What Is A Payment IVR?

Making contact centre payments compliant and effective

Choosing a payment IVR

Taking payments is a major issue for contact centres. Naturally, it is essential that they provide a secure service which complies with the law and customer requirements. However, it is also important that the system that the contact centre uses to process payments offers a good customer experience and maximises the number of payment completions. For many clients the Agent Assisted IVR offers a balance between user experience, security and cost.

Payment IVR Type User Experience Payment CompletionCost
Automated IVRLowLowLow
Post Call IVRMediumLow/ MediumLow
Agent Assisted IVRHighHighHigh

Hostcomm Agent Assisted PCI-DSS Payment IVR

Hostcomm's Agent Assisted Payment IVR is a great solution for businesses of all sizes. 

Certified to the highest level of PCI-DSS compliance, Hostcomm’s solution is the first to offer a contact centre and payment IVR in-one.

By integrating these services in one PCI QSA certified solution, we have been able to create an agent assisted payment IVR that eliminates the need for costly DTMF tone suppression, significantly decreasing upfront and ongoing costs for our customers. 

Click on the picture to learn more about Hostcomm's solution.

Hostcomm PCI-DSS Agent Assisted Payment IVR
Hostcomm PCI-DSS Agent Assisted Payment IVR

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