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Why Even the Smallest Businesses Can Benefit from Hosted VoIP

As a small business, there’s little more important than carefully controlling your costs. Often, it takes real discipline to resist the temptation of the latest technologies that, as you grow, you simply don’t need.

It’s tempting to take a similar attitude to hosted VoIP – yet another sophisticated technology you shouldn’t pay for until it becomes absolutely essential. After all, it often seems easier just to use traditional landlines or mobile phones.

However, hosted telephony comes with numerous big benefits including many that are especially valuable for smaller startups and new ventures. VoIP isn’t just an effective way to spend your limited budget – it could be the most valuable investment you make.

Never miss an opportunity

In the early days of a business, it’s more important than ever to capitalise on every opportunity that comes your way. From potential partners to new customers and sources of revenue, every call counts toward your growth.

At the same time, smaller businesses tend to be working with fewer resources. If you only have a handful of employees, it’s rarely possible for them to sit in the office waiting for calls to come in.

Hosted telephony can be an effective way to unlock powerful features for mobility. Easily configurable call routing and features like follow-me and find-me can transparently send calls from your main business line to smartphones, enabling your people to stay connected at all times.

Meanwhile, easy to use voicemail on an individual and group basis can be an effective way to keep on top of messages and make sure an opportunity never slips by.

The right telephony builds your reputation

While smaller businesses tend to have agility on their side, it can still be hard to compete with the technologies of bigger players.

Presenting a professional image, building customer confidence, and establishing your reputation means giving people all the things they’d expect from a larger business, including:

  • Ad-hoc and multi-party conferencing
  • Call queuing rather than a simple no-answer or engaged tone
  • Flexible options for getting in touch, like ‘Call Now’ buttons on your website

With advanced hosted telephony, you can get all of these features without handling your own in-house systems. They’re all available on-demand as part of your VoIP package, so you can give people the experience they deserve and have come to demand.

Get expertise without the expense

From your various configuration options to initial implementation, integration with existing technology, and keeping your telephony solution online, more advanced systems need specialist management and maintenance. However, bringing these skills in-house with a full or part-time employee would be prohibitively expensive for most small businesses.

With a hosted solution, you get ongoing management and expert help when you need it, without paying for it when you don’t. For smaller businesses, the right hosted VoIP service provider can also become a valuable source of advice and guidance.

A partner that’s truly invested in your success won’t just tell you your options and provide some basic training. They’ll take the time to listen to your needs, understand what you’re trying to achieve, then give you the advantage of their specialist telephony experience.

Get hosted VoIP that helps you grow your small business.
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