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Your Vicidial service provider for the UK region.

Set your pace, customise setup, and scale as you grow.

Scale your team without disruption

  • The best server techology: Your system will be installed in AWS which is the most reliable, best performing hosting service. Scalability becomes straightforward, automated and inexpensive with AWS.
  • High availability for large teams: You can choose from single servers, clustered systems and multiple clustered systems in separate zones to reach 99.99% availability.
  • Data management : Predictive dialers produce enormous amounts of data which needs to be organised properly or it eventually become an expensive and critical problem. Avoid these risks with our data management tools and archiving add-ons.

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Transform your Vicidial dialer with our innovative add-ons.

  • AI interaction analytics: Automated QA and CX Analytics with eye-watering accuracy is possible using leading GPT AI and you can move to real time QA, CX and compliance monitoring for all of your calls.
  • Beautiful reports : See real-time agent behaviour analytics, calling stats, wallboards and team performance data in well presented web reports ensuring you easily understand how well your team is doing, in real time.
  • PCI DSS payments : Protect your customers and show responsibility with our agent assisted PCI DSS payment system which will de-scope your contact centre from some very expensive obligations.
  • Video calling: Easily add video and remote visual assistance to any live smartphone call with our RVX plugin to Vicidial, ideal for any complex discussion or support scenarios.
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Your predictive dialer comes with automated reliability.

  • You can telephone us for help: Your cloud Vicidial package comes with unlimited telephone and email support provided by our team of experienced technical support experts who have a minimum of 5 years experience.
  • Ensuring your dialer is always ready for action: Vicidial requires ongoing maintenance and updates, without these it will become unreliable. Your dialer will be checked and monitored 24/7 to prevent issues turning into outages.
  • Start your campaign with a stable, reliable system: Vicidial is a complex, open-source dialer system which requires an accurate and thorough installation to ensure stability. Your server will be installed using our automated process which prevents flaws, dependency weaknesses and security problems.

Vicidial predictive dialer FAQs

Yes the software is open source and therefore free to anyone however it needs a reliable server platform, dialer-friendly phone lines, UK numbers and configuring for UK regulations, as a minimum.

There are some minor changes such as the web interface theme but essentially its the same software so it can be upgraded regularly without problems.

More than 100, the majority have been with us for over 5 years.

Yes we provide your service with multiple lines which are automatically spread over 5 UK carriers to ensure good CPS & ASR rates which means less wait time.

Yes we subscribe to the TPS register so we receive bimonthly updates to our database which is used to filter calls for customers that require this.

Unlimited technical telephone and email support during UK business hours, server installation, training, campaign performance advice, account management, Ofcom and ICO advice.

Hostcomm has been a partner since 2008, it regularly invests in diagnostics, advice and new feature development.

We moved to AWS about 3 years ago from several UK data centres, reliability, cost and performance have all improved substantially since moving.

Yes we regularly communicate with the ICO & Ofcom and can give you everything you need to know about how to operate your campaigns without getting into trouble.

Vicidial is a sophisticated and intricate system designed for outbound call centres, which are mission-critical environments where downtime can lead to significant losses. Our customers recognise the importance of reliability.

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