Hostcomm cloud platform - release notes


Hostcomm service updates

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions relating to this content. Your account manager will provide you with further information and discuss implementation.

February - April

Hostcomm RVX V2

1. Essential features complete (pointer, annotations, image capture, recording, image display)
2. White boarding.
3. SSO

Interaction analytics for Hostcomm cloud contact centre.

1. Wed form generator for reports, data collection, agent script.
2. Wallboard refreshed and updated.
3. Updates to task scheduler.

CXCortex AI powered customer service for any PBX, Email or Contact Centre platform

1. Chat added to triage summary.
2. Chat messages viewable in history.
3. Chat to AI from the console.
4. Improvements to triage summary page.
5. Re-worked and simplified message viewing.

Communify Unified Communications

No changes.

December 2023 / January 2024

Hostcomm RVX remote visual assistance

1. Several user experience improvements to Reports section.
2. Typeform improvements to allow better client account set up.
3. Voodoo SMS can be configured to use client API key.

** Development has begun on RVX 2.0 and will be complete in the coming months. We will invite all customers to participate in Beta testing.

Interaction analytics for Hostcomm cloud contact centre.

1. Custom form creation module for call review displays performance data per call, per week per month.
2. Email notifications triggered based on events in transcription, such as objective threshold triggered, compliance problem, profanity etc.

CXCortex AI powered customer service for any PBX, Email or Contact Centre platform

1. Addition of AI agents for automated customer support, trained on uploaded documents, datasets and text.
2. AI agents can learn and improve their responses based on manually selected responses from a list of suggestions.
3. Admin structure changed to allow multiple email accounts to be added by administrator per client.
4. Allocate AI agents to multiple email accounts.
5. API functions added; send email message & receive AI response

Communify Unified Communications

No changes.

October/November 2023

Hostcomm RVX remote visual assistance

1. Sessions can now be scheduled using an inbuilt calendar and new invite system.
2. Added support for session creation within OpenSolar ( and storage of media files via its API.
3. Added support for session creation within EWorks ( and storage of media files via its API.
4. Dead sessions can be ended with a configurable timeout which prevents delays to the generation of media files.
5. Samsung Internet browser support added.

Interaction analytics for Hostcomm cloud contact centre.

1. AI chat enables you to ask questions about specific conversations.
2. Behaviour scores displayed for a selectable time period indicating trends and patterns.
3. Added colour coding for improved display of key results.

CXCortex AI powered customer service for any PBX, Email or Contact Centre platform

1. Ability to add multiple email accounts per client.
2. Added ability to train AI agent with custom data so it can provide automatic responses to customer enquiries.

Communify Unified Communications

1. Added call recording storage in AWS S3.
2. Added integration with CXCortex for call analysis.

September 2023

Cloud contact centre (last 4 months updates)

1. Added 2FA support for cloud contact centre.
2. Scheduled Tasks - New scheduling options (Hourly, Yearly, Crontab-like).
3. Upload - Audio Import now supports .OGG files properly.
4. Added List Weekday Resets, allowing for automatic list resets scheduled by day-of-the-week on a per-list basis.
5. Added "Abandon Check Queue" feature, to catch dropped Call Menu calls that are tagged with a Lead ID. For more information, see the bottom of the INBOUND_CALLBACK_QUEUE.txt document.
6. Added "Agent Call Hangup Route" campaign settings, allowing you to send calls that an agent is finished with to a Call Menu, In-Group or a pre-recorded message before hanging up the call.
7. Added "Asterisk Restart URL" to the Modify Servers page, this can send a URL request any time Asterisk is auto-restarted on that server.
8. Added "email_display_name" as a container option for the email sender in dispo_send_email.php
9. Added "Show Confetti" campaign setting, allowing for confetti to be shown to agents when they disposition a call as a SALE and/or a CALLBACK flagged status.
10. Added additional in-group second-alert settings
11. Added agent screen latency logging, viewable in the Real-Time Report and
12. Added agent_search_ingroup_list campaign and agent_search_list ingroup options
13. Added calendar select feature to agent time sheet report
14. Added camp_lead_order_random setting
15. Added CAMPDTO dialplan variable for ^DC 3-way agent screen calls in script
16. Added check for date directory before creating it in script
17. Added cm_sc_send_url_status.agi script
18. Added Code to hangup & dispo NOAUDIODATA as ADAIR (Dead Air Auto) with Settings Container option, Issue #1459
19. Added dead_stop_recording campaign option

Hostcomm RVX remote visual assistance

1. Image save prompt appears after capture, unless manually saved.
2. File indexing system upgraded to reduce system load.

Interaction analytics for Hostcomm cloud contact centre.

1. AI chat enables you to ask questions about specific conversations.
2. Addition of faster transcription.
3. Addition of UK local transcription which keeps media within the UK.
4. Download AI chat transcript.
5. Option to modify XLSX saved output to contain displayed columns only.
6. Rules / Results Report - Configurable buttons now support API actions

CXCortex AI powered customer service for any PBX, Email or Contact Centre platform

1. Ability to add multiple S3 buckets per client.
2. Addition of file explorer to view and manage media files.
3. Call recording metrics available on list view.
4. System backend upgraded to support high scalability.

