Is your Reseller Provider Keeping up with the Latest Technology?

As a VoIP or contact centre solutions reseller, you’ll be running your own business and generating your own revenue - but some important areas will be out of your control.

As you win and retain customers, they will always want to be up-to-date with the latest innovations. However, for a VoIP reseller, this is in the hands of your service provider.

So how do you know if your reseller provider is keeping up with the latest technology? How can you be confident about your provider’s ability to give you and your customers the most innovative solutions?

Here are a few key areas to consider.

Look at the wider range of services

Most reseller providers will also sell their products and services under their own branding. The best way to check that a provider keeps up with new technology is to put yourselves in the position of a customer and browse their wider offerings.

Whether you’re speaking to a salesperson or checking the website, look for services that require technical knowledge and are not offered by every service provider. Things like omnichannel support and chatbots are typically specialised services - a provider that offers these clearly recognises where customer demand and technology are moving.

Ask about billing and operations

Not all new technologies are customer-facing. As a potential reseller, it can be useful to ask your service provider about operational technologies like the platform you will be using to bill and provision services to your customers.

In recent years, automation has played an increasingly important role in operations, creating new efficiencies to save time and money. Support for automation is a technology that will have a direct impact on your admin time and, in turn, your profits.

Don’t forget the backend and infrastructure

Innovative new technologies can also be found in the infrastructure that makes hosted VoIP, inbound contact centre, and hosted dialler solutions possible. In particular, it’s worth looking carefully at cyber security - perhaps the fastest-moving area of all technology.

Driven by the pace of new threats and types of attack, best practice for cyber security is always changing. Ask your shortlisted service provider about the firewalls and perimeter protection, their processes for disaster recovery, and how redundancy is built into the network. You may also want to find out how your provider is dealing with changing compliance standards like GDPR.

Does your reseller provider offer integration?

Increasingly, new technology is about integration. In the cloud and on-premise, businesses are bringing different platforms together with seamless data sharing and centralised governance.

Beyond launching its own innovative products, the right VoIP reseller provider will play an active role in connecting its platforms to a wider IT estate. If your provider offers integration services, they are demonstrating that they embrace new technologies - and will dependably support the innovations your customers need in the future.

Partner with a reseller provider that’s committed to innovation.

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