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Web RTC for Business

communify® is a WebRTC (Web Realtime Communications) service for business which brings together services such as VoIP, video, instant messaging, group chat, presence information, data sharing and call control with non-real-time communication services such as unified messaging, voicemail, e-mail, SMS and fax onto a single web 2.0 interface.

The benefits of communify WebRTC are as follows:

A single easy to use interface for all communications

Communify delivers all of your communication tools on a single web interface and with a single user id for email, VoIP, IM and video. Users can learn how to use the system in minutes and new accounts can be provisioned just as quickly. Set up is very easy and management is massively reduced and security can be tightly controlled using our web interface.
Work anywhere with Mobility

Communify can be used on your SIP phone, web interface, iPhone or Android device, allowing you to connect to the main system via any standard internet service, Wi-Fi or 4G. This enables you to experience office features such as VoIP calls, video, follow me, voicemail, presence, line status, buddy lists, chat, centralised billing, faxes, hold, transfer from anywhere that has an internet service.

Increase staff productivity

Presence information and phone line status help employees find each other and choose the most effective way to communicate at a given time. Instead of e-mailing documents back and forth and making numerous phone calls, your staff can rely on real-time collaboration through web conferencing with desktop, application, and virtual whiteboard sharing.

Transform your customer service 

Inbound calls from your clients and suppliers can be handled professionally with features such as interactive voice response (IVR), queueing, hunt groups, time of day routing, agent login & logout, auto attendant.

Call recording

For training or compliance purposes our service supports call recording of all inbound and outbound calls which are stored on a web portal with a searchable directory.

Quick and easy Conferencing

Ad-hoc web conferences can be set up in seconds and if you need a scheduled conference you can organise one on line from the portal. Participants will be emailed with the conference details.

Reduce costs with PBX VoIP

Reduce the cost of your corporate communications and enable mobility with SIP VoIP which allows features such as hold, transfer, voicemail, conferencing, hunt groups and everything else you would expect to have listed under "PBX features". Communify provides you with HD voice and inter-operates with all standards-based SIP endpoints.

Main Features

- Email account
- Voip PBX features with HD voice
- Call recording
- Auto-attendant (IVR)
- Presence with active line status
- Instant messaging
- Groupware (calendar & contacts)
- Group chat
- Conferencing
- Video calling
- Shared data folders
- Social media integration
- Online collaboration
- SMS sending
- Single user ID
- Smartphone client 

For a full list of features click here

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