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How our contact centre supports your outsourced services?

Hostcomm's Hosted Predictive Dialler offers a full contact centre service. That means you get a powerful predictive dialler, full PBX service features, and inbound call management. It automates the process of making large volumes of calls, using statistical algorithms in predictive dialling mode.

The Hostcomm Hosted Predictive Dialler contact centre service will meet the needs of the professional outsourcing company in many ways.

Productive Agents

We understand that your business relies on your Agent highly motivated and productive. Hosted Predictive Dialler predictive dialler offers you a host of advanced features to reduce downtime as well as the need to complete mundane and repetitive tasks. For example it will filter out numbers with bad call results like busy, no answer and unobtainable. Agents receive a steady flow of connected calls enabling them to talk for up to 50 minutes in the hour.

There’s nothing fulfilling about wasted hours dispositioning calls or scheduling callbacks. A hosted dialler automates these dull, repetitive tasks, improving sales team morale and ability to hit targets.

Reports Tailored to your clients needs

We understand that ensuring that your outsourced clients will need to be provided with detailed information on the progress of campaigns. So, in addition to a large range of standard reports, our developers are experienced in designing wallboards and reports that are tailored to the reporting requirements for each of your clients. This will ensure that your key clients get the exact information they need about the progress of their campaigns and save you a lot of of time.

Delight customers

Automated follow-ups, call scheduling, and call dispositioning won’t just save you time. By eliminating manual error, workflow automation will help you to successfully deliver against your customer’s service expectations. Examples of bespoke applications include sending an SMS after a call to obtain customer feedback on the quality of service.  

Data Penetration

Maximising your return means keeping data costs low and data penetration high. A predictive dialler finds duplicates in your data and drives faster penetration rates by design. And you’ll have the accurate data penetration stats to prove it.

Bespoke Add Ons

Our team of developers are able to provide a wide range of bespoke integrations that meet your individual business requirements. We also provide a small number of very powerful Add On applications that can provide even greater communications and productivity benefits for your business. With intelligent scripting, when a call is connected, your sales rep is automatically presented with the correct script, keeping every call on message while dramatically improving customer service delivery.

CRM Integration & Workflow Automation

Automate tasks from dialling to recording calls and sending follow-up material. Keep service quality high, eliminate manual errors all while keeping your costs low and your agents on calls, working from the interface they know – your CRM. Continue to use your familiar, legacy CRM. Many leading CRM systems including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Bright Office and Zoho CRM integrate easily with the Hostcomm.

Improved Compliance

Conducting a telesales campaign means meeting the demands of OfCOM and PCI compliance. The Hostcomm Predictive Dialler provides all the features that you need for OfCOM compliance. Running as a hosted solution on our fully audited, highly redundant and secure infrastructure, Hosted Predictive Dialler is delivered to you wioth a fully compliant setup as standard.

Outsourcing Case Studies

Hostcomm can demonstrate an impressive track record of supporting specialist outsourcing companies. For us it is not just about providing a good service, it is about understanding and responding to the individual needs of our clients.


Orbit is outsourced provider and a debt collection company for a number of companies, mostly within the water industry. The company’s work goes beyond outbound calling to include comprehensive debt management – understanding what people can afford and informing them of the help that’s available.

Having worked with seven or eight diallers across her career, the Dialler Manager saw the difference Hostcomm could make with a powerful dialler and exceptional support.

Read more about Hostcomm helped Orbit become even more effective.

“Hostcomm team makes changes and customisation quick and simple. With Hostcomm's support, I was able to get to grips with the dialler immediately - and found that the speed of using it completely set it apart.”

Orbit Dialler Manager

Inspired Outsourcing

Inspired Outsourcing is a leading provider of business process support and outsourcing. While they were already using a dialler, it came with shortcomings that prompted the search for a new solution. With the amount of money they were paying,

Inspired decided they deserved better. Inspired ran a trial campaign, putting the Hostcomm Hosted Predictive Dialler to the test. They immediately saw the difference. It provided a more reliable service that was efficient, with control over dialler pace and with improved data management and segmentation. It is now easier to use and provided access to customised reporting. Hostcomm overcame all the challenges, including the concerns over customised scripting. Agents login to the branded dialler - and it completes the company feel where everything looks the same. It fits in, and this is incredibly important to the company.

Learn how Hostcomm were able help Inspired with an effective solution as well as custom reporting.

“It’s not until you get a better dialler that you can fully appreciate the reliability of the service.”

​Contact Centre Operations Support Manager​ Inspired Outsourcing

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