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Why the Future is Omni-channel

Omni-channel refers to the connectivity of multiple touchpoints, both online and offline, in the effort to create a consistent brand experience across platforms. You can check out our guide to what omni-channel is to learn more about this concept.

For customer service providers and call centres, omni-channel practices can be applied to ensure that each customer has a seamless customer experience, regardless of the touchpoints they use at any given time. For example, if a customer begins their customer service enquiry via a chatbot function, they can then continue via a phone call if needed at another point, and the information from their first interaction will be readily available for the agent. With 89 per cent of consumers stating that they find repeating their questions to customer service advisors frustrating, it is becoming increasingly important to introduce omni-channel services into the customer service model.

Why is Omni-channel Important?

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We can see how essential omni-channel is by taking a look at customer behaviour. Customers who use omni-channel systems, for example, visiting a physical store as well as looking at the website or a social media channel will be 30 per cent more likely to demonstrate lifetime loyalty to a brand than those who only make use of one channel. For businesses, it is vital for the channels they offer to be cohesive. Research from the Aberdeen Group reveals that companies with a cohesive, high-quality service across all of their touchpoints will retain 89 per cent of their customers, in comparison to only 33 per cent for companies that are not consistent across platforms.

As well as keeping customers happy and ensuring their continued business with a brand, omni-channel shopping has clear benefits for a company’s revenue. Research from Worldpay has shown that shoppers who make use of omni-channel services spend between 50-300% more than those who only shop through a single channel!

Customer Expectations

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As customer wants and expectations develop, businesses need to adapt their customer service to match anticipated experiences. With more customers turning to mobile devices to complete tasks such as getting in touch with a customer service representative online, businesses must ensure that the experience had on mobile matches what they provide on other platforms. For example, a survey by Software Advice revealed that 90 per cent of consumers believed that customer service on mobile devices was typically poor due to mobile sites navigation or load speeds.

Additionally, customers now expect brands to be responsive on all social media platforms and value quick response times to their queries. Omni-channel contact centres can integrate social media platforms into their process, tracking and responding to all stages of a client’s journey, no matter the channels they use to get in touch with a business. By giving your customers and potential clients the flexibility to choose how they get in touch, view products or make purchases, you can both enhance the customer’s experience and reap the rewards of higher revenue.

If you think that your business could benefit from an omni-channel solution, get in touch with the experts here at Hostcomm today. Our omni-channel contact centre services can be used to seamlessly blend your customer’s interactions across all channels; regardless of whether you are using a chat function, call centre dialler or chatbot!

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