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How to make your customers love you

If you can make life easier for your customers, they’ll love you for it. They’ll sing your praises. But what the secret to making this happen?

The secret to making life easier for your customers is making life easy for your call centre agents. To deliver the best customer experience every time, agents need to be equipped with all the right tools. If you make it easier to deliver excellent service, service levels will significantly improve.

Implementing click to dial is an excellent start. When a dialler is working in preview mode, agents can click numbers to make outbound calls. This dramatically increases the number of connected calls you can make per day, per agent.

Of course, the number of outbound calls you make each day can be increased further with progressive or predictive dialling, but this must be carefully managed since agents lose some degree of control.

Since click to dial helps agents work faster, it reduces the time your customers will have to wait before they receive a callback. In addition, with automated follow-up, your agents will always meet the promises they make to customers – when they say they’ll call, they will.

Click to dial is most effective when your dialler is integrated with your customer relationship management (CRM) system. Using screen pops, you can instantly present agents with customer records whenever calls connect.

This is ideal for those unexpected inbound calls, where agents need to keep customers waiting while their records are retrieved. With CRM integration and screen pops, your agents can give customers a personal, professional, fully-informed conversation, every single time. 

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