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We create chatbots customised to your exact business requirements that never compromise on data security.

A bot enables you to automate your customer engagement through rich voice and text conversational experiences.

Your employees can spend more time on key interactions, you can engage customers 24/7 and reduce customer service costs.

Hostcomm Chatbot Portfolio

Outbound Agent Solution

This chatbot solution enabled our clients to use it as a telemarketing agent. They had a number of outbound campaigns where the telephone was still the best way of reaching out. We integrated it with their hosted dialler software and our live agent handover solution.

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On-Premise Option

Our client had very specific requirements around security. They did not want the processing of client inputs during conversations to take place in the cloud, yet they still wanted natural language interaction capability. Using conversation parsing we managed to create a fully on-premise solution that could be easily updated by anyone.

Multimedia Content Engagement

The complex, technical nature of our client’s products meant they were always looking for new ways to reduce customer service resolution times. Our solution enables them to delight their customers by including timely instructional videos directly into the chat.

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Sentiment Live Agent Handover

Our client had used live agent handover solutions before with a previous chatbot, but found they still had to listen to conversations. We developed sentiment analytics to monitor the progress of chats and calls, providing automatic notifications so live agents could take over at the right time.

In-Window Authentication

This bot and customizations significantly reduced client dropout rates from their legacy solution during the secure authentication process. It did so by integrating that process into the chat interface, removing the friction caused by having to go off to another page.

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Secure Payment Voice IVR

Taking routine payments were still occupying a significant percentage of their call centre agents’ time but voice was also a preferred channel of their customers. We integrated a bot with a voiceIVR in a PCI-DSS compliant solution to decrease this time spent by around 70%.

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