Omni-Channel Contact Centre

Give your clients consistently great service however and whenever they choose to contact you.

Deliver superior client service consistently across your organisation

  • Develop better relationships with your clients by letting them decide how to communicate with you and when.
  • Quickly transform your customer service by improving agent productivity, client engagement and real-time transaction visibility.
  • Reduce operational costs with a simplified system which enables fewer support and administration staff to achieve your organisations goals.

Above from left: Click to call webrtc, agent interface, chat & AI service bot.

Key features and benefits of our Omni-Channel contact centre service:

Omni-channel solution

A complete blended omni-channel inbound / outbound solution from a single supplier, reducing your operational costs and admin overhead.

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Integrated AI Chatbot

Up to 85% of your customer service requests can be completed by a chatbot, 24 hours a day. This will improve client engagement and reduce your operational costs.

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Integrates with your SIP PBX

No need to retire your existing PBX or call centre system. We can send high quality, encrypted SIP VoIP phone calls from your website to your existing systems using easily.

Ease Queue Congestion

Hostcomm’s omni channel contact features such as chat, chatbots and queue call backs eradicate long queue wait times by giving your clients an alternative quicker way to get what they want.

Integrate Your CRM

We can integrate with your CRM database and back-off systems and include features like "click to dial" or screen pop of client records.

Analytics & Reporting

Generate Real-Time reports for campaign, data and agent performance. And our advanced wall boards provide an overview for the whole team.

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Omni-channel Communications

Hostcomm’s omni-channel cloud contact centre will deliver a great, seamless experience for your clients regardless of their preferred touchpoint. 

  • By adopting new technology like chatbots and WebRTC you can differentiate your brand and prove that you care about your client's experience.
  • Reduce operational costs by having the same user interface across all of your channels such as your web site, Skype, Slack, Facebook & Twitter.
  • Respond to service problems much more quickly with real time monitoring across all of your communications channels.
  • Extend the life of legacy investments with slick integration to various systems like your SIP PBX, ticketing system and messenger platforms.
  • Increase sales by proactively engaging visiting clients using chat and chatbots 24 x 7 from any channel.

Contact Centre Full Feature List

Click on the tabs below to learn about more about the features within the Hostcomm Contact Centre that are available to improve your business productivity.

  • Bot can handover to a human automatically when unsure
  • Unlimited bot deployments
  • Omnichannel - chat, email, webrtc click to call, buttons
  • Speech recognition through web browser
  • Speech to text
  • Social Media integration
  • Text to speech
  • Set up using simple web code snippet
  • Easy bit programming
  • Bot development services
  • Database integration
  • Integration with other bot code for eg a personality
  • Agent can manually take over a chatbot session seamlessly
  • Abuse / profanity monitoring
  • Bot can authenticate a web visitor and provide confidential information
  • Chats between Operators and website visitors
  • Chat forwarding (to Operators and Groups)
  • Quality Assurance / Mentor Chats
  • Different Chat Invitation Styles
  • Chat Queue Line (Group and Operator )
  • Callback Service
  • Screen Sharing
  • Chat Priority Levels
  • Global Chat Archive
  • Email Chat Transcripts
  • Customization & Branding
  • Answer Suggestions / Quick Search Window
  • Typing Indicator (bi-directional)
  • Chat Opening Times / Schedule
  • Two-way file transfer
  • Email based Ticketing system
  • Configure as an email client
  • Database integration
  • Automatic preconfigured chat invites
  • Bot integration
  • Live view of chat, bot and web visitor sessions
  • Social Media integration
  • Onsite / Offsite chat
  • Multiple chat groups
  • Whisper mode
  • Translation real time
  • Custom input fields
  • Set up with web code snippet
  • Auto-generate call lists based on dropped inbound queued calls
  • Queue call back allowing callers to request an automatic call back retaining their place in the queue
  • Flashing light trigger when calls are waiting in a queue
  • Take inbound calls gathering CallerID
  • ACD for inbound and fronter/closer verification calls
  • Estimated hold time, place in line, overflow queues
  • Skills-based ranking and call routing per queue and campaign
  • Queue Prioritization per campaign and inbound group
  • Inbound email handling through the agent web screen
  • Skills-based routing with agent ranking
  • Web-configurable IVRs and Voicemail boxes
  • SMS campaign manager
  • Supports any SMS API
  • Auto SMS sending after agent disposition
  • Inbound and Outbound sending
  • Multi-Language Support (with auto detection)
  • Receive emails via POP or IMAP
  • Send emails through SMTP
  • Send & receive messages via Facebook and Twitter (API)
  • HTML and plain text Emails
  • Full SSL Support
  • SPAM-Free, secure and unified mailbox
  • Full ticket lifecycle from opening to resolution
  • Assign Tickets to Operators
  • Assign Chats to Tickets
  • Dynamic/Automatic Templates (email that almost writes itself)
  • Track all kind of business issues
    Send and receive attachments
  • Link Chats and Tickets
  • Flawless FAQ integration, respond to inquiries with lightning speed
  • Waiting Time indicator
  • Search & Filter options
  • Collision Avoidance
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Predictive, progressive and preview dialling
  • Lead recycling
  • 3rd party conferencing (with DTMF macros and number presets)
  • Inbound, Outbound and Blended call handling, also Inbound Email and Chat
  • Scheduled Callbacks: Agent-Only and Anyone
  • Agents can work from almost any internet connected computer
  • Agent Scripting with customer data
  • External CRM Integration
  • Virtually limitless campaigns, lists, IVRs, inbound queues, DIDs, phone accounts, voicemail boxes.
  • Automatic Call recording with advanced call recording search.
  • Transfer calls with customer data to a closer/verifier
  • Autodial campaigns to start with a simple IVR then direct to agent
  • Park the customer with custom music per campaign
  • Set outbound CallerID per campaign or per list
  • Automatically dial unlimited alternate numbers until you get an answer
  • Dialling with custom Time Zone restrictions e.g. per region and per day-of-the-week
  • Dialling with Answering Machine Detection, also playing a message for AM calls
  • System-wide and per-campaign DNC lists that can optionally be activated
  • 3rd party blind call transfer
  • Outbound agent-controlled, broadcast and predictive dialing
  • Web-configurable IVRs and Voicemail boxes
  • Zoiper Webphone is included
  • Push contact data when transferring a call to another agent or supervisor
  • The agent web application is available in multiple languages.
  • An agent can call clients in succession from a database through a web-client.
  • Display a script for the agent to read with fields like name, address, etc. filled-in.
  • Agent can take both inbound and outbound calls in one session(blended).
  • Start and stop recording an agent’s calls at any time.
  • Schedule a callback with a customer as either any-agent or agent-specific.
  • Faster hangup and dispositioning of calls with one key press (HotKeys).
  • Integrated web-based agent phone included, requires no agent setup.

