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Hostcomm Hosted Telephony
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Hosted Telephony

Build your business with the same technology used by the world's largest companies

Hosted Telephony VoIP Service

Many VoIP services used today are standalone and bring with them a certain level inefficiency, duplicated effort and wasted time. As a leading hosted telephony provider, Hostcomm offers a premier hosted pbx platform - you can take your business communications and productivity to a higher level.

It brings together some of most advanced hosted VoIP service technology available and gives you services such as calls, video, instant messaging, group chat, presence information, data sharing and call control.

 It also offers non-real-time communication services onto a single web 2.0 interface such as:

  • Unified messaging
  • Voicemail
  • E-mail
  • Instant Message
  • Fax
  • Call recording (premium feature)

The underlying sip technology that Hostcomm Hosted Telephony is built on can improve the communications and productivity of any business and, as such, is used by many of the world’s largest and most prestigious companies including British Airways, eBay, Mercedes-Benz, 20th Century Fox, Arcado and Bertelsmann. 

Main Features

  • Email account
  • VoIP PBX features with HD voice
  • Call recording
  • Auto-attendant (IVR)
  • Presence with active line status
  • Instant messaging
  • Groupware (calendar & contacts)
  • Group chat 
  • Conferencing
  • Video calling
  • Shared data folders
  • Social media integration
  • Online collaboration
  • SMS sending
  • Single user ID
  • Smartphone client 

Hosted Telephony Basics

With a system that gives you over 40 telephony features, working with Hostcomm's Communify® voip phone service for business will help you engage with your customers more effectively and efficiently.

From call parking, forwarding, queueing, pick-up and transfer, to more advanced features of IVR routing, hunt groups, extension dialling voicemail and voicemail notification. And every call is HD quality and crystal clear, every time.

Call recording 

For most businesses, it's important to have access to recordings of their staff’s conversations for compliance or training purposes. In addition to the HD quality recordings, Communify® ensures they're stored in Hostcomm’s secure data centre with full search capabilities. 

Single Interface

Communify® makes all of your organisation's HR and information resources available through a unified interface. Staff can pick up where they left off, regardless of whether they're at their desks or working remotely from home or even in another country. 


Communify® gives full control to organisations for their communications access. By routing all incoming calls through a business number, even remote users can communicate securely without jeopardising sensitive corporate or personal information.


Due to the unique design of our secure server network across multiple data centres, your hosted VoIP account has the highest levels of protection and security. All your calls are routed through Hostcomm switches, then distributed continuously across multiple phone carriers.

Advanced Features

Customers expect a choice of ways to communicate with businesses nowadays. Especially those under 30 who want to use messaging, social media or web chats to talk as they do other things.

Hostcomm's Communify® business voip service gives you the multi-channel communication options you need to manage customer engagement through any channels so that it's seamless, integrated and consistent.

With a whole host of channel options available through the Communify® dashboard, with one log-in your staff can communicate effectively, whichever method of contact the customer prefers.

Some of Communify®'s options and team benefits

Multi-channel options

  • Voice calls
  • Web chat

  • Email
  • Video
  • Conference call
  • SMS text
  • Tweets
  • Web forms

We are also able to provide a number of customised productivity integrations and Add Ons. Find out more about Integration options.

Give your team the control to

  • Log-in to a single queue and handle each call with the same level of service
  • Move seamlessly from one communication channel to another at any time
  • Engage in more than one customer conversation at a time when needed
  • Supply information & resources easily to customers such as documents, video or web links
  • Connect with, or pass advanced enquiries to, specific staff members.  

Compare hosted telephony with an in-house PBX and SIP Trunk

Hosted Telephony Features

Hosted Telephony is also known as VoIP Telephony, Cloud PBX and sometimes, virtual telephony. Hostcomm offers a hosted, cloud-based service that gives huge benefits to all businesses. 

  • Full communications service hosted on a single or multi-tenant platform
  • Hosted telephony scalable up to 800 extensions
  • Location moves can be performed by the client or by Hostcomm
  • Complete fraud protection
  • Data back-ups performed by and stored by Hostcomm
  • Admin and support provided by Hostcomm
  • Full-service security managed by Hostcomm
  • No IT or technical expertise required by the client
  • Telephone technical support during business hours
  • Access to database and custom reports

SIP trunks for IP PBX Features

SIP trunks are a great alternative to expensive ISDN lines. They connect your company PBX to the public switched telephone network. Request a free trial or learn more about Hostcomm's SIP trunks service.

  • Fully hosted service on client’s server
  • SIP trunk setup and troubleshooting
  • Client-managed PBX security
  • Network, PBX configuration skills & technical expertise required by client
  • Telephone technical support during business hours
  • Admin and support of PBX provided by the client
  • Location moves can be performed by the client
  • Scalability specified by application and server used
  • Fraud protection – Hostcomm protects the SIP trunk, but not the PBX
  • Data backups of CDRs performed by Hostcomm
  • Access to database – client would require SQL/MySQL skills


Advanced Hosted Telephony

Advanced hosting telephony from Hostcomm is a competitively priced service, giving you all the business communications you need. To see your extension plan, simply add the options required, and whether you want to opt for all inclusive or service only.

Optional Items
({ feature.name })  ?

Your Plan

({ serviceOnly ? "Monthly Service Charges only" : "Per Extension Inclusive of Calls and Service Charges" })

({ extensionsCount }) Extension({ extensionsCount == 1 ? '' : 's' })

LANDLINE ({ 100 - mobilePercentage })% MOBILE ({ mobilePercentage })%

Monthly Recurring Costs
({ extensionsCount })x Extension({ extensionsCount == 1 ? '' : 's' })
({ feature.matchExtension ? extensionsCount : feature.model })x ({ feature.name })
Bundled Cost per Extension({ totalCost | currency:'£' })
TOTAL({ totalCost | currency:'£' })
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With Hostcomm, adding extra seats for more agents is simple and easy.

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