Unfounded security concerns stalling UK cloud contact centre adoption

Hostcomm, leading provider of cloud contact centre solutions, challenges thinking surrounding cloud security in contact centres, providing guidance based on proven methods for implementing secure services into the biggest, most complicated networks.

Hostcomm Director, Chris Key, explains, "Fear and uncertainty around cloud adoption will only stifle growth among enterprises. A greater understanding is needed to help businesses overcome implementation anxiety. This is something we will help contact centres do with our latest eBook - How To Implement a Secure Cloud Contact Centre in an Enterprise Environment. There are tried-and-tested methods for implementing a cloud contact centre into even the biggest, most complicated networks – without compromising security. And, they have no negative impact on network performance and IT support staff workloads."

Contact centres are stalling adopting cloud-based solutions due to concerns over security. However, according to the Secure Cloud Industry Forum ‘UK Cloud Adoption Trends for 2015’, only 2% of organisations using cloud services experienced a breach, suggesting concern over security is unfounded.

Hostcomm's recent eBook delivers insights into how businesses can successfully overcome the obstacles and uncertainty around cloud contact centre security and implementations. By providing better understanding of existing network infrastructure and security measures currently in place, businesses can start to understand how to unlock their potential with secure, cloud-based contact centre services.

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