AI VoiceBot

Transform your customer service with web and telephony channel AI conversational voice.

Our voicebot automates your customer engagement with highly-personalised, human-like voice conversations.

Natural language and speech capabilities combined with Hostcomm Voice Gateway enables exceptional performance for inbound and outbound telephony as well as website calls.

Key Features

Hostcomm's Solution

Google Contact Centre AI

Consisting of Google Speech-to-Text, Text-to-Speech and DialogFlow for processing intent, Google Contact Centre AI is the most widely used solution for creating realistic AI conversations.

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Hostcomm Gateway

Hostcomm’s gateway directly connects your telephony and other voice channels to Google Contact Centre AI. It processes dialogue as words are spoken, delivering imperceptible latency and seamless human-like conversations.

Contact Centre Integrations

To make sure your virtual agent can become a true part of your customer service team, we have implemented a range of features including database integration, webhooks, call recording, analytics, SMS, email, and live agent handover.

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AI Messaging Functionality

Our voicebot is seamlessly integrated with our chatbot enabling you to also have automated AI-powered natural language, conversational engagement on your messaging channels.

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Integrate Anywhere

Our APIs enable your virtual agent to be integrated with any channel and your office software systems, ensuring you have synced, unsiloed data and omnichannel customer journey context.

Voicebot live analytics, keyword spotting, sentiment and live agent handover

Our voicebot analytics dashboard displays utterances, intent, keywords and sentiment so that you are always aware of your customers experience (CX). Should the voicebot conversation require it the caller can be transferred to a live agent either automatically or by offering the option to the caller.

Improving Response Time For More Natural Conversation Pace

Our clients wanted to use a virtual agent for sales qualification and new product announcements. They had tried several solutions, but had run into several recurring issues. In order to connect the voice dialogue from telephony conversations to their preferred cloud cognitive solution, they had to dial in another provider to do the transcribing. This resulted in a delay of several seconds and a high number of hangups. We resolved this with our transcription solution that as a direct part of the solution avoids this delay.

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