August 2023

- Cloud contact centre

1. Added payment processor Adyen to integrated processors for Paymatic PSI DSS payment service.
2. Minor improvements to Real Time Reports.
3. UI usability improvements.

- Hostcomm RVX remote visual assistance

1. Screen sharing host to remote device.
2. Simpro Suite browser extension added.
3. Tool tip notes for each of the session control buttons
4. Tool tip notes can be disabled in settings.
5. Sound decibel meter background added to prevent it being invisible.
6. Session button array consistency improved.
7. Added settings to set 4 logo positions (added 2).

- Interaction analytics (AI understanding & reporting of all interactions)

1. Team Behaviour Live real time / historical view of agent behaviour gradings.
2. Gradings (scores) added for agent behaviours.
3. Print / download call reports.
4. Added API ready for Jotform integration.

- CXCortex AI powered customer service for any PBX, Email or Contact Centre platform

1. Email integration with Gmail and Outlook full synchronisation, sending, receiving, threads, contacts & calender.
2. Email suggested replies.
3. Behaviour grades added.
4. AWS S3 bucket integration.
5. Chat interface to query & summarise individual emails and phone calls.

July 2023

- Cloud contact centre

1. Improvements to the integration of RVX within the agent user interface.
2. Sending email after agent dispositions a call
3. Improvements to agent screen logging to more thoroughly capture agent behaviour.

- Hostcomm RVX remote visual assistance

1. Support for External Storage on MS Azure and AWS S3
2. Single Sign On (SSO)
3. Session media deletion per image and per session
4. Session media file download as .zip
5. AR Measuring tool (Beta) app for Android and IO
6. Deep-Linking directly to sub-pages
7. Web API features added; session start, get media, list users, list Typeform IDs.

- Interaction analytics (AI understanding & reporting of all interactions)

1. Support for multiple Large Language Models (LLMs)
2. LLM Processing of Emails, SMS, WhatsApp and other text messaging.
3. Auto-triage & disposition settings
4. PII redaction of pre-LLM messages
5. Analytics results printing and PDF download.

- CXCortex AI powered customer service for any PBX, Email or Contact Centre platform

Hostcomm development started in June 2023. ETA for Beta testing August 2023.

This is an AI powered professional platform that comes with ready-to-use customer service analysis tools - Developed with one common goal in mind, to help you respond faster and more accurately to your clients. As well as providing you with CX data on ALL interactions it will be able to respond to messages either automatically or under-supervision.

May 2023

- Cloud contact centre & Vicidial was upgraded to add the following features:

  1. Added "Inbound Calls Credits" function, allowing per-User setting of a number of inbound calls that can be handled, until reset by a manager. Also add User Inbound Calls Today page to show current inbound calls/limits/credits for users.
  2. Added "Demographic Quotas" features, used for surveys/polls to efficiently meet goals for contacting people by specific demographic parameters(age-group, gender, location, etc...)
  3. Added Agent Latency Report with zoomable graphs, as well as a new Agent Latency Gaps report. Latency Gaps can also send immediate and day-end emails when Agent Screen connection gaps occur.
  4. Added new "AMD Agent Route Options" flag to allow immediately hangup and dispo of calls with no audio data.
  5. Added "send_notification" Agent-API function, allowing for agent alerts to be sent at the USER, USER_GROUP & CAMPAIGN levels.
  6. Added "Show Confetti" campaign setting, allowing for confetti to be shown to agents when they disposition a call as a SALE and/or a CALLBACK flagged status.
  7. Added "Abandon Check Queue" feature, to catch dropped Call Menu calls that are tagged with a Lead ID. For more information, see the bottom of the INBOUND_CALLBACK_QUEUE.txt document.
  8. Added the ability to have multiple "No Agent Call URL" entries for a single Campaign/In-Group/List, by putting "ALT" in the No Agent Call URL field on the Campaign, In-Group, List modify screen. Just like how it works with Dispo Call URL currently,
  9. Added Gateway Recording server instructions and scripts, allowing you to generate stereo audio recordings of the entirety of all inbound and outbound phone calls, with the customer and agent/dialer in separate channels, within the same WAV audio file.

- Hostcomm RVX remote visual assistance

  1. Session Report section added to the dashboard menu featuring a selection layouts.
  2. Azure storage now an option for media files.
  3. Web API added with basic settings, more to be added soon.

- Interaction analytics (automatic transcription and analytics of recorded files)

  1. Call transcripts can now be processed by large language models (eg ChatGPT) to provide summarisation, behavioural analysis, KPI scores, training suggestions and automated monthly reports.
  2. Accuracy improvements to transcription.
  3. Live view of processing reports.

