Feature Summary

Feature Summary

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Collaboration and Communication Tools
Contact centre Features Route Your Clients To The Right People Fast.
Enterprise PBX
Advanced Call Recording For Compliance And Training
Get A Real Time View Of Your Business Communications
CRM Integration Features Using The Extensive API
Use Any SIP handset Or Soft Phone

Real time web communications without the software installation hassle.

  • Instant messaging can be set up in minutes so your team can chat, collaborate, share media, and share screens.
  • View the actual phone status of your colleagues so you don't waste time ringing them while they're busy.
  • Multi-party video conferencing is a easy as setting up a voice call.
  • Why waste time in meetings when everyone can keep up to date in real time, teamwork and collaboration has never been easier.

Manage your contact centre with ease from a single web interface

  • Set up Queues, IVRs, call recordings, conference rooms in minutes.
  • Smart queues allow people to speak to the last agent they spoke to. 
  • Allocate DID numbers to people, Queues and IVRs within one hour.
  • Integrate a customer service chatbot with your contact centre for 24x7 customer service.

Benefit from all the features you would expect from a sophisticated and robust enterprise phone system

  • Local numbers
  • Toll free and vanity numbers
  • Availability presence
  • Call forwarding
  • Voicemail
  • Call screening
  • Incoming call rules
  • Transfer during a call
  • Voice-to-email
  • Virtual extension
  • Shared numbers across multiple devices

Securely store and retrieve your call recordings

  • Advanced call recording web interface search facility.
  • Call recordings are stored on Amazon S3 where they are encrypted at rest.
  • Always on, on-demand or API-based call recording.
  • Call recordings are stored in encrypted locations on Amazon S3 and in a PCI DSS network.

Real time visibility of your team performance

  • See live calls in real time from the contact centre or normal office workers.
  • Run usage reports to view call detail records
  • Analyse historical staff productivity data to spot good and bad trends.
  • Call recordings are stored in encrypted locations on Amazon S3 and in a PCI DSS network.
  • Call analytics and redaction is also available for the removal of unwanted sensitive data.

    Supports any SIP device

    • There's no need to change SIP handsets or soft phones, they can be re-used.
    • Grandstream, Cisco, Polycom, Yealink, Counterpath, Zoiper all supported.
    • Calls can use TLS if the device supports it ensuring the call cannot be listened to or intercepted.
    • Web application has a WebRTC client which can be used instead of a SIP phone.

    • Queues, IVRs, conference rooms, Fax, HD Voice & Video.
    • Instant Messaging & Presence
    • Screen sharing
    • Call recording
    • Call recording storage on Amazon S3
    • Phone status indicator
    • Click to call from web interface
    • SIP phones & soft phones supported
    • Chatbot can route a caller to a queue/IVR
    • Ad-hoc and conference rooms
    • Customisation & Branding
    • User preferences portal
    • Find-me / Follow-me
    • Multiple phone registration per ext
    • Voicemail
    • API integration
    • Advanced call reporting
    • WebRTC integration
    • Chatbot integration
    • Realtime view of calls
    • Contact centre dashboard
    • Custom branding
    • Firewall
    • Media encryption
    • Custom reports
    • Management of sound files
    • Phone number portability
    • Fraud mitigation
    • Realtime billing information
    • Queues, IVRs, conference rooms, Fax, HD Voice & Video.
    • Multi-tenancy
    • Postpay & Prepay billing
    • White labelling
    • Custom billing plans
    • Billing restrictions
    • Custom branding
    • No set up fees
    • Number porting to any provider
    • Carrier resilience
    • TPS service
    • Firewall
    • Fraud Mitigation
    • Auto phone provisioning
    • All inclusive bundles
    • Fast well designed web interface
    • Quick client provisioning

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