Hostcomm Virtual Agent Services

We create virtual agents that enable the full power of Google AI voice technology over telephony.

A virtual agent enables you to automate your contact centre customer engagement through rich voice conversational experiences.

Your employees can spend more time on key interactions, you can engage customers 24/7 and reduce customer service costs.

Complete Feature Set

Hostcomm’s solution includes all the crucial elements to ensure voice conversations happen with imperceptible latency, and your virtual agent can access all the functionality of a live agent.

Hostcomm Gateway

Voice Channels

Voice Channels

Connects SIP trunks, PSTN, enterprise UC, contact centre and WebRTC voice channels to Google Contact Centre AI.

Gateway Transcription

Gateway Transcription

Transcription of dialogue as words are spoken rather than at the end of sentences to speed flow of conversations.

Google Contact Centre AI

Conversational Core

Conversational core consists of speech recognition, Google Speech-to-Text, Text-to-Speech and DialogFlow for processing intent.

Virtual Agent

Gives customers 24/7 access to immediate conversational self-service, with seamless handoffs to human agents for more complex issues.

Agent Assist

Empowers human agents with continuous support during their calls by identifying intent and providing real-time, step-by-step assistance.


Uses natural language processing to identify call drivers and sentiment that helps contact center managers learn about customer interactions to improve call outcomes.

Contact Centre


Can be used for Inbound calls and as a dialler agent for outbound campaigns.

Caller ID Recognition

Greets the caller with their name after matching the caller ID with a database field.

Call Transfer

Call transfer based on spoken key words (eg "I want to speak to a person").

Database Integration

Virtual agent conversations are added to your database enabling them to be used for analytics etc.


Virtual agent can send SMS, WhatsApp and emails

Answer Machine Detection

Automatic Answerphone detection is not required as the bot quickly qualifies the call.

Ofcom Compliant

Among other things, it is programmed to avoid frequent redialling of unanswered numbers or calls at antisocial hours.

Web Hook Triggering

Webhook triggering based on utterances

Sentiment Analytics

Monitor the progress of calls, providing notifications to your agents on the progress of a conversation.

Call recording and analytics

Real-time, multi-site recording, accessible through one interface with a fully searchable database.

Other Features

PCI-DSS Compliance

Your virtual agent can take secure payments and your data is kept in a more secure environment.

Conversation Builder

Easy management of virtual agent utterances through Dialogflow web console, no programming required.


Recognise speech and intent in many languages.

API Integration

Integrate with pretty much anything including social media sites, payment systems, databases, phone systems, CRM, and chat services.

Start Providing Better Customer Engagement Today

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Alternatively, give us a call: 0808 168 4400

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