- PCI DSS IVR (automated PCI DSS level payments)

  1. Bank Identification Number (BIN) checker service
  2. Automatic bank rate adjustment.

February 2023

- Hostcomm RVX was upgraded to add the following features:

Object detection is now available. The system can detect objects in view and label them if a match is found in the custom dataset.
Remote user can now self-survey without a host. From a hyperlink they can capture images, video and notes and auto-upload.
International prefix support for SMS text messages.
Send invite via email.
Branding/White label support.
Smartphone/Tablet initiated sessions. It is now possible to start a session from a smartphone or tablet to a remote device.

December 2022

- Video contact centre launched. Hostcomm's cloud contact centre now has an Hostcomm RVX integration which means you can make a call and then step up to video by sending an automatic SMS hyperlink to the called party. When clicked the remote party will be connected to you via video. You can then use the RVX features for remote visual assistance or a simple 2 way video session.

- Call Analytics has been upgraded to improve accuracy. It is also now able to identify both speakers on a phone call. In the coming months we will be adding additional features such as language detection and translation.

- Hostcomm RVX was also upgraded to included the following new features:

2 way video calling
Sound Meter on host UI for remote sound level capture..
Remote battery charge viewable on host UI for Android phones
The ability to disable in-session features from the console.

October 2022

Contact centre Hubspot integration

We have added an integration with Hubspot which works with our inbound and outbound cloud contact centre service. The following features are available:

- Create new record in Hubspot
- Update record
- Screen pop Hubspot client record
- Field mapping tool
- Agent / owner mapping
- CDRs available in client record
- Call recordings referenced in client record
- Create call engagement
- Agent call message per call & agent comments field

Paymatic payment IVR

- Paymatic payment IVR now supports Capita Pay360 and Worldpay.

- Paymatic payment IVR now has a realtime web monitor which can show you activity of callers within the IVR. This is useful for detecting problems, in which case the agent can pull the client out of the IVR session.

Hostcomm RVX remote visual assistance

- RVX console now has the ability to capture structured data from an image of a document using computer vision. This can be used to scan documents such as invoices, receipts, certificates into a database just by using the image capture function during a session. The data captured is arranged in a similar way to how it appears on the original document or as a spreadsheet-type file.

Interaction Analytics

The latest release will be able to identify and label separate speakers, perform sentiment analysis and transcription much more accurately. Regional UK accents are also supported.

Interaction analytics extracts text from call recordings generated by Hostcomm cloud contact centre and performs analysis such as keyword spotting, sentiment metrics, PCI DSS compliance, buying / cancelling behaviour. This service can be used for automatic quality assurance (QA) instead of dedicating a person to do this.

September 2022

- The new payment IVR is a standalone service which works with any existing PBX or contact contact centre and is Level 1 PCI DSS compliant. It allows you to take telephone payments 24X7 securely through a selection of the major payment processors such as Stripe, Adelante Moto, BarclayCard ePDQ DirectLink.

- FLG is a low cost CRM web application for UK small to medium-sized B2C businesses that want to automate and control their processes. With a unique focus on intelligent workflows, over 350 happy customers and 5,000+ unique users rely on its platform to manage their sales leads, ensuring nothing is ever missed and no opportunities are left behind.
Hostcomm has improved the integration between FLG and its cloud contact centre so that it is now very easy to set up and has increased functionality. The main integration features are as follows:

- Lead insertion Contact Centre <=> FLG
- Call data added to FLG record
- Call recording hyperlink on FLG record
- Click to dial from FLG
- Screen pop FLG client record on connect

Demonstration video:

- Paymatic agent assisted payments has been improved with the addition of several new features and payment processors. Paymatic is a PCI DSS payment service which unlike a standard IVR allows the agent and client talk before and after the payment is made. Paymatic now supports the following processors; Stripe, Adelante Moto, BarclayCard ePDQ DirectLink. If you would like a demonstration please email [email protected].

- Your Voip account prepay account & postpay balances are now available in the dash board and show you in real time how much you have spent in the current month. - Automated Email updates (including HTML image, dynamic attachments, attached PDF)

- Recording archive improvements.

- Audio file generator with Google TTS & record via mic

- Scheduled server backups daily with N number of days retention.

August 2022 - These feature relate to Vicidial version 2.14 which is the latest release

1. Added script for in-group call data export

2. Added cm_sc_areacode.agi script that allows you to use a Settings Container

with the script in a Call Menu to define different destinations for

customers from each state to go to: DID, CALLMENU, EXTEN

3. Added Agent DID Report

4. Added the ability for internal chats to have more than one agent participant

5. Added cm_phonesearch.agi script that can search for a phone number within the

system and redirect a call to an in-group that is defined as the Default

Transfer Group in a campaign that the lead belongs to. This must be

configured in a Call Menu

6. Added In-Group option to populate new leads with a DID descriptive value in

the province field of the new lead.

7. Added cm_sc_send_url.agi script for Call Menus on calls tied to a lead_id to

send a URL defined in a Settings Container.

8. Added phone_number_log Non-Agent API export function

9. Added api_only_user User option to prevent access to admin and agent screens

by an API-only user account.

