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The only automation platform for Inbound, Outbound, Video calling and Remote visual assistance.

Gain access to a globally recognised cloud contact centre solution, deployed in over 100 countries with a remarkable track record of over 24,000 successful implementations.

Elevate your interaction objectives, lower your costs, and unlock new opportunities for digitalised service provision with our innovative solution.

Hostcomm Cloud Contact Centre Overview

Maximise Talk-Time

Maximise Talk-Time

Automation of the dialling process enables your agents to be talking to customers for up to 50 minutes every hour, not waste time dialling.

Improve Lead Conversion

Improve Lead Conversion

Built in features to segment, score, recycle, create scripts and lists enable you to manage caller lists more efficiently from prospect to customer.

Agent Performance Insight

Agent Performance Insight

Call recording, analytics, natural language processing, metrics and dashboards allow you to continually understand and improve performance.

Better Informed Agents

Better Informed Agents

Auto pop ups with client history, sales scripts, and CRM data syncing. Empower your agents with the information to close more sales.

A Unified UI for all communication channels: inbound/outbound/blended calling, chat, email, SMS, video, and remote visual assistance.

  • Enhance your customers' experience by resolving a diverse array of issues without the need for transferring them across multiple locations.
  • Empower agents with an all-in-one platform to deliver exceptional client service, eliminating wasted time, clunky service, and low customer satisfaction.
  • Expand your portfolio of services beyond phone and chat with integrated video and remote visual assistance.
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Secure and Reliable with Amazon Web Services

Secure and Reliable with Amazon Web Services

Our hosting partner Amazon AWS delivers incredible reliability so we can provide our customers with an additional level of reliability, speed, international coverage and performance.

Blended calling campaigns

Blended calling campaigns

Run inbound and outbound campaigns simultaneously with the same team and benefit from centralised reporting and administration. The outbound dialler supports all high volume dialling modes.

Be a CSAT leader

Be a CSAT leader

Your customer service team will have the latest innovations at their fingertips, including video calling and remote visual assistance to impress your clients and deliver CSAT excellence.

Hostcomm's Outbound Hosted Dialler

Maximise Agent Talk-time and Productivity

Hostcomm’s hosted dialler will increase your agent talk time by up to 300% using dialling automation, non-human filtering, predictive algorithms and lead recycling. Our Web RTC browser phones enable your agents to get up and running quickly and simply with no app to download, no authentication details to remember, encryption, strong admin capabilities for large teams. The all in one solution includes all four dialling modes, blended calling and call recording.

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Harnessing Performance Insights through Transcription Analytics and Language Models

Interaction Analytics methodically processes your audio, visual, and textual communications to forge a robust foundation of business intelligence. This provides a wealth of actionable insights and strategic recommendations aimed at facilitating business improvement and growth.

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More Than Just an Outbound Dialler

Benefit from virtual agent, inbound and omnichannel capabilities to seamlessly scale customer engagement in sync with your business needs.

Optimise Prospect Conversion Rates

Streamline and optimize your outbound campaigns with our hosted dialler. Easily segment, score, and establish dialing rules, guiding prospects from lead to conversion. Automate progress, schedule calls, and experiment with strategies to improve conversion rates and exceed targets. Experience the power of advanced campaign management and achieve remarkable success.

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Descope your contact centre with our integrated PCI DSS Level 1 payment system

Partner with Hostcomm, a trusted Level 1 PCI DSS service provider, to streamline your card payment processing. Our cloud service offers you the convenience and security of processing card payments without the need to invest substantial amounts of money in implementing PCI DSS security systems. As a Level 1 PCI DSS service provider, we have already taken the necessary measures to ensure the highest level of data security and compliance. Rest assured that your customers' sensitive payment information will be protected with industry-leading security protocols and practices.

Our contact centre clients

Hostcomm's Inbound Contact Centre

The only omni-channel solution with video calling and integrated remote visual assistance.

Hostcomm's inbound contact centre includes everything you need for low to very high enquiry volumes. It includes multi-channel servicing, video calling, remote visual assistance, comprehensive reporting, queue call-backs, call recording, a powerful dialler, no-fuss browser phones and unlimited, fixed cost queues and IVRs. Hosted in Amazon AWS, it is very reliable and secured to PCI DSS Level 1 standards.

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Scalable and Customisable Platform

Our Contact Centre Dialler is part of our omnichannel platform that includes advanced call recording search, remote agent support, a payment IVR, live and AI chat, SMS, and hosted telephony. Its modularised setup allows you to choose the functionality that best fits your business size and needs, but then seamlessly scale that functionality as your business grows.

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Reduce Inbound Burden

Your inbuilt dialler can be used to automate and schedule notifications to your client list and reduce the likelihood of your customers needing to call you. To make these notifications you can utilise live or virtual agents, SMS, or any one of the other communication channels in our omnichannel platform suite.

Empower Employees

Our Cloud Contact Centre is extremely intuitive providing call centre agents with easy access to up-to-date information about any prospect and workflows so they can better organise their time. Your agents will be able to work quicker, smarter and more effectively.

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Analytics into Revenue

Our dialler's Advanced Agent Activity Wallboard provides a range of views so you can look at your call centre overall performance in different levels of detail. There are over 50 standard reports and we can create custom reports too.

Ensuring Call Centre Compliance and Call Quality

Our call recording functionality combines with natural language analytics making it possible to get faster and more accurate insights to train your agents and make sure they are complying with legislation. We offer multi-site recording stored and accessible through one interface, a fully searchable database, and PCI-DSS level security for your recording.

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