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Proactively engage your website and mobile visitors with real-time conversations

Our chat engagement, analytics and AI tools enable you to contact your customer at the right time with the right information to help close sales and deliver better customer service.

Messaging is the first choice of many consumers. It is also extremely cost-effective as your agents can handle several chats at once.

Our solution is packed with features like visitor tracking, self-learning templates, drag-and-drop answers, operator supervision of agents and chatbot integration.

Key Features

Proactive Engagement

Prospective customers can get frustrated looking for an answer on your website or hesitate when finishing a purchase. Our solution’s website tracking and triggers enables you to reach out to them to reduce cart abandonment, increase conversions and provide key information to customers and prospects who might have given up and gone to your competitor’s site instead.

Personal, Tailored Conversations

Our website tracking enables you to gather information on your visitors and provide better, more specific answers. You can see if the visitor is a previous customer and pull up their record. You can also see who referred your visitors, where your visitors are from (Country, City, Region), what keywords were used to find your site and the path by which they navigate your website.

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Better Organised and Productive Agents

Our sophisticated workflow tools enable you to route enquiries through to the right person, tag conversations with notes that add context, group agents, and create roles, permissions and schedules. Agents can also create group chats, set chat priority, see queues and set up chat forwarding and call back.

Quicker and More Accurate Answers

To reduce queues and make happier customers, you want your agents to be able to answer questions as quickly as possible. Our central knowledgebase is easy to update and search with the ability to drag and drop answers directly into a chat. At the same time, our self-learning templates remember typical greetings for different individuals and countries. The result is less typing and more consistent answers.

Analytics into Revenue

Nurture and grow performance with real time monitoring of agents and chats, statistics on agent performance and productivity and conversions. In addition, use website tracking to understand parts of your website that are not working and fine-tune.

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Ticketing and Help Desk Functionality

Our solution offers much more than live chat. It streamlines all communication with a client (chats, tickets, phone calls), within a ticket with an organised workflow. It functions as a spam-free unified inbox for all questions and concerns. All kind of communications (emails, chats, sms, tweets, or phone calls) are stored in the system as separate tickets.

Chatbot Integration

Our live chat has been especially customised to work with our chatbot to maximise engagement outcomes. Our warning and notification system carries out sentiment analysis of chatbot conversations and then notifies your live agents if they need to help or take over to close a sale or add customer support.

Hostcomm Chatbot

Agent Mentoring

Agents can send messages to other agents in chat ("whisper") that website visitors who are in the same chat can't see. That way more experienced operators can help new colleagues in the on-boarding process and share their knowledge.

Get an affordable solution with superior security and customer service.

Our Live Chat is hosted in our PCI-DSS certified network, and is part of our modularised and scalable omnichannel platform. Our customer service guarantees support from a technical expert on the end of a phone.

Branding and Customisation

Easily update your live chat application and forms with your company’s branding or, use our SDK to take your personalisation to the next level on both web and mobile. Develop more quickly with our mobile app and widget SDKs with options for onsite and offsite placement.

Real Time Translation

Speak your customers language and translate Chat Messages On-The-Fly. Based on Google® Translate Version 2, our solution can translate chats between your operators and website visitors in real time. Break through language barriers and translate from your native language into the preferred language of your customers.

Illuminate Your Communication

They say a picture says a thousand words, but then just imagine the customer benefit from the ability to screenshare, add images, tables, files, and a HTML editor that allows you to illustrate what you want to do with bold, italics and colours.

Complete Omnichannel Communications Options

Our live chat solution is part of our live agent omnichannel customer engagement platform, offering a complete and seamlessly connected, scalable virtual and live agent solution. Its modularised setup allows you to choose the functionality that best fits your business needs, but then seamlessly expand that functionality as your business grows.

Omnichannel Communications

More Secure Customer Data

Data security has become one of the most important issues of recent times, with GDPR setting the bar incredibly high and imposing strong financial penalties to back it up. Our PCI-DSS Level 1, Service Provider certification is for our complete network, not just the payment IVR, meaning your customer data is protected to unmatched standards.

PCI-DSS Certification

UK Technical Support

Our support and training centre, and all its staff, are based in the UK. We guarantee telephone support at all stages of any enquiry and that you will go straight through to a technical expert. In 2018 our average hold time was only ten seconds and ticket resolution length one hour, fifteen minutes.

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Proactively Engage Your Website Visitors at The Right Time

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