10. Added logging of API request URLs

11. Added campaign setting for Dead Call to Dispo Only, to allow the Dead Call

Max Seconds setting to send the agent to the dispo screen

12. Added web lead loader duplicate check options to check for leads loaded only

within the last 90-days. Also added to Non-Agent API add_lead function.

13. Added Agent API function switch_lead to switch the active call lead_id while

the agent is on a live inbound phone call.

14. Added In-group areacode_filter feature, allowing you to drop calls after a

set number of seconds in queue that either match or do not match a list

of areacodes defined per in-group.

15. Added new DNC options to Manual Dial Filter campaign feature that are not

tied to the campaign DNC settings.

16. Changed Emergency Logout processes to hangup all agent session calls, and

added better logging

17. Changed Custom Fields of SCRIPT type to allow URLs and urlencoded variables

when using --U-- and --V-- to declare variables

18. Added option for custom list fields to be required for all calls or only

inbound calls. Will prevent agent hanging up call if field is not filled

in. Must also have campaign option enabled for it to work. Will work for

the following custom field types:


19. Added admin Automated Reports section, allowing easier web configuration of

scheduled reports being sent by Email or FTP.

20. Added campaign option to validate transfer agent list based upon which

AGENTDIRECT in-groups those agents had selected.

21. Added In-Group option to look up the state based upon the areacode of the

caller ID phone number of the person calling in.

22. Added CHAT option to Inbound Queue No Dial campaign setting to prevent

outbound auto-dialing if a chat is waiting for an agent

23. Added qualify option to phones for IAX type phones

24. Added Pause Code Time Limits to allow you to set a time limit on the number

of seconds an agent can be in a specific pause code before the real-time

report will show them in a different color.

25. Added Drop Lists feature, allowing you to add new leads to a list built from

DROPped calls from inbound groups on a scheduled basis.

26. Added USER_CUSTOM_ options to campaign custom callerID setting to allow for

custom caller IDs to be used per agent in MANUAL and INBOUND_MAN modes

27. Added IP Lists feature, allowing creating of lists of IP Addresses that can

be used as whitelists on a User Group basis for Agent, Admin and API

web resources.

28. Added campaign option(with user override) Ready Max Seconds Logout to log an

agent out of the agent screen if they have been in a ready state for

more than X seconds.

29. Added cm_fpg.agi script to allow callers to place their phone numbers into a

Filter Phone Group. Works from a Call Menu.

30. Added Inbound and Advanced Forecasting Reports. Both use the Erlang formulas

and past data to forecast agent and call metrics.

31. Added campaign option for Callbacks Display Days which can limit the

scheduled callbacks displayed to an agent by a number of days from now

32. Added campaign options to stop recording when a 3-way call is started and

start recording when the hangup xfer line button is clicked

33. Added start call URL feature support for manual dial calls

34. Added logging of Real-Time report monitoring, and report in Admin Utilities

35. Added Agent Push Events, allowing for HTTP Push events to be sent on agent

screen events. See the AGENT_EVENTS.txt doc for more details.

36. Added Add-to-hopper options to update_lead function in the Non-Agent API

37. Added basic one-way Cross-Cluster-Communication feature. Allowing for lead

information to pass from one VICIdial system to another with a call.

See the CROSS_CLUSTER_COMMUNICATION.txt document for more information.

38. Added Real-Time agent status of "DIAL" for agent manual dial calls after

they have been placed but before they have been answered.

39. Changed password fields to allow up to 100 character passwords. Also changed

password recommendations to emphasize length over complexity.

40. Added logging and notification of 3-way call hung up in agent screen.

41. Added URL logging of Agent Screen Webform button clicks and URLs

42. Added script to send out emails if there are agents

waiting more than X seconds.

43. Added In-Group option to ask callers if they would take a survey after

agent has handled their call. Overrides agent HANGUP CUSTOMER button

to send call to survey instead.

44. Added system setting to allow Lead Management admin utilities to handle

active lists. Also changed Advanced Lead Management tool to allow

you to select multiple lists.

45. Added Inbound DID Summary Report

46. Added Agent Inbound Status Summary Report

47. Added experimental support for Asterisk 13. See the ASTERISK_13.txt doc

for notes on changes needed to get it to work.

48. Added System Settings option to set lists to inactive once they pass their

expiration date

49. NEW REQUIREMENT!!! Perl CPAN Net::Telnet version 3.0.4(April 21, 2013)

If you are using an older Net::Telnet version, you will need to upgrade!

this should take just two commands: "cpan" and "install Net::Telnet"

50. Added DID System-wide filter option to System Settings

51. Added DNC.COM inbound number filtering with DNCcom_inbound_filter.php

52. Added cm_cid_change.agi script to alter the CID of calls in the Call Menu

Prompt. Also, added ability for cm_dnc.agi to recognize Vicidial-tagged

calls and update lead records without lookups from a phone number

53. Added Webphone Layout option in Phones and override in User Groups

54. Added campaigns-scheduled_callbacks_email_alert option to send email alerts

to agents when scheduled callbacks are triggered while they are logged

in to the agent screen. Read the HELP for instructions to set up.

