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Why Chatbots Offer Quality, Not Just Quantity

As more and more contact centres begin to implement chatbots, the ability to handle more customers faster is hugely appealing. The reality, though, is that the benefits of chatbots run much deeper.

According to IBM, a chatbot can handle more than 30,000 basic support queries per month. That is considerably more than even the most motivated, high-performing agent - even if he or she could work 24 hours a day and was using the best inbound contact centre solution.

However, while handling customers quickly is an important aspect of improving the customer experience, this is just the start.

In our free eBook, 6 Ways Chatbots Increase Customer Satisfaction in the Contact Centre, you can discover the wide-reaching benefits of introducing a chatbot. From flexibility to improved agent motivation, it’s a useful guide to where you can expect to achieve value.

Download your free copy now, or read on to find out why some enquiries or issues are best left to chatbots.

Chatbots offer 100% accuracy

Chatbots can never give you the same agility, intuition, and improvisation that agents bring to your inbound contact centre. What they can provide is uncompromising accuracy and precision in every answer.

For all of the value they bring to your contact centre, agents are fallible. A simple slip of the tongue, a difficult customer, or a single distraction can be the difference between giving customers the answer they need and missing important details.

In addition, human beings can easily go off-script, forgetting the policies and procedures you have carefully developed and put into place.

Your chatbot is underpinned by a database of potential questions, alternative phrasings of those questions, and your verified, pre-approved answers. As a result, you can be confident that the correct information is given, every single time.

While we’re a long way from machines replacing human agents, this is just one way that a chatbot can offer a level of accuracy that agents simply cannot. In turn, your agents can spend their time and energy bringing precision to the more complex issues that only they can deal with.

Learn how a chatbot can transform customer satisfaction

In our new eBook, 6 Ways Chatbots Increase Customer Satisfaction in the Contact Centre, you can find out about all the different ways a chatbot brings value to your business.

You’ll learn why now is the time to introduce a chatbot, including:

  • How streamlined implementation helps you maximise your return on investment
  • Why the impact on your agents should be positive, not negative
  • How chatbots improve customer experience while simultaneously reducing your costs

If you are planning to add a chatbot to your inbound contact centre solution - or wondering why you should - it is essential reading.

See what a chatbot could offer your contact centre, your agents, and your customers.

Click here to download your free eBook.

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