Hostcomm to protect clients against data loss with new data backup guidelines

Hostcomm is providing clear guidance on data management and back ups protocols within cloud contact centre services, to bolster confidence in cloud services and help prevent data loss by introducing a new set of guidelines. The guidelines will help not only cloud based services, but on premise services, as it highlights the need for processes and clear lines of responsibility.

Chris Key, Director of Hostcomm explains, “Research conducted by Vanson Bourne, highlighted that the UK was losing £10.5 billion due to data loss. This is a problem that everyone can and will experience if businesses fail to adopt the right data management and backup processes to prevent or recover from data loss.”

Research continued to highlight that 60 percent of enterprises surveyed experienced downtime in the UK and 23 percent suffered data loss. For many organisations, data management and back-ups are a grey area, creating more hesitation for moving to cloud based services. Hostcomm is publishing guidelines for clients to ensure they are better educated on responsibilities regarding data management and data backups, to shield them from the costly consequences, both to their bottom line and customer service.

Key comments, “With this guidance in place it will outline the fundamental responsibilities of data management between clients and providers to ensure that businesses understand how much data they can afford to lose, if any at all, and forecast any potential downtime accordingly to ensure that they adopt the correct data backup protocols for their organisation.”

A lack of understanding regarding database backups cannot only have a detrimental affect on business function and performance, but also on the delivery of customer service. Vanson Bourne research further uncovered commercial consequences of disruptions were the loss of customer confidence by 29 percent.

Chris concludes, “what we are doing at Hostcomm is helping clients understand the cause of potential data-loss and how to avoid it. A concern that many experience, especially when moving to the cloud. By publishing guidelines we can help protect our customers against the risk of data loss and ensure the right backups processes are being taken to ensure minimal data loss and business continuity.”

It takes a careful balance of costs and risks to understand the right solution for both now and in the future. Most importantly It takes a clear picture of the options available to you. Hostcomm's latest eBook, 'Critical Data Management and Back Ups' will help organisations discover the best critical data management protocols for their contact centre.

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