55. Added new Real-Time Whiteboard multi-report

56. Added the ability to include duplicate custom text fields in a custom fields

form in the agent screen.

57. Added Max Inbound Calls Outcome to allow for different behaviors when an

agent reaches their maximum inbound calls for the day

58. Added campaign option to allow agents to pause the Manual Dial Auto Next


59. Added ability to display inbound email messages in Script tab scripts.

60. Added dispo_change_status.php script to allow changing of a lead's status

to a different status after it has been dispositioned as a specified

status a set number of times.

61. Added Agent Screen Time Report campaign option, to display agent time

statistics in the agent screen for the current day.

62. Added List Override setting for Default Transfer Group

63. Added lead_status_search Non-Agent API function

64. Added "Next-Dial My Callbacks" campaign setting that will automatically dial

USERONLY Scheduled Callbacks for agents in MANUAL or INBOUND_MAN

no-hopper campaigns when they click DIAL NEXT NUMBER in the agent screen

65. Added "Anyone Callback Inactive Lists" System Setting option to determine

how ANYONE scheduled callbacks from inactive lists should be handled.

66. Added "Inbound No-Agents No-Dial" Campaign setting, checks if any agents are

ready and waiting for phone calls from listed In-Groups before allowing

outbound auto-dialing.

67. Added new PRESS_CALLBACK_QUEUE option to Hold Time and Wait Time In-Group

settings, allowing for a customer to retain their place in line in the

queue and be called back when their turn is reached.

68. Added new Closed Time features to In-Groups that allow all calls in queue

to be presented with an option when the in-group closing time for the

day has been reached. Also, an option was added to manually force the

end of all queueing of calls for an in-group for the day.

69. Added dial_ingroup option to Agent API external_dial function.

70. Added In-Group option to look up timezone of customer when a new lead is

added during the routing of the call.

71. Added the Outbound Lead Source Report

72. Added basic GDPR features for lead activity download and delete. Must enable

System setting and user permission to use.

73. Added CID Groups, allowing for groups of caller IDs to be defined by state

or areacode, and allowing a single CID Group to be set across multiple


74. Added NO_READY option for no_agent_no_queue in-group feature.

75. Added campaign option "Script on top of Dispo" to allow the agent screen

script tab to cover the dispo screen after hanging up the customer to

allow for Agent-API-enabled IFRAMEs to control the agent dispo process.

77. Added feature to allow for bulk change of campaign and in-group ranks and

grades in the User Modify page.

76. Added "Admin Lead Source ID Display" System Settings option to allow Modify

Lead page modification of Source ID field, and display in hopper list.

77. Added LOCALFQDN trigger for webforms and script Iframes to allow for use of

absolute URLs on multi-home networks. See CALL_URL_FEATURES.txt doc.

78. Added update_did Non-Agent API function

79. Added pause code manager approval option, requires a manager to approve a

specific flagged pause code before the agent is allowed to use it in

their agent screen. Manager approves by entering their login credentials

into a window on the agent's screen.

80. Added DISPO_FILTER Settings Container option allowing for match-and-replace

function in Dispo Call URLs. See CALL_URL_FEATURES.txt doc for details.

81. Added populate_lead_vendor and populate_lead_source options for In-Groups.

82. Added In-Group option to override the Park Music-on-Hold.

83. Added SWITCH custom field type to put buttons on the agent FORM to allow for

the form to be switched while on an active call.

84. Rewrote HELP display in web admin screens to function as database-driven

javascript popup.

85. Added per-user options for maximum number of outbound manual dial hopper

calls per-hour and per-day.

86. Added In-Group option for Waiting Call On/Off URL, which we added to allow

a client to control a web-power-switch to turn lights on and off if

there are any calls waiting in an In-Group.

87. Added In-Group option for Enter In-Group URL, which can send a URL request

when a caller enters an In-Group right before the system looks for an

agent to send the call to.

88. Added Manual Dial Routing Initiated Recording, must enable setting at the

campaign level and have a 0 recording delay.

89. Added campaign features for Dead Call Trigger. Allowing an audio alert to be

sent to an agent and/or a back-end URL to be submitted when an agent has

been in a dead call for X number of seconds.

90. Added the ability for customers to be able to enter a new phone number to be

called back on for the CallerID CallBack Queue feature.

91. Added the new Callmenu Survey Report(linked as "Callmenu Agent" in Reports).

92. Added "Agent Screen Logout Link Credentials" System Setting to change the

agent screen logout page login link to not include user credentials.

93. Added new campaign feature to force agents to call back their triggered

USERONLY Scheduled Callbacks.

94. Added new campaign feature to automatically reschedule ANYONE callbacks when

they are dispositioned as a non-Human-Answered status flag status.

