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Hostcomm Contact Centre Chatbot

Contact Centre Chatbot

Hostcomm's solution optimally integrates chatbot and live agents to maximize customer experience.

Need a secure customer service AI bot?

We know bots, contact centres and cybersecurity, so look no further.

Why should you invest in a customer service bot?

  • Satisfy your clients by providing high quality answers on any departmental issue within seconds.
  • Free your business by reducing its dependancy on outsourcing, staffing and human resources. 
  • Open your doors to new 24 X 7 customer service expectations across multiple touch points.
  • Increase your revenue by implementing AI based marketing and sales automation techniques.

7 things you need to know about Hostcomm's contact centre bot:

Click on the numbered headings below:

Notify you of a potential sale or unhappy client.

  • Bot uses a configurable algorithm to decide when to involve a live person
  • Agents are warned of an impending session join with a traffic light system
  • Bot can voip dial for human assistance or use chat.

The same great service however your clients choose to communicate with you.

  • Chat using web interface
  • Speak your request with speech recognition
  • Click to make an instant voice call with WebRTC
  • Leave a message to be contacted
  • Send an email into the ticketing system
  • Social Media integration
  • Text to speech
  • Make a video call
  • Send an SMS text
  • Make a phone call to the bot

A slicker, easier way for your clients to call you.

What is Web RTC?
  • If a client needs to talk to a person the bot can conference someone in to the session.
  • Using SIP and WebRTC it will integrate with any system.
  • Replace your clunky annoying telephone IVR with a slicker visual web button system.
  • Inform clients what the phone queue waiting time currently is to prevent frustration.

Reduce the time to respond to your clients.

  • Your clients won't need to waste time searching for content.
  • Store and incorporate previous visit history to make each experience personal to the visitor. 
  • Funnel questions can help with sales products and diagnosing complex problems. 
  • It can store and inform you of content items you don't have so it can be addressed.

Handle your client's personal data securely.

  • Authenticate your clients and provide confidential information. 
  • Take PCI DSS compliant payments from your clients 24 x 7. 
  • Perform automation tasks with API connections to any of your systems. 
  • Automate purchases, technical support and finance tasks. 

Make your data work for you.

  • NLP and keyword spotting can quickly alert you to buying intention, annoyance and compliance breaches.
  • Analyse 100% of your client interaction data in a fraction of the time.
  • Quickly spot personal data exposures and auto-redact.
  • Identify when your clients are leaving your bot to talk to a human.

Create real client engagement with human-like bot interactions

  • Your AI bot can be programmed with a "brain" so it interacts in a more conversational, human-like way.
  • Human-like bots are better at motivating users to keep using them.
  • We can adapt an off the shelf personality to suit your requirements.
  • Make sure you check whether your bot of choice can be coded with a personality.

Why not contact us today and arrange demonstration of our contact centre bot?

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Why Choose Hostcomm?

We can develop your bot from scratch and integrate it with pretty much anything including social media sites, payment systems, databases, phone systems and chat services.

  • Developing a good bot takes a lot of time, we have processes in place to reduce the time, which saves you money.
    • 15 years experience with integrating into SIP contact centre and PBX environments.
    • Securing your data to the highest level currently possible.
    • Consultancy, design and implementation services.
    • Complimentary services such as cloud contact centres, chat services, diallers and hosted telephony.

Chatbot Pricing

Get an impactful bot - let the experts build it for you.

Why will your bot be special?

  • It uses the longest running and most stable platform in the world.
  • It can be given a personality to suit your organisation for increased engagement.
  • You can have a two way, human-like conversation with it.
  • Your phone system can be directly integrated so it can assist during congested periods.

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Starter Bot

+£500 setup
- 20 Smart Answers [?]
- 10,000 requests a month
- Small talk module [?]
- Unlimited simultaneous conversations
- Analytics & live view dashboard [?]
- 1 API integration
Optional services
- Customised Branding £60
- Click to call £60 setup + £20/month
- Speech recognition set up £250
- Live chat setup £250+£6/user/month
- API integration £60/hour

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Premium Bot

+£1500 setup
- 70 Smart Answers [?]
- 100,000 requests a month
- Small talk module [?]
- Unlimited simultaneous conversations
- Analytics & live view dashboard [?]
- 3 API integrations
Optional services
- Customised Branding £60
- Click to call £60 setup + £40/month
- Speech recognition setup £250
- Live chat £250 setup + £6/user/month
- API integration £60/hour

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Online Bot Demo

Why not try our chatbot for yourself right now?

Our chatbot contains around 40 base support questions. Here are a few questions that will give you a taste of how the chatbot could help solve your customer's questions. 

"I can't make calls"
"Sound quality is poor."
"I need to set up my phone"
"How do I top up my account"
"How do I set up my device"

Online Demo Instructions:

Self service bot demo

1. Click the blue and white icon at the bottom right of this page.
2. Press the return key to get started.
3. Select support, this section has the bot responses loaded.
4. Try "How do I set up my device" or "I can't make calls".

Click to call demo

1. Click the blue and white on the bottom right of this page.
2. Click the telephone icon on the right side.
3. Click "Call" - this will actually route to a sales person during office hours.

Human integration demo

1. Follow Self service bot demo instructions above.
2. Click "Handover to human" this will grab a human chat agent during office hours.

We will shortly be upgrading the demo bot to add auto-handover to human agent based on some keywords, if you want to see this now please contact us by chat or here.

Contact one of our experts now and either talk immediately or get a call back within 30 minutes

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