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Why Hostcomm?

Chatbot Platform Expertise

There are a multitude of different chatbot platforms and technologies, each with their strengths. Choosing the right one for your business can be confusing. At Hostcomm, our team discusses your objectives and unique business situation and then identifies the right chatbot platform and technology to best meet your business needs, optimising your R.O.I.

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UK-Based Data Security

Your chatbot will be handling your customer’s sensitive data and as such needs to be as secure as any other part of your infrastructure. Using dedicated UK servers, Hostcomm has PCI-DSS certified security for its whole network ensuring your data is protected to some of the highest standards in the industry.

Hosted Customer Engagement Software Experience

Hostcomm has more than 15 years’ experience providing hosted contact centre solutions to businesses worldwide. This experience has taught us how to create customer service and sales conversations that really and work. In addition, how to seamlessly integrate your bot with your other customer engagement channels, and overall strategy, to create better customer journeys.

On-Premise Option

Need especially high levels of security or control? Our team’s knowledge of the chatbot technology landscape meant that we were quickly able to develop our customer a solution that ran entirely on-premise without the cloud.

Telephone and Voicebot

We have invested heavily in enabling chatbot technology across voice, not just your website live chat or messaging apps but also over the telephone line. Our solution can act as an inbound or outbound agent making and taking phone calls, and integrate into your dialler software.

UK Team

Our development team, support and training centre are all based in the UK. We guarantee telephone support at all stages of any enquiry and that you will go straight through to a technical expert. In 2019 our average hold time was only ten seconds and ticket resolution length one hour, fifteen minutes.

Integration Expertise

We can develop your bot from scratch and integrate it with pretty much anything including social media sites, payment systems, databases, phone systems, CRM, and chat services.

Chatbots Can Help Businesses Of All Sizes Improve Customer Engagement Needs

They can automate processes and improve market reach and customer experience. They are equally adept at FAQs, negotiation, or sales, and are installable on any website or social media.

Real-Life, Natural Language Conversations

Your customers want to have natural conversations. At Hostcomm, we create chatbots that understand natural language enabling your customers to initiate conversations, ask questions in their own style, and get a more personalised response, faster.

Improve Customer Service and Sales with Multimedia Content

Our solution enables you to delight your customers by including timely instructional or promotional videos directly into the chat. Follow up by offering easy click boxes and the ability to talk to a live agent, ensuring the best possible customer experience.

Create Closer Personal Connections

Chatbot can help you create better relationships with your customers. They can handle unlimited chats and spend much more time interacting with each customer than a live agent can. Being able to interact with your brand in this way will mean your customers create a deeper and more lasting connection with your company and are more likely to become advocates.

Superior Customer Engagement Through Virtual and Live Agent Teamwork

Our sentiment analytics monitor the progress of chats and calls, providing notifications to your agents on the progress of a conversation. This enables your agents to step in to guide a conversation if necessary. Your business benefits from the scale, consistency and reduced costs of a virtual agent with the personal touch of a human agent.

More User Friendly and Convenient Customer Authentication

Being able to sign up new leads or authenticate users is essential for new customer development and the provision of sensitive information. Our technology dramatically reduces friction for your customers by enabling these tasks to be completed from inside the chatbot seamlessly, without another window opening.

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Cost Effectively Build Your Conversations

Your chatbot is a work in progress with new customer questions and responses essential to improving the conversational experience for your customers. If you don't have access to coders, we can provide you with a super-intuitive conversation builder application enabling anyone of your team to quickly update, test and finetune your chatbot’s conversations.

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