95. Added new campaign feature to allow agents to select a specific timezone to

use when scheduling callbacks. For this to work, the Phone Codes must be

updated on your system using the following command:

/usr/share/astguiclient/ --purge-table --debug

96. Added new 'force_fronter_leave_3way' Agent API function, allowing an API

command to be sent to the fronter of a call to leave-3way their call.

97. Added List Daily Reset Limit option, only editable by level 9 users.

98. Added 3-Way Volume Buttons campaign setting to allow disabling of volume

and mute buttons in the LIVE CALLS IN YOUR SESSION panel during a 3-way


99. Added campaign setting to filter ANYONE Scheduled Callbacks by the DNC

settings set in the campaign

100. Added _wait_time options to Next Agent Call settings for Campaigns and

Inbound Groups.

101. Added External Web Socket URL option so a WebRTC phone can be used outside

a network if the Phone is set to Use External Server IP = Y

102. Added SYSTEM options to the campaign detail Manual Dial Filter feature

103. Added lead_callback_info Non-Agent API function, it outputs scheduled

callback data for a specific lead

104. Added Manual Dial Validation campaign and system settings, forces agent to

manually enter in the phone number before a call is placed. Does not

affect 3way calls or transfers.

105. Added alphabet letters translation to phone DTMF digits feature in Agent

Screen. For example, Putting "SMITH" in the SendDTMF field would result

in "76484" being sent over DTMF.

106. Added "force_fronter_audio_stop" Agent API function, allowing an API

command to be sent to the fronter session of a closer call to stop

playing of an audio_playback pre-recorded audio stream

107. Added options to define the static prompts to use for the Inbound Group

"Play Place in Line" feature

108. Added new web pages for mobile application

109. Added feature allowing agents to mute recordings of calls from the agent

screen. Must be enabled in System Settings to be able to use it in

campaigns. There is also a User Override option.

110. Added more options to the Campaign "Hide Call Log Info" feature to be able

to show only the last X number of calls in the Lead Info screen. Also

added a User Override setting for this feature.

111. Released VICIdial Manager Manual version 2.14-704a:

112. Added more logging for Asterisk AMD as well as beta AMD patch for logging

of NOAUDIODATA answered calls and more AMD stats gathering. Also added

an AMD Log Report to the Admin Utilities page.

113. Added Admin User Redirect URL settings, which allows you to define a web

address that a user is to be sent to when they log in to the admin web

screen. This is usually used for level 7 report only users to send them

to one specific report when they log in without seeing the admin web

screen at all. Must be enabled in System Settings.

114. Added experimental SIP event logging. Requires patched Asteirsk 13 and

newer version of MySQL/MariaDB. Must be enabled in System Settings and

each dialer's astguiclient.conf/extensions.conf/manager.conf files

Read SIP_EVENT_LOGGING.txt doc for more details

115. Added new Non-Agent API function 'update_cid_group_entry' which allows you

to add/update/delete/info CID Group entries and AC-CID entries

116. Added new Non-Agent API 'custom_fields_copy' option to the 'add_list'


117. Added new Call Quota Lead Ranking recycling feature-set. A new and

completely different way to do lead recycling for outbound campaigns.

See the CALL_QUOTA_LEAD_RANKING.txt document for more info

118. Added bench_agent_assign.php script to allow managers to move

'owner-assigned' to another agent.

119. Added User Inbound Max Calls filtering options. Allowing selective counting

of inbound calls excluding calls involving set in-groups, statuses and

with a minimum time threshold. Also, new in-group routing options based

on last non-filtered call times

120. Added System Settings option for second agent screen script tab

121. Added a Campaign option for VoiceMail Message Groups, allowing agents to be

able to select a message to transfer a customer answering machine to

from a list of pre-recorded messages that can be defined by time-of-day.

122. Added a Campaign option to not send an agent immediately to the disposition

screen after transferring a customer call to a VoiceMail Message.

123. Added Campaign option for Dial Timeout Lead overrides, allowing you to set

up a Settings Container with values for manual-dial and/or auto-dial

lead fields and associated values that will tie to different

Dial Timeouts.

124. Added LTMGAD and XAMMAD Campaign Hotkey options that will transfer to the

Leave-Voicemail option as well as dispositioning the call.

125. Added a per-User option to define an additional Status Group of call

statuses that agents can use to disposition all calls they handle.

126. Added System Setting to hide the first web form button on the agent screen.

127. Added System Setting options for alternate agent screen recording buttons.

This includes different wording, different sizes and removing the blank

space below the recording buttons.

128. Added ability to play multiple audio prompts for outbound survey campaigns

and to use DYN for lead field wildcards defined as audio prompts.

129. Added ability to limit the number of voicemail messages played to a single

lead per day, as a campaign setting.

130. Added CID Group Type of NONE to allow for a group of outbound CIDs to be

used for all outbound phone calls no matter where they are.

131. Added Auto-Rotating CID Group numbers, allowing for timed automatic cycling

of CID numbers, one-at-a-time, within a CID Group.

132. Added optional OpenSIPs CallerID Name settings, for use only with systems

that use an OpenSIPs server to route outbound calls where this feature

has been enabled.

