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5 Important Call Centre Metrics to Access using a Wallboard

Today’s customers expect a simple, quick and quality service from agents when contacting a hosted call centre. They want to be called back when they want, receive information in the right way and demand a service that’s personal and tailored to their requirements.

As such, now, more than ever, it is incredibly important for call centre managers to be able to access real-time statistics and analytics to ensure their teams are performing to be best of their ability.
There’s a popular adage that does the rounds when talking about driving productivity: ‘you can’t manage what you can’t measure’.

It’s simple, really. However, many contact centres fall into the trap of recording too much information in a way that their agents can’t digest in the way they are meant to. Instead, they should be focusing on metrics that will drive agent performance, delight customers and adhere to compliance regulations with the ultimate output being: sales and revenue.

Of course, there is an abundance of metrics you can use, from employee satisfaction to first call resolution – which are all important. Yet, the metrics you chose to display on your wallboard need to be easy to read, useful and encourage driving behaviours that will feed into your overall business objectives.

That’s where a wallboard – as part of a hosted call centre solution – can bring dividends. Hostcomm has worked with a number of call centre and contact centre organisations to implement wallboard solutions with great success. (Here are a few case studies to whet your appetite).

Hostcomm Call Centre Totals Screenshot

Here we share with you our top 5 metrics we think you should be using as part of your wallboard:

1) Average agent wait time

Gain real-time visibility of agent idle time; helping you to manage your staffing levels more effectively.

2) Total number of sales

Make sure you are hitting target. Real-time visibility of this stat helps you to take corrective measures fast, and keep on target.

3) Call wait time

Monitor how call wait times relate to your customer satisfaction level.

4) Sales per agent

Sees who’s hitting targets and who isn’t. Great for managing incentives in a timely fashion and identifying areas for development.

5) Average talk time

Average handling time is great for managing agents’ performance when you look at it in conjunction with sales and first call resolutions stats. Quantity vs. quality.

But don’t forget these are just a few examples of metric you need to pay attention to. Furthermore, these are not metrics just for call centres. Even if you have a small telesales team, these are some of the metrics you need to be aware of to drive performance of your sales agents.

Interested in viewing a wallboard? Watch the video to learn more or request more info here.

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