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5 Common Questions About Natural Language Processing

Few technologies have transformed the customer experience as much as natural language processing (NLP). When used effectively, NLP can enable customers to interact with computers with the naturalism and fluidity of a real-life conversation. Such an ability not only allows customers to resolve issues quickly and easily, but it can also open up new revenue streams for businesses.

NLP has come a long way since the turn of the century. Nowadays, thanks to development in things such as machine learning, its possibilities are almost endless. However, with this increased potential has come a lot more questions from people who are unsure about what NLP is and how it can be used. Here at Hostcomm, we’ve been helping businesses implement NLP systems for many years and have answered various questions on the subject. Here are our thoughts on some of the most common NLP queries we have experienced.

What is Natural Language Processing?

Often shortened to NLP, natural language processing, in its purest form, concerns the ability for people and computers to interact through the human language. By using other technologies, such as machine learning, computers can learn to decipher meaning from human inputs and return meaningful responses.

Recent developments have seen considerable improvements in natural language processing. Nowadays, the most sophisticated systems can understand the nuances in people’s words and respond accurately, delivering the right information to the user.

Do I Need a Science Degree to Code and Operate NLP Systems?

One common reason why businesses feel like they cannot use NLP technology is that they are unconfident about setting it up in their existing framework. Some business owners think that it may be too complicated to install, maintain and operate to the standards of their business. Thankfully, with the support of providers such as Hostcomm, all companies can implement NLP technology regardless of experience.

Here at Hostcomm, we take all the hassle out of creating the perfect NLP solution for your business. Our simple conversation builder application and analytics tools allow you to see the benefits the chatbot is providing to your customers, without the need to understand complex code. Meanwhile, our 24/7, UK-based contact centre ensures that if any issues arise, we are always there to resolve them as quickly as possible.

Will NLP Replace Call Centre Agents?

Another widely popularised belief about NLP technology is that one day it will remove the need for live agents in business call centres. In reality, NLP is designed to empower existing agents, and its real value is discovered when both solutions work side-by-side.

NLP is an excellent solution for providing quick and practical solutions to simple customer queries. When an NLP system can handle these, live agents are free to spend more time dealing with more complex questions or making outcalls to other customers. Meanwhile, if the NLP solution receives a query, it believes is more complex, it can direct the customer to the perfect agent to deal with the question. This combination of live agent and NLP solution can create significant increases in customer satisfaction and business revenues. You can learn more about this by reading our recent blog on why IVR will make call centre agents great.

Are NLP Solutions Secure?

A frequent worry with businesses interested in new technologies, especially in the modern era, is how secure they are. When dealing with sensitive information such as customer data and payment methods, consumers and businesses need to be assured that the computer they are interacting with is safe and secure. This need for security is another reason why Hostcomm’s solutions are so popular.

Here at Hostcomm, all our NLP solutions come with industry-recognised levels of data security. Our entire network has PCI-DSS level security applied, which means that you and your customer’s data will remain protected to a very high standard. This security will give your customers the peace of mind they need to interact and complete transactions with your business.

Are Modern NLP Systems Expensive?

Similar to other points mentioned above, many business owners believe that using the most up-to-date technologies can be a considerable cost that is hard to afford. If you look to install NLP systems internally, this can be the case. However, when joining a cloud-based system like Hostcomm, the costs are significantly reduced.

Hostcomm can offer an affordable NLP solution that works for businesses small and large. By only paying for access, your business will not have to pay for the most expensive parts of the operation, such as installation, updates and maintenance. This reduced cost means that even the smallest businesses can take advantage of the latest technologies to support their growth.

If you would like to know more about the various solutions we offer, including chatbots and interactive voice response, then why not get in contact with us? You can even request a demo to see our solutions in action!

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