133. Added system settings option to require passwords of a set minimum length.

This setting affects User passwords, Phone and Server registration

passwords and the System Settings default passwords.

134. Added support for KHOMP Answering Machine Detection. This is a 3rd-party

commercial(paid-for) solution. The code and documentation can be found

in the "extras/KHOMP" directory of the codebase.

135. Added AMD Agent Route Options as a campaign option allowing you to set

the specific AMD responses for calls that should be routed to agents

136. Added the "list_custom_fields" Non-Agent API function, to show all list

custom data fields in a list/all-lists.

137. Added an optional "send this user a login link email" link to the User

Modify page to send a shortcut URL link for the agent to more easily

log into the agent screen. Must be enabled in System Settings.

138. Added new System Settings option to allow sending of any CallerID through

the Agent API for external_dial outbound calls.

139. Added system setting to allow you to restrict Admin Phones display to a

set number of records per page.

140. Added options at the campaign and in-group levels to allow you to play

alert sounds when a call arrives in the agent's session, in the agents'

web browser that they are logged into the agent screen with. Must be

enabled in system settings.

141. Added "3-Way Recording Stop Exception" campaign option to override the

"3-Way Recording Stop" setting based upon the 3way phone number dialed.

142. Added the ability to use Automated Reports with standard SFTP and FTPSSL

remote servers.

143. Added the ability to configure when the Answer signal is sent to inbound

calls at the DID, In-Group and Call Menu level. For this to work, you

must set the conf files to be rebuilt after upgrading your systems.

144. Added options for HTML formatting and UTF-8 charset in emails through the

dispo_send_email.php script.

145. Added tools for International DNC phone number scrubbing. See the

INTERNATIONAL_DNC_SCRUB.txt doc for more information.

146. Added option '2' to the User Modify "Modify Leads" setting allowing admin

users to modify all lead fields except for phone number and alt phone.

147. Added campaigns_list & hopper_list functions to the Non-Agent API

148. Added code and instructions for multi-campaign outbound agents, see the


149. Added Screen Colors option to set the submit button color on the admin

screens and reports.

150. Added the ability to modify the status of any call or agent log in the

Admin Modify Lead page. Must use new 'Modify Leads' options to enable

for a user.

151. Added system settings allowing you to remove digits from the beginning of

a phone number when it is manual dialed or through the web lead loader.

152. Added Pause Max Exceptions campaign setting, allowing for exceptions to the

Agent Pause Max feature for specified Pause Codes.

153. Added optional display of parked call stats and SLA 1&2 percentages to the

Real-Time Report

154. Added Campaign setting for Hopper Drop-Run triggering. Forcing the one-time

hopper insertion of DROP status leads instead of standard hopper loading

155. Added Agent API function 'vm_message' allowing you to set the VM message to

be played to a customer when the agent clicks on the VM button in the

agent screen.

156. Added Daily Called Count Limits as a campaign setting, with options to

count and/or restrict for manual dial calls or not.

157. Added Transfer-Conf Button Launch campaign setting, allowing you to set a

webform window to open when an agent clicks on the Transfer-Conf button.

158. Added SHARED_... campaign dial method auto-dial options, for more efficient

agent multi-campaign dialing. Read the AGENT_MULTI-CAMPAIGN_DIALING.txt

document for more information.

159. Added Agent Search Method override options for campaigns and in-groups.

160. Added 'copy_user' function to the Non-Agent API.

161. Added 'add_did' function to the Non-Agent API.

162. Added new SOURCESELECT Custom Field Type, it is a single-selection pull-

down menu where there are multiple sets of options available depending

on the value of another field for the lead. Also added the ability to

perform basic Math functions within a SCRIPT Custom Field using values

from other fields in the equations. For more information on how both of

these new features work, see the Field Options help in the admin web


163. Added Phone Defaults system setting, allowing you to set many default

values when adding new phones through admin.php. Also added a Copy New

Phone admin web function.

164. Redesign of QC module, with new QC scorecards, the ability to do QC by

Campaign/List/In-Group, new reporting and more. See the

docs/QC_PROCCES.txt document for more information.

165. Added the BUTTON Field Type option to Custom List Fields. Allows you to add

a button to the form that will commit any changes made in the form and

automatically reload the form.

166. Added Two-Factor Authentication(2FA) as an option for the admin web screens

This adds a required second step to the admin web screen login process

through a method other than a password, such as: an Email, Phone Call or

Text-Message(SMS). This 2FA auth also lasts only a set amount of time

(defined in System Settings[number of hours, from 1-9999 hours]), or

until the user logs out. For more information, read the


167. Added a page to allow Editing existing Lead Loader Templates.

168. Added System Settings for "Agent Hidden Browser Sound" to repeatedly play

a selected sound at a set interval to an agent when their Agent Screen

is hidden from view. Can be used to disable web browser javascript

throttling if set to an audible sound at a 20 second interval. Tested

with the 'click_quiet' sound file at a volume of '25'.

