Omni-Channel Contact Centre

Enable customers to contact you over the channels they feel most comfortable

Increase customer satisfaction and empower your agents with unified reporting

Our solution integrates voice and digital channels, a chatbot, social listening and intelligent routing to optimise engagement.

Customers can easily move between channels, while our analytics enable cross channel insight and ensure the conversation seamlessly continues no matter how often a channel is changed.

Key Features

Unified Customer Record

Customers don’t want to explain their issue again when they change to another channel, making it is essential not just to offer many channels, but a unified customer record – Real-time and historical. Our solution combines data from across all channels to provide a live customer record including context. The result is that your customers are happier and your agents better able to sell and resolve issues.

Unified Customer Insight

As equally important as an omnichannel customer record is the ability to view and create metrics that funnel data from all your channels. If your channel analytics are in silos, your agents and management are not able to get the full picture, understand performance and see the patterns that will enable them to more effectively provide customer service.

Intelligent Channel Routing

Each of our channels has sophisticated tools to route customers to the agent with the right skillset. Our chatbot uses sentiment and natural language analysis to make sure you get to the right agent and can also advise your agents on the progress of conversations. Our integration of our chatbot, voicebot, web RTC and live messaging in one interface makes it especially easy to transfer from one channel to another.


Our chat and voicebot has the intelligence to have natural language conversations and work as a team with your live agents. It includes code-free setup, intuitive in-window authentication, an on-premise hosting option and a personality engine. Equally adept at FAQs, negotiation, or sales, and installable on any website or social media, it will surpass your customer engagement needs no matter what your industry.

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Our solution comes with full outbound, inbound and blended voice campaign capabilities. Voice is also offered through web RTC and a natural language voicebot that is integrated across all channels. Your customers can dial a number or click to call like with Skype. Crucially, our voicebot means you can profit from bot technology over traditional voice channels, not just your website.

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Live Chat

Deliver amazing customer service and utilise your live chat client to help close sales. Features like screen sharing, call back, and agent routing based on skillsets ensure the best possible engagement experience. In addition, integration with your website enables you to see in real-time customer activity on your website and pro-actively reach out to move customers to closure.


Email is still an extremely important and preferred communication tool of many consumers. Our system provides intelligent filtering and routing as well as the ability to seamlessly turn an email into a ticket and tracking to improve agent productivity and successful resolution.


Mobile phones are the preferred communication tool for over 50% of the population and SMS is still the fastest and most direct way of having a messaging conversation - Your customers don’t need to open an app and can text direct to an agent. The result is that strategic use of SMS relieves the burden on your agents and resolves many enquiries quicker.


Listen to what your customers are saying about you on social media and respond quicker to make sure every opportunity is grasped, and every fire put out earlier. Install our chatbot across your social channels to provide 24/7 engagement with a consistent brand voice.

Get an Affordable Omnichannel Solution With Superior Customer Service

Our solution is hosted in our PCI-DSS certified network, it is modularised and scalable, and our customer service guarantees support from a technical expert on the end of a phone.


Your contact centre solution is part of a business’ wider suite of applications that need to work together to maximise the effectiveness of your business operations. Our APIs ensure that our solution is working in sync with your CRM system, and other systems like workforce management and quality management applications.

More Secure Customer Data

Data security has become one of the most important issues of recent times, with GDPR setting the bar incredibly high and imposing strong financial penalties to back it up. Our PCI-DSS Level 1, Service Provider certification is for our complete network, not just the payment IVR, meaning your customer data is protected to unmatched standards.

PCI-DSS Certification

Why Hostcomm

Our support and training centre, and all its staff, are based in the UK. We guarantee telephone support at all stages of any enquiry and that you will go straight through to a technical expert. In 2018 our average hold time was only ten seconds and ticket resolution length one hour, fifteen minutes.

Engage Your Customers Through the Channel They Prefer

If you would like to get more information, or request a demo, please leave some contact details opposite and we will get right back to you. 

Alternatively, give us a call: 0808 168 4400

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