Financial Services

A sophisticated Contact Centre service to support your sales and claims management.

A system to manage your sales and claims

Insurance companies need both effective outbound communications to manage sales campaigns, as well as efficient inbound services to deal with customer claims. Hostcomm Hosted Predictive Dialler technology can help you manage both simultaneously while providing an exceptional customer experience.

We recognise that the financial services industry must abide by regulations set by the Financial Services Authority, in addition to the normal Ofcom rules. The Hostcomm Predictive Dialler has the technology to comply with both for complete peace of mind.

What can Hostcomm Hosted VoIP technology offer?

Improved Agent Productivity

Hostcomm's Hosted Predictive Dialler works to improve agent productivity by as much as 300%. It filters out 'engaged' tones and answerphone messages, and features a Click To Dial function to eliminate dialling errors.

The system also has the ability to add features such as Intelligent Scripting as and when you need them. And because the Dialler offers an inbound Contact Centre service, agents can deal with incoming customer claims through multiple channels.

CRM Integration and Workflow

The Hostcomm Dialler uses its application programming interface (API) to integrate seamlessly with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, BrightOffice, Zoho, Vtiger and other CRM systems. So your agents continue to work with a CRM system they already know.

The Workflow Automation feature allows you to automate time-consuming agent tasks from dialling and recording calls to sending follow-up material. Errors are reduced and your agent productivity and efficiency increases.

Management & Reporting

Our technology can help you manage high volumes of sales calls and targeted campaigns easily. Real-time monitoring features provide a clear insight into the effectiveness of your campaigns, including agent performance, campaign targets, and data penetration.

Through reporting, you can identify areas to improve your campaign's performance. Reports can be emailed or made available to view in real-time on any browser, giving you access to your campaign's data, wherever you are.

Better integration and standardisation

Hostcomm’s premier hosted telephony system lets you take your business communications and productivity to a higher level. When you use hosted telephony in conjunction with a Hostcomm dialler, both you and your customers benefit.

Agent effectiveness and productivity are increased by the integration of your CRM system with the Predictive Dialler. While your customers will value the single point of service for support, and billing and phone standardisation, giving them a better experience. 

Increase your sales with Workflow Automation

Unlike many other industry sectors, financial services are heavily regulated by the FSA. That can make a loan provider appear uncompetitive due to the numerous rules and directives it needs to follow. 

By integrating your CRM with Hostcomm’s hosted outbound call centre and predictive dialler, you can now automate much of your agents' workflow. Many repetitive agent admin tasks can also be handled by the system, all within FSA rules.

System integration will increase agent productivity and efficiency by handling customer interactions from start to finish. This can reduce or eradicate errors, and ensure that the cost of delivering your service is reduced.

How does it work?

The example below relates to the sale of a loan product, however this process could be easily adapted to any financial services product. 

  • A potential client completes a web form which is automatically loaded onto the dialler database
  • The client is called back within 5 minutes and qualified by the agent, while the call is recorded
  • If the client is unavailable, the predictive dialler is loaded with raw data and a cold call is made
  • The client agrees to be sent a loan application and introductory letter. These are sent automatically once the agent sets the lead status (disposition code)
  • An automated SMS text is sent to the client thanking them and confirming delivery of the information
  • The workflow engine sets a follow-up call for 3 days time (unless the client calls back or the completed loan documents are received)
  • If the client does not return the documents, a follow-up call is automatically made which screen pops on to the agent's CRM page
  • An appointment is made and an appointment checklist is emailed to the client by your CRM system
  • The loan advisor calls the client using 'click to dial' on the CRM screen while the call is recorded
  • The client emails a completed scanned loan application to the CRM auto-doc loader address which sends an email confirming receipt
  • The completed application is forwarded to the lender after being checked by the advisor
  • The lender approves the loan and the client status is changed, flagging the account for a follow-up call
  • All information and call recording relating to every transaction is securely stored in your Hostcomm account

The Benefits of Workflow Automation

Modern business processes are becoming increasingly complex. But with results needed in shorter intervals, many companies are working on integrated workflow management platforms to automate their business processes. 

Workflow automation operates in several ways that help loan companies complete faster, from first enquiry to loan approval. It eliminates many manual steps, reducing cycle time and providing the fast and effective exchange of information you need while cutting down on agent paperwork. 

Not only that, but it distributes work according to business rules. Ensuring predictable handling of tasks with a smooth flow of information throughout the organisation, it offers greater consistency of your own business processes.

It supplies performance metrics for continuous improvement and makes status tracking easy, helping you to actively monitor deadlines and permit exception handling when required. Finally, automation integrates and synchronises with cross-application processes to drive business applications.

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