3 Critical Things VoIP Resellers Need More Than Leads

Whatever you’re selling, it goes without saying that leads are very useful. It doesn’t take a business genius to know that you need people to sell to, whether they’re people that have shown an interest or just cold contacts you could get in touch with. However, leads aren’t as important as they seem.

As a VoIP reseller, you’ll be generating your own leads all the time. You may even find a service provider that promises to generate leads for you, although this rarely comes to fruition. But however many leads you have, they’ll never turn you a profit. They’ll never drive the growth of your VoIP business.

That’s why, more than leads, there are three essential things you need to make your business a success.

#1. A sales team that understands VoIP

First, you need to consider what happens to all those leads from the very start of their journey with your business. You’ll be putting your sales team to work, hopefully conveying the huge benefits of VoIP and encouraging people to take your service.

However, that doesn’t mean you need a ready-made team of VoIP experts the moment you become a VoIP reseller. In fact, the right service provider will support you – not just with initial collateral, technical information, and training, but with ongoing help and advice to grow your in-house knowledge.

Some providers will even go hands-on as part of your sales process, effectively becoming an expert extension of your own team and your brand.

#2. Streamlined provisioning and billing

As soon as you secure your first customers, you’ll quickly realise whether your core business processes are up-to-scratch. Slow provisioning or needlessly complicated billing causes major issues for both you and your customers.

For your customers, these first moments of a relationship are where standards are set and first impressions are made. If your processes are slow, you may find that you fracture your relationship with new customers before it even begins.

Meanwhile, inefficient processes cost time and money for your VoIP reseller business – particularly damaging in the early days when cash flow may be restrictive.

We recommend checking that your service provider offers a simple, fast interface for billing and provisioning, or lets you take increasing control over time to introduce your own processes and automation.

#3. VoIP technology that delivers

Finally, your service itself is by far the most important thing to consider. More than any number of leads, more than any sales team, quality of service is the metric that will decide whether your VoIP reseller business survives or fails.

However, it is not always easy to evaluate a VoIP service. What seems to be impressive could fall short at times of busy network traffic. An adequate network infrastructure could quickly become a bottleneck as you add more customers to your plans.

The most effective way to find a VoIP service you can stake your business on is to look for a proven track-record of existing customers. It’s also a good idea to look into the service level agreements (SLAs) and guarantees that your service providers makes to its own customers.

With the right service provider – and the best quality of service – it’s easier to turn those leads into the things that really count: customers, recurring revenue, and a growing business.

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