Agent's can:

  • Be logged from anywhere with just a phone, web browser, and an internet connection.
  • Select a Pause Code when they are not active.
  • Control volume levels and mute themselves.
  • View the statuses of other agents on the system.
  • View details for calls in queue that the agent is selected to take calls from.
  • Select and click to take calls in queue from their agent screen.
  • Shift enforcement by day and time, defined per user group.
  • View internal chat users activity.
  • View queue callers.
  • Chat with customers from a website through the agent web screen
  • Chat with managers and other agents in the agent web screen
  • Option of a drop timer with safe-harbor message for Ofcom compliance
  • Variable drop call percentage when dialing predictively for Ofcom compliance
  • Call recording scanning / redaction
  • Send a dropped call to a voicemail box, queue or extension per campaign if no agent is available
  • Ofcom compliance configuration settings
  • GDPR compliance
  • GDPR data removal ("right to forget")
  • PCI DSS compliant payment system integrated
  • TLS & VPN encryption of web access and phone connection
  • Screen pop client record on call connect
  • Click to dial from CRM
  • Select leads for auto-insert into contact centre
  • CDR details inserted into lead record
  • Control contact function using API
  • Trigger dialler functionality using workflow
  • Update CRM record from contact centre
  • Real-time reports with “click-to-listen” to monitor agent phone calls
  • Web Wallboard with configuration interface
  • Advanced database reporting with real time updates
  • Connect to the database for 3rd party remote reporting
  • Live view of Chatbot conversations
  • Live view of web site visitors
  • Live view of chat sessions
  • PCI DSS security monitoring
  • TLS encrypted phone registration
  • TLS encrypted web access
  • Firewall
  • PCI DSS secure data environment available
  • SFTP data download
  • SSL web certificate
  • Security monitoring to PCI DSS standards
  • Scalable to hundreds of logged in agents
  • Encrypted customer data handling available
  • Computer IP Address access restrictions for web resources
  • Call recordings automatically transferred to an external FTP site
  • DID, phone and carrier trunk provisioning through the web interface
  • Local, toll-free and international inbound phone numbers available
  • PBX features allow you to use the contact centre as your office PBX
  • Use custom database queries in campaign dialing
  • Load Balancing of call across multiple inbound or outbound servers is possible
  • Outbound calls sent to multiple carriers for resilience

Call Recording

Hosted call recordings are used by all types of businesses. They're a key tool for staff training and can improve agent performance to ensure better call outcomes for your contact centre in the long-term.

The option to record calls is available as standard with the Hosted Predictive Dialler Contact Centre service. For smaller businesses, it’s an efficient way to avoid additional in-house IT and staffing costs, while larger businesses operating in different locations can benefit from a central hub, wherever their agents are operating from.

Advanced Call Recording for your business

  • All call recordings are compliant
  • Never miss call information
  • Call recordings at your finger-tips
  • All recordings stored securely
  • Call recordings available for remote agents too
  • Use call recordings to train your agents
  • Our recordings are easily searchable with our advance search application
  • Dedicated servers for ample storage
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