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Our hosted dialler automates outbound campaigns, ensuring your agents are spending their time talking not dialling.

Get a hosted dialler with more than 14,000 deployments in over 100 countries around the world.

It includes multiple dialling modes, Ofcom and GDPR compliance, UK-based unlimited phone support, advanced call recording, PCI-DSS certified security, and virtual outbound agent integration.

Key Features

CRM and Other Business Applications

Pre-built Integrations

Our custom integrations mean your CRM and our dialler can work together much more effectively from day one. Get an auto pop up of a CRM record in the dialler, click to make a dialler call from your CRM, trigger workflows cross platform, and auto-insert and update dialler leads into your CRM.

Open APIs to Integrate Anything

With our open APIs the sky’s the limit for syncing, sharing and creating workflows that optimize the flow of information between your CRM and other critical business applications.

Case Study:

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Hostcomm’s predictive dialler solution delivers fewer hang ups, increased rep efficiency and higher call connect rates. It automates the dialling process with built-in additional intelligence designed to continuously learn, improve and maximise talk-time with the right leads.

Our trial is one of the longest in the industry enabling you to truly test all its features and make a decision about how a dialler can help your business.

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