Hostcomm Adopts Industry-Standard NPS Metric

Leading Voice over IP (VoIP) provider Hostcomm has adopted the industry standard Net Promoter Score (NPS) metric to gauge customer satisfaction and loyalty. This reflects an ongoing focus on delivering high-quality, responsive support and service.

The NPS metric is widely adopted and commonly used in call centre environments, including Hostcomm’s own inbound call centre service users. Now, Hostcomm can measure its own performance using a statistic that is familiar to its customers.

“Our customers understand NPS, so it makes perfect sense to measure our customer satisfaction with it,” says Chris Key, Director at Hostcomm. “While we’ll be asking our customers to provide their feedback on what’s working and what could be improved, we’ll also be reporting our results back to them. So they will know how we’re doing, be sure that we’re listening, and then see how we take action.”

The process of adopting NPS began in December 2014, when 20% of Hostcomm customers completed a customer satisfaction survey. Crossing support and services, the survey covered areas of business including the support desk, the online portal, and the customer knowledge base.

In addition, the survey included questions designed to gauge the experiences of customers using the online store, customer billing, and customer communications.

This initial survey has already yielded some useful information.

“We’re proud to have achieved an NPS score of 25,” adds Key. “Digging deeper into the results, we were also pleased to see that 98% of respondents rates our support desk service as very satisfactory or satisfactory. But, for us, this represents the baseline. Our aim is to take the insight our customers have given us, and use it to focus our time where improvements can be made.”

While the survey showed that customers felt they received consistently satisfactory service, response speed was also particularly impressive. 95% of respondents reported that their support queries were resolved on the same day. This fast turnaround helps customers to maintain their operations, minimises downtime, and keeps productivity up.

Now, Hostcomm is beginning the process of improving their services to increase the NPS score and customer satisfaction, year-on-year.

“This is the beginning of a renewed commitment to customer service,” says Key. “We plan to measure our NPS on an annual basis and, in the meantime, to do whatever we can to drive the quality and speed of our services and support. We’ve seen how our call centre customers use NPS to delight and impress their customers. Moving forwards, we’ll be doing the same.”

To find out more about what custoemrs think of Hostcomm’s customer support and service, you can read the survey results by following the link below:
Insights from the Hostcomm Customer Survey December 2014

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