Assist AR

Built for professionals and tradespeople to deliver their skills remotely with remote visual assistance technology.


Remote Visual Assistance for Professionals and Tradespeople

Remote Visual Assistance allows you to provide support and carry out your work from anywhere. Our solution uses AR interaction tools and video to boost communication; so whether it’s remote inspections, audits, diagnostics or repair, start innovating your business with Assist AR.

Fast Expert Assistance Without The Hassle

assistAR uses remote visual assistance technology to connect Experts to their customers. Through the use of video and Augmented Reality (AR) tools, our Experts can inspect, diagnose and resolve issues quickly, safety and remotely.


Use AR-enhanced interaction tools and break down communication barriers with both parties having to the ability to annotate live on-screen.


Reduce travel costs and keep colleagues safe during times when face-to-face interaction isn't possible.

Quick & Simple

Communicate simply and quickly - use a link sent via text message to start a call.

Secure & Reliable

AssistAR has partnered with Amazon AWS for its cloud technology and personal data is processed to a very high level of security.

Walk your customer through a problem without you having to be there

AssistAR is an app-free video call session that allows you to provide powerful assistance remotely and safely. Use AR tools to guide the caller, zoom in, live markup and point to items for a rapid resolution.

Innovate your business with Remote Visual Assistance.

We use Remote Visual Assistance technology to connect you to your customers and clients. Using features such as ‘Extract Text’ and ‘Remote Zoom’, you can walk them through how to fix the problem. Watch the video to learn more about Remote Visual Assistance.

Remote Visual Assistance: A better Video Inspection solution.

What's the difference between Assist AR and Zoom, Teams and WhatsApp video?

  • AR features that enable the host to communicate and guide the ‘assistee’ without confusion or frustration.
  • Without these features, a video-only session is not suitable for remote assistance or guidance in technical situations.
  • It's App and Download free, meaning neither you nor your 'assistee' will need to download any software onto your PC or Smartphone. A session is started via a link sent from your Dashboard.

Use Remote Visual Assistance to build a lucrative new revenue stream.

Have you ever had a customer call up and 30 minutes later, you’ve fixed their problem over the phone, but you’ve lost time and given it away for free?

Use AssistAR to:

  • Start charging for quick problem-solving and troubleshooting sessions.
  • Improve communication using our AR-enhanced interaction tools.
  • Innovate your business and elevate your service.

Get to know us with a 7-day free trial

One-click remote video assistance powered by AR – Guide your customers to a fix immediately, reducing the need for an in-person callout. When you become an Expert with AssistAR, you’ll have the option to either pay your Remote Visual Assistance subscription Monthy or Yearly. If you choose to pay for a year’s subscription now, you can save £10 per month, compared to the monthly billing option.

Why choose Assist AR and Remote Visual Assistance for your business:

Create a lucrative new revenue stream from profitable 'micro-sessions', increase profit and reduce travel time and abandoned call outs.

Future-proof your business and continue to deliver your services during Lockdown and social distancing restrictions.

Differentiate your business with Remote Visual Assistance technology that improves customer satisfaction.

We use an automated booking and payment system to reduce your business admin, so you can focus your time where it matters.

Deliver your skills digitally and take your business nationwide

Electrician, Plumber, Coffee Machine repair; whatever your field of expertise, use Remote Visual Assistance to guide your customer through their issue without you having to be there. Perfect for those smaller jobs.

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