What is Web RTC?

What is Web RTC?

Web RTC or Web Real Time Communications is a communications technology which is now available to all users of the top web browsers (Chrome, Edge, Safari and FireFox). WebRTC enables web users to communicate using their web browser alone, without the need for any other communications applications.

There are several types of communication that can be made available to website visitors using WebRTC as follows:

  • Voice Calls 
    Voice calls can be connected directly into a company's telephony system or contact centre solution using SIP technology. These have the advantage over a standard phone call because it can make use of Visual IVRs (Menu system). So, instead of listening and responding to options, the user can be put through to the correct department in a few clicks. 
  • Video Call
    Video calls are also available where a "face to face" conversation is required by the user. There are several options for setting up video calls such as: allowing both parties to be visible to the other, only the agent to be visible to the user or it could operate on a purely audio basis.
  • Online Chat
    Online chat facilities are also available under WebRTC. In addition, to providing an effective and customisable chat capability, it is also ideal for secure data transfers (see below).

A Secure Communication Technology

Unlike many older forms of communication, like email, Web RTC is "peer to peer" technology. This means that communication takes place directly from one browser to another. It is not routed through one or more servers. This make Web RTC much quicker and less prone to latency and outages.

In addition, WebRTC makes use of the latest HTTPS SSL/TLS encryption technology which ensures that data is sent and received securely. 

Other Advanced Options

Because WebRTC is much more secure, it can also be used for other types of information transfer. Two of the most useful applications of WebRTC are:

  • Screen Sharing 
    A user (or agent) can share their screen, while protecting the users privacy from uninvited viewing by other unauthorised users.
  • Secure Data Transfers
    WebRTC is ideal for companies to instantly send data transfers of confidential or personally sensitive information. Therefore, documentation can be shared with confidence in the high level of security available with Web RTC). 

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