Using a conversational chatbot instead of human agents in outbound dialling campaigns

Hostcomm has developed a chatbot which can be used to talk to clients and provide customer service through an outbound dialler campaign. This is achieved using a chatbot gateway which allows the chatbot to connect to Hostcomm's dialler, rather like a human agent uses a phone. The dialler makes calls in the same way but when a client answers a chatbot is instantly connected. The chatbot can be programmed to understand thousands of questions and utterances accurately and respond with relevant answers, just like a human agent. 

1 chatbot = hundreds of simultaneous conversations

One chatbot can handle hundreds of simultaneous conversations on an outbound or inbound campaign reducing the pressure of staff recruitment.  Furthermore the chatbot always  initiates the conversation quickly reducing annoying connection delays or worse still, dropped calls. Hostcomm's dialler can be set up so that chatbots work with human agents on the same team, perhaps initially during busy times. 

Instant visibility and alerting 

Hostcomm's chatbot platform transcribes interactions as they happen and these transcriptions can be scanned instantly for keywords and sentiment. This allows the campaign manager to assess performance and be informed of problems or positive incidents real time instead of relying of slow QA.

Reduced cost 

The cost of a chatbot dialler channel is £40 per month and it can run continuously 8 hours a day, this is significantly cheaper than a human agent. Once the chatbot has been programmed and tuned it can be activated into a team really easily. Responses can be monitored and any inaccuracies can be corrected quickly so that the bot continues to develop at a fast pace.


The chatbot can understand and speak multiple languages simultaneously meaning that it can work in any country and at any time of day. 

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