. There are over 50 standard reports and we can create custom reports too.

Multi-dialling modes

If your company makes outbound calls, you can benefit from a predictive dialler for the most efficient way to call contacts and maximise agent productivity. Our hosted predictive dialler can also dial in ratio and manual 'click to dial' mode if that better suits your objectives.

More Than Just an Outbound Dialler

Benefit from virtual agent, inbound and omnichannel capabilities to seamlessly scale customer engagement in sync with your business needs.

Voice Bot Integration

Hostcomm’s voice bot is an AI driven outbound agent designed to maximise your call centre’s outbound talk time and sales opportunities. Easily integrated into your dialler it can handle unlimited numbers of calls, help sell your business, and hand over to a live agent if needed. It enables you to engage your customers 24/7 and has the intelligence to understand natural language and have real conversations.

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Leverage Inbound and Outbound Agent Resources

Our predictive dialler comes with full inbound and blended campaign capabilities allowing you to adjust talk workloads for fluctuating volumes of calls between your inbound and outbound teams, set priorities, and assign type of call based on agent skillset.

Reduce Inbound Burden

Your predictive dialler can be used to automate and schedule notifications to your client list and reduce the likelihood of your customers needing to call you. To make these notifications you can utilise live or virtual agents, SMS, or any one of the other communication channels in our omnichannel platform suite.

Scalable and Customisable Platform

Our dialler is part of our omnichannel platform that includes advanced call recording search, remote agent support, a payment IVR, live and AI chat, SMS, and hosted telephony. Its modularised setup allows you to choose the functionality that best fits your business size and needs, but then seamlessly scale that functionality as your business grows.

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Use our dialler calculator to work out the cost of our ideal plan. We offer pay as you go or fully inclusive deals.

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Why Hostcomm

Omnichannel Contact Centre

Omnichannel Contact Centre

Hostcomm’s modularised solution is highly flexible and scalable enabling you to select the services that fit your business needs – dialler, VoIP, live chat, email, SMS and advanced analytics – as your business grows.

AI Chat Bot

AI Chat Bot

Chat bots can transform your customer service now, but only if used with your live agents, not as a replacement. As a contact centre solution provider Hostcomm understands how to make that integration as seamless as possible.

 Predictive Dialler

Predictive Dialler

Intelligent dialling and analytics maximize the time your agents spend selling your business and engaging with the right prospects. PCI-DSS level security gives you peace of mind in a world where consumers demand better privacy and security.

PCI DSS Payments

PCI DSS Payments

Hostcomm is the only PCI-DSS compliant service provider that offers an integrated all-in-one contact centre and agent assisted payment IVR solution. By providing integrated call processing, carrier, payment IVR and dialler services, we have significantly lowered the cost of taking payments over the phone, improved agent assistance, and simplified solution implementation.

Our Technical Support

Our Technical Support

Our support and training centre, and all its staff, are based in the UK. We guarantee telephone support at all stages of any enquiry and that you will go straight through to a technical expert. In 2018 our average hold time was only ten seconds and ticket resolution length one hour, fifteen minutes.

 Expertise and Reliability

Expertise and Reliability

Fourteen years’ experience, a multi-mesh network and only the use of top suppliers like BT Wholesale mean one of the highest up-time, call quality and speed rates in the industry.

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Hostcomm’s predictive dialler solution delivers fewer hang ups, increased rep efficiency and higher call connect rates. It automates the dialling process with built-in additional intelligence designed to continuously learn, improve and maximise talk-time with the right leads. 

Our trial is one of the longest in the industry enabling you to truly test all its features and make a decision about how a dialler can help your business.

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