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VoIP offers big benefits to small businesses

More small businesses are making the switch from ISDN to hosted VoIP services for their business telephony needs. Switching to hosted VoIP telephony service is a simple, fast process. Modern office phone systems are usually VoIP enabled, making the decision to adopt VoIP easy for new companies or start-ups. Even small businesses with established telephony solutions and hardware in place are discovering they can switch to VoIP quickly and cost-effectively to take advantage of its multiple benefits.

  1. VoIP costs less than ISDN
    In general, small businesses rarely get the best deals. They’re unlikely to benefit from the discounts and added services major telephony providers offer organisations which can afford to lease lines in bulk. VoIP services, on the other hand, require little time and fewer resources to deploy, manage and adapt than traditional telephony methods. These savings are passed on to businesses. Subscriptions to a Hostcomm business VoIP channel, for example, cost as little as a sixth of a BT ISDN line.  With VoIP, businesses can also save money on their phone bills. By shopping around for a carrier with competitive rates, companies are likely to find great deals, especially on overseas calls. Hostcomm works with five major carriers, enabling it to offer the best rates to its customers.
  2. VoIP ensures business scalability
    By adopting VoIP, the small business doesn’t just eliminate the cost of installation and rental of ISDN lines. The company also becomes more versatile, now able to make small changes without incurring huge costs. For example, a major provider such as BT will lease physical lines in large batches. If a business wants to increase its number of users, it may have to pay for more than it needs. VoIP, however, relies simply on broadband. It means a provider, such as Hostcomm, can add the required number of direct lines, only charging the customer for the additional service it needs.
  3. VoIP offers fast, automated set up
    A small business has little time or money to spend on large-scale implementations, nor does it have the resources to cope with the planning and deployment of new telecommunications systems. Where a large enterprise may invest time in project plans and meetings to explore different options, small businesses look for fast, easy-to-implement solutions. A hosted VoIP service provider is particularly appealing as it takes the pain out of set up and management. The intuitive, automated set-up tool on the Hostcomm website, for example, can guide users through the process potentially in the time it takes them to eat their lunch.
  4. VoIP delivers greater flexibility
    Traditionally, a small business is at the mercy of a major provider’s priority list. An office move, for example, which requires the rerouting of ISDN lines, could mean the small business is faced with a long wait before the lines can be disconnected at one location and installed in another. A good provider, such as Hostcomm business VoIP services, can simply switch channels to a new office in a matter of minutes. All it needs to do so is an active broadband connection at the new location.

Thanks to broadband connectivity, any business can take advantage of high-quality VoIP telephony services, tailored to its precise needs, for a fraction of the cost, time, effort and resources needed to set up and maintain traditional telephony systems. There’s really nothing to it. It’s just a matter of making the switch.

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