Hostcomm and Crystal Legal Secure over £50,000 for Sport Relief


As the excitement of Sport Relief goes by for another year, PPI reclaim and mis-sold packaged bank account specialists Crystal Legal Services and UK VoIP provider Hostcomm have revealed the results of their work on the big night.

Using Hostcomm’s infrastructure, 60 agents at Crystal Legal handled an impressive £56,000 of public donations over the phone and held their own in-house fundraising activities. While the average donation size was £35.81, one generous donor gave a considerable £2000 donation, giving the team a considerable boost in motivation and excitement.

This fantastic result is the combination of the hard work and commitment of Crystal Legal’s agents, many of whom continued late into the night even after a full day in the office, and the support of Hostcomm’s reliable VoIP infrastructure.

“The night was nothing like work,” says Lyndsay Martin, Marketing Manager at Crystal Legal. “It was amazing! The evening created a great atmosphere amongst the team, everyone pulling together for such a worthwhile cause. It’s created an ongoing atmosphere and was a wonderful event to be part of. We had so much fun with everything from Battleships to sponsored leg waxing, all while handling donations totalling more than £50,000 for Sport Relief.”

When donors to Sport Relief called the number shown on-screen, BT routed their calls to volunteer organisations all over the country. At this point, Hostcomm’s VoIP lines made sure people were connected quickly and efficiently to Crystal Legal, where excited agents took more than 1500 calls between 7pm and midnight. Given the quantity of calls, a dependable VoIP infrastructure was essential.  Of course, the sheer scale of calls from donors meant that there wasn’t always a Crystal Legal agent available. When that happened, the Hostcomm platform let BT know, and they automatically route the call to a different contact centre full of volunteers, guaranteeing that every person who wanted to donate could do so conveniently.

In fact, the volume of calls was so high that many of Crystal Legal’s planned fundraising activities had to be set aside. However, the team found time for a fun game of Battleships were every time a donation over £50 was received, the agent took a turn on the Battleships board. Meanwhile, some particularly adventurous agents had their legs waxed, all in the name of charity.

“I’d like to congratulate everyone at Crystal Legal on another excellent Sport Relief,” says Chris Key, Director at Hostcomm. “It’s their commitment to doing their bit for charity, their professionalism, and their sheer passion that has made this their biggest year for donations yet. And I’m sure they’re already making plans for next year’s night of fun and fundraising.”

Read more about Hostcomm’s VoIP infrastructure on the company website.

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