169. Added WAV audio file validation for Audio Store, and display of badly

formatted WAV files in the audio chooser in admin.php

170. Added "Leave 3-Way Start Recording" campaign feature that will start a new

recording after the agent clicks on the LEAVE 3WAY button and leaves the

call. Also includes an "Exception" option to disable/enable only for

specific 3-way call numbers.

171. Added "Populate Lead Comments" In-Group option, allowing configuration of

how the 'comments' lead field is filled-in when a new lead is inserted

because of an inbound phone call.

172. Added options to add/update/delete custom fields within the 'update_list'

function of the Non-Agent API.

173. Added Settings Compare Utility page to Admin Utilities to allow you to

compare the settings from two records in your system and see what

settings are different between the two.

174. Added campaign options to add extra lead-field columns to the "Calls In

Queue" panel in the agent screen.

175. Added Calls In Queue Count Display campaign options, allowing for two

separate Calls Waiting counters at the top of the agent screen, each

with separate configurable labels and in-group/campaign parameters.

Also, this can be used with the alt_display.php script.

176. Added new "Music on Hold Suggest" Phones setting for SIP and IAX phones.

It will define the Hold music played to a customer when the phone user

puts them on hold through the phone.

177. Added compatibility with TILTX STIR/SHAKEN Call Shaper pre-carrier call

filtering service. Read the TILTX_SHAKEN_API.txt doc for more info.

178. Added In-Group Drop Seconds Override Container, allowing for overriding of

the Drop Seconds setting based upon the day of the week and time of day.

179. Added Inbound Manual Dial Agent Forced Ready features allowing for forcing

agents in INBOUND_MAN dial method campaigns to be in the READY state

(able to take inbound calls) for a set amount of time before they are

able to click on the DIAL NEXT NUMBER button each time. Also allows for

an override setting based upon the day of the week and time of day.

180. Added CORS(Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) support for the VICIdial agent

PHP scripts and select admin PHP scripts. see the CORS_SUPPORT.txt doc

for more information.

181. Added Transfer No Dispo campaign setting, allowing for transferred calls

to not immediately show the disposition panel on the agent screen.

182. Added User override setting for campaign Manual Dial Filter option.

183. Added display of active Call Time Holidays in the agent screen Scheduled

Callbacks calendar panel.

184. SECURITY NOTE: For agent screen Webform buttons, we have changed the

default behavior to not include user credentials in non-custom URL

strings unless you set the new agc/options.php settings to do so:

"$user_pass_webform and "$phone_login_webform"

See the "agc/options-example.php" file for more information.

*This will not affect custom webform query strings that start with "VAR"

185. Added display of the Phone Codes and Postal Codes that are loaded into the

system. Linked from the System Settings page.

186. Added 24-Hour Called Count Limit campaign feature, allows you to limit the

number of calls to be placed to a phone number or lead in a 24-hour time

period. Also allows for state-based override settings. For more

information, read the CALL_COUNT_LIMITS.txt doc.

187. Added CID Group Failover setting for campaigns, to allow for backup CID

Group to use if no AREACODE or STATE match found from first CID Group.

188. Added agc/dispo_list_quota.php script to deactivate lists once a limit of

the number of leads matching set statuses is reached. See the comments

in the code for more details.

189. Changed agc/dispo_send_email.php to only allow attachments in the new

"agc/attachments" web directory.

190. Added Asterisk 16 "PJSIP" compatibility

191. Added 'batch_update_lead' Non-Agent API function

192. Added 'Agent In-Call Tally Seconds Threshold' campaign setting, to better

handle dialing volume on campaigns with long agent talk time.

193. Added 'In-Queue No Agents Check' in-group setting, to allow for checking of

logged-in or available agents for the in-group while calls are in-queue,

and if there are no agents available, sending the customers to the

No-Agent-No-Queue Action. With configurable pause code exceptions.

194. Added MIN LENGTH to the Dispo Call URL ALT admin screen, allowing for a

minimum call time threshold before a Dispo Call URL will trigger.

195. Added User Location to the Modify User page. Also added Queue Groups Admin

pages, allowing you to define multiple campaigns and/or in-groups in a

single Queue Group to be used in some reports.

196. Added Campaign and List options for "Auto Alt-Number Dialing Threshold"

allowing you to stop auto-dialing alternate phone numbers for a lead

after a set number of call attempts, and thereafter only dialing the

main phone number for the lead.

197. Added 'update_alt_url' Non-Agent API function

198. Added "Pause Max URL" Campaign feature

199. Added "Allow Web DB Debug" System Settings feature, to allow use of the $DB

variable on the web screens for troubleshooting issues.

It is disabled by default.

200. Added List CID Group Override to the List Modification admin screen.

201. Added "Pre-Filter Recent Call" DID feature, to be able to filter out

inbound calls based on the caller phone number and whether it had been

called(or had called in) within the last X number of days.

202. Added the "Inbound DID Detail Report" to the Admin Utilities page.

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