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Eradicate queueing, increase sales and improve customer service.

Meet the next-Gen AI voice agent: expertly crafted for natural, accurate, and fluent conversations

Reduce the cost of your phone conversations by 80% and assist your customers 24/7.

How can I use an AI voice agent?

AI voice agents have recently become the optimal choice for customer service. Reduced utterance latency and improved reasoning accuracy allow these AI agents to efficiently handle customer queries.

  • Inbound phone service: Handle your phone enquiries 24 hours a day with no queueing and use custom tools to complete tasks.
  • Outbound campaigns: Connect predictive dialer calls instantly to your voice agent for triage, human-like sales and service campaigns.
  • Click-to-call web site engagement: Engage more effectively with your web site visitors in the moment, via browser audio.
  • Replace your IVR: Your AI voice agent can handle any question so there is no need for prescriptive prompts, multiple options and frustration.

Quick and easy deployment into your environment:

Your AI voice agent is designed for hassle-free deployment, eliminating complex integration work. It handles conversations naturally and completes tasks quickly.

  • Customisable knowledge base: Integrate your custom data by uploading product guides, FAQs and web site to tailor the AI voice agent's knowledge base.
  • Flexible connectivity: Connect the agent through a telephone number or SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) for seamless integration.
  • Simple web integration: Add a code snippet to your website to deploy the AI voice agent quickly and effortlessly.
  • API automation: Seamlessly integrate live data into conversations and update backend systems in real-time.

Your AI voice agent will contribute in the following ways:

Telephone service

Telephone service

Multiple AI voice agents can manage voice inquiries throughout all departments.

Personalized customer support

Personalized customer support

Use the AI voice agent's long-term memory to deliver support that is specific and relevant to your customers.

Outbound calling campaigns

Outbound calling campaigns

Automate calling campaigns with natural sounding, low latency predictive dialer voice agents for sales and customer service.

Increase web site sales

Increase web site sales

AI voice agents can assist through a click-to-call button on web sites with a click to speak button and can assist with support and sales.

CX Analytics

CX Analytics

Understand behaviour, sentiment and intent accurately for CX analytics and QA, applied to all of your interactions.

Agent team tasks

Agent team tasks

Group specialist agents into a team for research, analytics and complex tasks.

AI voice agent FAQs

An AI voice agent simulates human-like voice conversations using artificial intelligence and can comprehend, process, and respond to spoken language, enhancing tasks like customer service.

Yes, with the advancements in AI technology, voice agents can understand customer intent and provide relevant and targeted responses to a wide range of queries.

It can integrate using pre-built web APIs with Zapier & Make, through function tools and using direct database integration. Hostcomm can help you develop custom tasks which the agent can execute.

Yes for UK customers, your data transits and rests in the UK region. Hostcomm is a Level 1 PCI DSS certified supplier and so the AI voice agent has very robust security based on this.

Yes, there are options for the voice, function tools (tasks), LLM, personality, knowledge base amongst other options.

Typical places to interact with an ai voice agent are on a telephone call or via a web page that supports voice.

In some ways they are similar however agents can be trained in your custom data, they can work in teams and are able to execute specific tasks autonomously.

Yes, recent improvements in latency, conversational competence and intent matching mean that they can respond in a very human-like manner now with increased accuracy.

We use the highest quality voice media available from suppliers such as Deepgram, Whisper, Google and Amazon.

Yes it is however security needs to be extremely robust and we are in the process of developing a handover process to our PCI DSS IVR so that payments can be taken.

Cost reduction, customer issues resolved more quickly, greater capacity to scale, less errors, automation, real-time service insights.

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