Call recording for customer retention

There are lots of reasons why call recording is the unsung hero of call centre technology. It ensures you have evidence if disputes or disagreements arise, helping to protect your business against litigation. And it helps you comply with regulations, such as the need to save transactional information.

But the biggest benefit of all is one that - at first glance - may be the least obvious. Call recording helps your business retain its valuable customers.

Customers won’t bother to look elsewhere if they’re getting a great service. But how does call recording improve the customer experience? Part of the answer lies in a manager’s ability to monitor and assess agents’ performance. With call recording, the manager can listen to conversations between agents and customers, and identify strengths and weaknesses in a call. They can use this information to help individuals rid themselves of bad habits and improve their manner and technique. Managers can help them adapt elements such as their tone of voice, their response to questions or their timing to ensure that the customer is satisfied at the end of the conversation.


Real call examples enable managers to provide faster, more effective training which gives agents the opportunity to become more proficient and more confident. When performing to the best of their ability, agents enjoy their job more, and are motivated to provide an even greater customer experience.

Meanwhile, managers can reward the agents responsible for the best calls. Again, positive recognition helps improve morale. But also, managers can share these great examples with the team, providing an efficient means of helping others to understand the techniques that improve customer service.

Call recording provides another vital perspective for managers and the marketing communications team - offering valuable customer insight. Managers can observe patterns of behaviour, attitudes, types of response, and other information. If they sense an issue in a call, they have the opportunity to intervene in the relationship quickly to keep that customer on board. Or, if necessary, call scripts can be adapted and improved to deliver a more satisfactory result.

It may seem like a small feature but never underestimate the value of call recording. When used well, it can enhance the potential of every agent, boost the success of every campaign and ensure customers are happy to stay right where they are.

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