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Hostcomm Predictive Dialler CRM API Boosts Value of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solutions for Dynamics Vendors

Hostcomm is working with Microsoft Dynamics vendors to integrate Hostcomm predictive dialler technology with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Integration combines the features of both solutions in one powerful, customer-focused tool. It helps businesses drive down costs, eradicate errors, improve customer service levels, and accelerate sales and profit.

Hosted IP services provider Hostcomm has announced its framework for working with the Microsoft Dynamics Partner Channel to add value to Microsoft Dynamics CRM installations. The Hostcomm predictive dialler application programming interface (API) works seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics CRM software. The technologies integrate to form a fully-automated solution that helps businesses to attract and retain customers by offering a more efficient and personalised service through workflow automation. 

Chris Key, Director, Hostcomm, said: “The Hostcomm predictive dialler integration API is designed to integrate seamlessly with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system with no complex coding. It can be developed and deployed in very little time, saving costs for the vendors and their customers. We can add value to what Microsoft Dynamics Partners offer their clients. In turn, they can offer their customers a fully automated solution that will improve their business processes and customer service levels.”

Predictive dialler CRM integration provides Microsoft Dynamics CRM vendors with a unique opportunity to add value to their propositions and increase their sales of CRM solutions. By partnering with Hostcomm, Microsoft Dynamics CRM vendors can: 


  • Compete with, which has its own API that vendors can use to integrate third-party diallers.
  • Create new revenue streams by offering additional services for integration, development and support of the dialler features.
  • Improve Microsoft Dynamics CRM adoption as the integrated dialler features become more valuable in the working days of call centre agents who contact large numbers of customers. 
  • Increase loyalty to Microsoft Dynamics CRM software as it becomes an integral part of daily processes. Businesses that use Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions will learn the value of integrated dialler features in boosting agent productivity. For example, agents have 50 minutes of talk time per hour compared to 15 minutes of talk time without the dialler.


Hostcomm has already helped Microsoft Dynamics CRM vendors to implement predictive dialler CRM integration solutions in the marketplace. Recently, insurance firm Towergate Insurance has improved customer service and efficiency through its deployment of predictive dialler CRM integration technology.

Hostcomm will work directly with the Microsoft Dynamics Partner Channel to educate vendors on predictive dialler technology and build strong relationships with partners. Kim Moore, Marketing Manager for Hostcomm, said:  “We are working hard to help Microsoft Dynamics resellers use predictive dialler technology in a way that best suits their customers. This integration creates a powerful solution that delivers much greater value to businesses.”

Hostcomm’s predictive dialler CRM integration technology works with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to deliver a host of benefits to businesses who want to drive down costs and increase sales. Integration eliminates error-prone manual processes and helps businesses comply with payment card industry (PCI) regulations. The solution can automate the release of emails, information, or forms to customers, schedule follow-up calls, or book new appointments. Features include screen pops that deliver customer records to the agent’s screen, and click-to-dial, whereby an agent can initiate a call by clicking on a number stored in the CRM system.

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