Using an IPSEC VPN with a hosted auto dialer for security

Hostcomm's Hosted Predictive Dialler voip auto dialler (predictive dialler) supports SIP voip over vpn to encrypt voips calls over the internet. Hostcomm's auto dialers are installed with a built in IPSEC vpn server which enables agents to connect to it using a vpn tunnel.

This tunnel uses military grade encryption to "scramble" the voip traffic so it cannot be a) detected by the service provider and b) intercepted and listened to.The agent can use any IPSEC vpn client such as the one built into Windows 7 to connect to the Hostcomm autodialer. There are some tangible benefits to using an IPSEC VPN to transport voip traffic:

Security - the voip signalling and media traffic is encrypted and sent through a single tunnel which means it cannot be intercepted. This is useful with PCI DSS compliance. NAT traversal - in complex networks vpns assisted in traversing NAT reducing installation and administration time. Service provider blockades - SIP Voip over vpn cannot be detected as voip by service providers which makes it useful in certain countries where SIP voip on port 5060 is blocked by the incumbent service providers.

Working with a vpn is very easy. The agent PC can be set up to default to the VPN and auto sign-on, so there is really nothing the agent needs to do on a daily basis. The vpn does add load onto the auto dialler so the hardware must be correctly specified. Hostcomm uses dedicated servers with its auto dialler services and this is the only option to prevent voice quality issues.

For more information please contact Hostcomm on 0808 1684400 or 0203 372 8420.

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