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How a Hosted Dialler Gives You Control, Not Just Calls

When people implement a hosted dialler, the number one reason is to accelerate the pace of calling. With predictive dialling - or even just click-to-dial - it’s easy to reduce agent downtime and make more calls every single hour.

However, a hosted dialler isn’t just about quantity. Beyond giving you more calls, a dialler can give you something even more important - more control. By bringing all your calling together in one platform, a dialler allows call centre managers to increase their governance, monitor more effectively, and ensure that operations are always steered by agreed policies and procedures.

Read on to find out about three ways a dialler increases your control - and the potential impact on your campaigns.

Control over records

In today’s climate of compliance, meeting your legal and ethical obligations is more important than ever. Regulators and public bodies are taking privacy and ethical behaviour seriously - and enforcing severe penalties on those who fail to comply.

This means taking more precise control over the data you hold and the records that you call as part of your campaigns. When people are dialling manually or not using a centralised system, it’s impossible to keep track of every number that is used. With a hosted dialler, you are able to keep all your data in one place, where you can:

  • Remove records on request
  • Filter out records that are on the TPS/FPS databases

Meanwhile, you can also make more information available to your agents through your dialler, including data pulled from your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

Control over call rates

Making more calls per hour is a sensible strategy for campaign success, but only up to a point. At the same time, you need to minimise abandoned calls, give your agents a pace they can keep up with, and change your call rates to suit your data and campaign.

When your hosted dialler gives you more control over call rates, it doesn’t just give you the opportunity to turn them up. You can make changes in real-time from one simple interface, allowing you to stay flexible and match your dialling to the context.

In addition, controlling your call rates is another important aspect of compliance. If you’re cold calling, this will only be justifiable as a legitimate interest under GDPR if you are keeping dropped and abandoned call rates low to minimise needless inconvenience.

Control over agents

Finally, while your agents need freedom to communicate with customers effectively, they also need boundaries and support to ensure they follow your call centre processes.

A dialler can help in several ways, including:

  • Recording calls for monitoring and training
  • Presenting a script that guides agents through each call
  • Automating follow-up tasks like dispatching paperwork
  • Automating call-backs to make sure they happen without fail

Get the right level of control for your call centre

Across your records, call rates, and agents, the right hosted dialler is highly-configurable to give you a granular level of control. At the same time, the right provider will be able to support you and ensure that you only take as much control as you need and want.

With a hosted predictive dialler, you can control crucial settings - without having to also take control and responsibility for things like server maintenance, data backups, networking and security. Instead, you can leave all the management to your service provider and focus your attention on the things that really count.

Centralise control in your call centre.

Find out more about Hostcomm’s hosted dialler.

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