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Why Your Hosted Dialler Interface Matters

When you’re thinking about the technology that supports your call centre, it’s easy to get caught up in features and specifications. Technical capability makes for an easy measure of quality – but it also misses an important element of what makes your solution successful.

In practice, your hosted dialler only exists to empower the people within your call centre, including your agents, team leaders, and managers. That’s why the way that people interact with your dialler – the interface they use – can have such a significant impact on performance for your agents and campaigns alike.

In the worst case, a bad user interface becomes an obstacle to all the value that your hosted dialler has to offer. On the other end of the scale, an interface can go further to add value and unlock benefits that go far beyond the scope of making calls.

Read on to learn why a badly designed user interface could be holding you back.

How your hosted dialler interface affects agents

From the moment they arrive to their very last call of the shift, your agents probably spend all of their time looking at your hosted dialler interface.

All of us know the frustration that comes from an interface that’s slow, unresponsive, or just plain confusing. However, in the context of live calling, an interface that can’t keep up is even more damaging, leading to confusion, uncertainty, and lost confidence. An intelligently designed system doesn’t just look good – it performs at peak speed and feels intuitive to navigate.

Meanwhile, a frustrating hosted dialler screen can have an impact outside of calling, even in critical areas like security. We live in an era of so-called ‘cyber fatigue’, where users are asked to remember multiple passwords and act as the frontline of your IT security while still doing their jobs. Confusing user interfaces compound this growing problem and could increase your risk of accidental data disclosure or breach.

Similarly, when you get your hosted dialler interface right, the effects are felt right across your call centre. Ideally, your dialler will allow you to customise the interface with your own colours and visual identity, making your agents feel at home and reinforcing a positive culture that could lead to better employee engagement, a lower employee turnover, and more.

How your hosted dialler interface affects managers

In many ways, your team leaders, supervisors and managers need the same things from your predictive dialler interface as your agents. However, the consequences are even more severe – just one team leader struggling with an unwieldy system could affect the performance of a dozen individuals.

One of the most common challenges managers face is poor visibility over performance. While regular reports are useful, more timely information in a wallboard, control panel or live reporting provides an opportunity to solve problems before they escalate.

Once your managers have the visibility they need, they will also need a fast, effective way to investigate further. This is a surprisingly common place where hosted dialler interfaces fall short – for example, they make it incredibly easy to record calls, but searching, filtering and sorting them by time, date, or agent is a painful, time-consuming process.

Finally, call centre managers need time to nurture and develop agents, as well as implementing new ways of improving performance. A poorly designed dialler interface makes this almost impossible, if only because of the sheer number of hours that must be spent on basic training. When an interface is good enough to be self-explanatory, you can spend more time on the areas of training that really matter.

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