Natural Language IVR

Benefit from Real Two-Way Conversations that Delight Customers and Sell Your Business

Our solution completely updates IVR technology with natural language voice recognition enabling it to answer sophisticated questions and have real conversations.

Your customers will get faster answers, feel more connected to your business and your business will benefit from reduced staffing needs.

Natural Language IVR Key Features

Get Your Customers To The Right Agent Faster

Traditional IVRs can only handle one piece of information at a time. This means customers are forced to answer numerous questions in order that the IVR can collect enough information. Our natural language IVR has the intelligence to pick up multiple key phrases in full sentences, fast forwarding your customer to the right agent.

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Reduce staffing Requirements

While before you could only trust an IVR with the most routine tasks, Hostcomm’s AI IVR can solve much more complex customer issues: answer FAQs, negotiate, and promote your business. With an IVR capable of greater responsibility your agent’s burden is decreased and they are free to focus where a live agent is more valuable.

Superior Customer Engagement Through Virtual and Live Agent Teamwork

Our built-in real-time analytics enable your live agents to monitor IVR conversations, get notifications, step in to guide a conversation if necessary, and even, if an agent is busy on the line, type responses for the IVR to speak. Your business benefits from the scale, consistency and reduced costs of IVR with the personal touch of a human agent.

Improve Customer Satisfaction However You Use Your IVR

No matter if you only use an IVR to route calls to the right person or make a payment, using our IVR will decrease wait times and allow you to make more personal customer connections.

Resolve Customer Questions Faster

Instead of letting your customers sit waiting on hold to talk to an agent our AI IVR can start to solve the problem. In fact, with our IVR you can start to resolve your customers’ enquiries the moment the IVR picks up a call greatly reducing their wait time, the likelihood they hang up, and improving their positive image of your company.

Reduce IVR Frustration

Nobody enjoys waiting to be told what word to say. Nobody enjoys that helpless feeling when you must wait for the IVR to finish before you get a menu option to start again. Our IVR, like a real-world conversation, allows your customers to interrupt, correct and qualify to get the conversation back on track - Without the need to start again.

AI and Omnichannel Platform

Our IVR AI and natural language technology also powers and integrates with our chatbot solution and live agent omnichannel platform, offering a complete and seamlessly connected, scalable virtual and live agent solution. Its modularised setup allows you to choose the channels that best fit your customer profiles but then easily grow and expand as your customers do.

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Connect with Your Customers

Customers feel much more comfortable interacting with natural language rather than pressing a button or speaking single words like a caveman. Our IVR takes that to the next level with a built-in small talk engine able to answer fun questions and engage your customers socially.

UK-Based Data Security

Your IVR will be handling your customer’s sensitive data and as such needs to be as secure as any other part of your infrastructure. Using dedicated UK servers, Hostcomm applies PCI-DSS level security to its whole network ensuring your data is protected to some of the highest standards in the industry.

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Why Hostcomm

Our support and training centre, and all its staff, are based in the UK. We guarantee telephone support at all stages of any enquiry and that you will go straight through to a technical expert. In 2018 our average hold time was only ten seconds and ticket resolution length one hour, fifteen minutes.

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