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Agent Tools
Security Features
Reporting and Analytics
Optional Features (chargeable)
CRM Integrations


Auto Dialling

Choose from predictive, progressive, and preview dialing modes with variable dial ratio settings.

Lead recycling

Set rules for how leads from, for example, answering machines are redialed.

Multi-party conferencing

Add other people to a call and use frequent number presets for one click dialing.

Outbound IVR

Start a campaign with a simple IVR before transferring to an agent.

Custom Music

Park the customer with custom music per campaign.

Lead alternate numbers

Automatically dial alternate numbers for a lead record to increase call connect rate.

Answering Machine Detection

Dial with Answering Machine Detection and play a message for AM calls.

Time Zone Management

Set time zone restrictions to ensure calls are made at the right time.

Custom CallerID

Set outbound CallerID per campaign or per list.

Call Monitoring

Real-time scanning for keywords and auto notifications allowing a supervisor to assist.


Help agents by creating custom scripts that auto load and also fill with lead details like name and address.

Agent Supervision

Enable supervisors to listen to calls, whisper to agents and barge.

Workflow Automations

When an agent has dispositioned a call enable an SMS or email to be automatically sent.


Unlimited Queues and IVRs

The only limits are the horsepower of your dedicated server platform, which can be upgraded.

Dedicated server

You have full control of security and resource. The server can be located anywhere in the world.

Call recording

Call recording is included and available in various modes per campaign

Queue call-back

Callers can exit a queue and receive an auto call back when their position becomes free.

Skills-based routing

Route inbound calls based on agent skill

Web phones

WebRTC phones built in so no need for handsets or softphones.

Video calling

Start a video session to the caller during a live call

Remote visual assistance

Start a remote visual assistance session to the caller during a live call

PCI DSS card payments

Agent assisted payment system, Level 1 PCI DSS, works inbound and outbound

Chat, SMS & Email

Handle multiple messaging types from the same UI.

Agent scripting

Pop up scripts to agents for call flow guidance.

Call analytics

Analyse call recordings for keywords, sentiment, profanities etc

Multi-mode call transfer

Blind, consultative, conference modes

Reporting live & historical

Customisable reports, team performance, wallboard, dashboard, hundreds of ready made templates.

Task Scheduler

Automate the production of reports, data transfers, backups, emails etc

Voicebot integration

Google Dialogflow voicebot integration into a queue/IVR, outbound campaign

Outbound dialling

Fully integrated with an outbound dialler at no extra cost.



Be logged from anywhere with just a phone, web browser, and an internet connection.

Dedicated Hardware

Single servers or clustered resilient systems with active failover within 2 minutes.

Highly Scalable

Have hundreds of logged in agents with virtually limitless campaigns, lists, IVRs, inbound queues, DIDs, phone accounts, voicemail boxes.

Load Balancing

Load balancing of calls across multiple inbound or outbound servers is possible.

Multiple Carriers

Outbound calls sent to multiple carriers for greater reliability.

Agent Tools

Speed Links

Preset speed links for quickly ending, wrapping and dispositioning

Contextual Transfer

Transfer calls and push customer data to another agent or supervisor.

CRM Pop Ups

Using telephone number or email address, additional info is pulled from your CRM to a pop up to aid the agent.

Call Back Scheduling

Schedule a callback with a customer as either any-agent or agent-specific.

Hot Keys

Faster hangup and dispositioning of calls with one key press.

Click to Dial

Dial at the touch of a button from a single call list integrated with your back systems.

Queue Preview

View details for calls in the queue that the agent is selected to take.

Internal Chat

View status and have live chats with managers and other agents.

WebRTC phone

No need to register softphones or handsets.

Video calls

Initiate video calls and remote visual assistance from the agent web UI.


Drop Timer

Option of a drop timer with safe-harbor message for Ofcom compliance.

Percentage Variation

Variable drop call percentage when dialing predictively for Ofcom compliance

Real-time Scanning

Scan for sensitive information or vocabulary not allowed by Ofcom.

Dropped Call Routing

Send a dropped call to a voicemail box, queue or extension per campaign if no agent is available.

GDPR Compliance

Tools to enable GDPR data removal ("right to forget").

Real-time DNC Lists

Get DNC lists filtered system-wide and per-campaign.

Security Features

PCI DSS Certification

Level one, PCI-DSS compliance certification for our data centre.


TLS & IPSEC VPN encryption of web access and phone connection.


Powerful and flexible firewall, SFTP data download and SSL web certificate.

2 Factor Authentication

Authentication via SMS or Email.

Reporting and Analytics

Multiple Reports

Over 50 default reports, real-time functionality and Hostcomm advanced options like team performance.

Call Recordings

Automatic call recording with advanced call recording search.

Hostcomm Dashboard

Unifies the dialler, SMS, interaction analysis, the wallboard and other value-add reports into one interface.

Sentiment Analytics

Scan in real-time for keywords to better understand customer conversations.


Arrange all your key dialler metrics in one highly configuration interface.


Real time updates and 3rd party remote reporting.

Optional Features (chargeable)

Video calling

Set up an app-free video session during a live call to any smartphone, on an outbound or inbound campaign.

Remote Visual Assistance

Start a remote visual assistance session during a live call to any smartphone, on an outbound or inbound campaign.

AI Virtual Agent

Have an AI virtual agent instead of your live agents handle calls and handover to a live agent if necessary.


Auto-generate call lists, Queue call back requests, queue position, ACD, and queue skills-based routing with agent ranking per queue and campaign.

Blended Call Handling

Enable agents to take both incoming and make outgoing calls and set priorities on call traffic importance.

SMS Campaign Manager

Supports any SMS API, auto SMS sending after agent disposition and inbound and Outbound sending

PCI-DSS Payments

Sophisticated, extremely low-cost agent assisted PCI-DSS IVR.

PBX Features

Use as your office PBX.

Message Broadcasting

Easily and quickly reach lots of people with a message.

Email and Ticketing

Multi-Language auto detection, SPAM-Free, secure and unified mailbox, Full ticket lifecycle from opening to resolution, and many more.

CRM Integrations

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